• 1 Dec 6th, 2017 at 10:10PM
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    I heard of this game a while ago. It's a 2D open-world game set in a world that's bright and colorful with a style similar to LocoRoco,, but based around a town that's ruled by a totalitarian mayor who has cameras spying on everyone. The character you play as is a red oval with long skinny legs and white dots for eyes, and can retract its legs to roll down slopes. You start the game by rescuing some citizens of the town who got lost, and mention that they aren't allowed to leave the town. You can also get a home in the town complete with a switch that activates dance-party lights. The title was some kind of nonsense words, which is why I can't remember it. Reply

      Never mind, I found it. It's called Pikuniku.