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03:47:49 PM Feb 10th 2011
What's wrong with keeping Chairs Sit On People as a redirect?
03:50:12 PM Feb 10th 2011
All links are corrected, so whats the point?
05:37:43 PM Feb 10th 2011
Must the links be corrected? If someone would rather use the former, isn't that their right? It does no harm if it links to the same trope.
03:36:50 PM Mar 17th 2011 seems this is an inconsistent issue. From what I can understand, redirects are deleted only when they result in abuse. I'd like to know what abuse this resulted in so I can stop feeling like the old name was cut for no reason. I seem to miss these things when they happen >.<
03:47:11 PM Mar 17th 2011
edited by INUH
I think it leads to misinterpretation of People Sit on Chairs, which happens a lot as it is. That would be my guess, at least.

To clarify, People Sit on Chairs is not about commonness, but about meaninglessness.
07:10:26 PM Mar 17th 2011
All right, that makes sense. Thanks much.
10:09:06 PM Jan 29th 2011
05:56:09 PM Oct 24th 2010
How was it decided that the name would be Chairs Sit On People? It looked like it dropped out of favor by the end of the YKTTW discussion.
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