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    I caught about half of this movie on TV, possibly on Chiller (American cable channel dedicated to horror-related movies and shows). The basic plot was that a teenage boy discovers he's part werewolf, and while trying to find out more about his past, finds himself traveling to this isolated town that turns out to be totally populated by werewolves. There he meets several other main characters including a love interest who's the mayor's daughter, and an antagonist who is the leader of some sort of werewolf gang and wants him dead for reasons I forget. Even though the film was set in the present day, the werewolf town had a distinct "old west" aesthetic to it, and the deal might have been that it was an old abandoned ghost town that the werewolves decided to take for their own. There was a comic relief character who was the sister of the love interest - due to nepotism, she's both the town drunk and the bartender at the local saloon. She's introduced laying underneath the bar and pouring herself drinks, and later gets one of the more memorable lines, upon learning the wolf gang leader wants to fight the main character on October 31st: "What's spookier than being eaten by a werewolf on Halloween?" note . I saw this around a year ago, and it might have been at most 2-3 years older. Reply