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03:43:55 PM Jul 20th 2012
edited by Xtifr
Drop What You Are Doing has been renamed to Dramatic Drop. The listing here was a Zero-Context Example, so I have no idea if it was proper use or misuse. If anyone can provide an example with context, please feel free to re-add this under the new name.

eta: and since I see this is the second time something was pulled for having little or no context, someone familiar with the series might want to go through and flesh out some of the other listed tropes before too much longer...
03:48:41 PM Jul 20th 2012
Why was it renamed? I thought the original trope name was quite clear. Yes, at some point someone gets bad news and dropped what they were holding in shock, but I don't remember the circumstances well enough to flesh it out.
03:54:58 PM Jul 20th 2012
I think it was misuse for the more figurative sense of that common phrase—at least, I've seen several examples of it being misused that way while cleaning up. In any case, what's done is done, and the trope has a new name.
11:28:39 AM Jul 18th 2012

The White Prince has been renamed and redefined as Sheltered Aristocrat. The way this entry is written, it's not clear if he fits the new definition. Please read it before readding.
02:31:37 PM Jul 18th 2012
It still counts. Chagum starts the series off with very little knowledge of the world outside of his home, and Balsa helps him grow and adapt.
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