• 2 Nov 10th, 2017 at 8:08AM
    Lastest Reply: 10th Nov, 2017 09:46:34 AM
    Troper Kanton Kage, just a minute ago, edited the main page for Recovery of an MMO Junkie and I'm not sure what happened, but it looks like something might be wrong with their account? They randomly throw the order out and just kinda made the page look...bad.

    • Edit 1: Attempted fix the edit but it says it's locked as they edit it.
    • Edit 2: They fixed most of their issues but left some, so I'm gonna fix it. Not sure if something happened to their account or what, but really odd.

      Checked other pages the user edited, and they didn't exhibit this issue, so I'm ruling it as accidental. At least they tried to clean up after themselves.

      Maybe PM them and ask them about it?

      Sent a PM asking if everything was alright, tried to sound as polite as possible.