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04:03:27 PM Apr 23rd 2015
Hello, I'd like to bring up the topic of maybe putting up character folders for this show.

I've been to this page before and it was one of the things that got me interested in watching this anime, though I sort of wished there were character folders so I could know a bit more about the characters from the tropes that describe them.

Since there aren't many anime's like this Michiko To Hatchin, I figured it be a good idea to start one.

What do you guys think?
11:49:15 PM Apr 23rd 2015
I think you want a Characters page, actually.
06:36:42 PM Apr 25th 2015
Right,character page is what I meant to say.

Well I was thinking it might be time to consider it at the least.
07:39:10 PM Oct 12th 2013
Baby Ever After having literally just finished the last episode, hana keeps referring to her child as a female; however i was watching a fan sub and have yet to see the funimation dub, can somebody confirm if her child is male or female? minor gripe but it bugs me a bit
10:18:34 AM Oct 28th 2012

Adult Child has been renamed to One of the Kids. In order for this to be an example of the trope, the character's childishness has to be from or demonstrated by interacting with children. This example can be added back with context relevant to the trope if it fits.

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