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07:26:17 PM Aug 10th 2015
Anyone heard about the new and improved dragon ball z series? I saw it it some other websites and I'm so excited about that. Anyone know when will it be available in DVD copy or in online?
04:51:24 PM Aug 10th 2015
This series is apparently known for some ridiculously long fight scenes. I'm still working through the pre-Z material, but one of the fights still managed to last three episodes. And I've been told that such is short for this series! I've heard myths and legends about a fight against Frieza that lasts ten episodes, but I can't help but imagine that's an outlier-so, on average, how long might a fight scene be expected to be?
04:55:50 PM Aug 10th 2015
This is probably better suited for the forums. This page is for discussing improvments for the wiki page.

Here's a link if you need one.

Good luck!
06:11:09 PM Aug 10th 2015
'K. Thanks!
10:26:43 PM Feb 7th 2015
What's with all the instances of "sage" instead of "saga"? It's very, very common.
07:06:46 AM Feb 8th 2015
To me "sage" is more a person. Like the Sages in the The Legend of Zelda games.
10:05:59 AM Jan 13th 2015
This page is redundant. It should be deleted. There is already the corresponding article belonging to it.
10:38:57 AM Jan 13th 2015
Which article? The main Dragon Ball page?
01:06:39 PM Jan 13th 2015
Holy shit, stop what you're doing, gethomas3.

This is not a decision for you to make yourself.
02:30:01 PM Jan 13th 2015
He's been bounced for this little stunt.
02:58:04 AM Apr 27th 2014
Why are we separating both Dragon Ball parts again ? It's not like we're separating Naruto from Naruto Shippuden.
12:25:39 PM Apr 27th 2014
edited by
Because it's become too hard to navigate here and there between the tropes of the original and the tropes of Z.

And if you ask me, the same should be done with Naruto as well.
11:26:35 AM Aug 17th 2013
Should a seperate "Nightmare Fuel" page be made for this? 'Cause this series has plenty. Maybe even more then it's predecessor.
04:55:50 AM May 24th 2013
Where is the list of tropes? There is a "This page contains examples of these tropes" but no tropes.
05:30:09 AM May 24th 2013
Looks like someone is going through the process of sorting out tropes from the Dragon Ball page and adding them here. If you want to help, you're more than welcome to.
06:46:22 PM May 24th 2013
Scared me for a second, I thought they`d just been deleted by someone
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