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    Looking for the name of the trope where everyone around the hero is a plain clothes agent, watching them or spying on them. Another example would be a Wild West tavern where, as soon as the hero does something, everybody else gets up and points their gun at the hero because theyre all secretly working for the villain. Reply

      The last sentence on Everyone Is Armed refers to your second example.

      That does fit very closely I’ll admit, but is there one where everybody near the hero is carrying out plain clothes surveillance on them?

      Like someone who’s reading the newspaper, but peering over it at the hero; while someone else is walking their dog nearby and glancing at the hero and a parent nearby watching their kids play is also seemingly very interested in the hero.

      This often crosses over with They Look Like Us Now, where aliens that look like humans are running surveillance on actual humans. A good example is The Worlds End with Simon Peg when they’re in the pub and everyone who was previously an inconspicuous patron suddenly turns to look at them because they’re all actually aliens.

      Is there a trope for that but where it’s not aliens but instead it’s the government or the men in black, or just ‘them’?

      I’m thinking of the scene from Stranger Things 2 early in the season where Nancy and John go to the park and everyone is in plainclothes and watching them before cornering them in their car and taking them to the DOE facility.