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    I remember reading a novel when i was younger where the main character was the youngest of his siblings, and was cursed along with his 6(?) brothers, turning into swans. To change them back, their sister had to knit sweaters of thistle within the year. The sister didn't get the left sleeve on the last sweater, so the MC has a swan wing, and can talk to birds. He at some point ran away with his two best friends to try and find a place in the world. He runs from them too when he finds out they're a couple. That's all i can remember for sure, but i think the MC had a prosthetic to hide the wing? Reply

      Could it be The Sevenwaters Trilogy, beginning with Daughter of the Forest? Though it may be another adaptation of "The Six Swans" by the Grimm Brothers.

      The Wiki page for the Six Swans fairy tale lists Birdwing by Rafe Martin as another retelling that seems to match your description!

      It was Birdwing, Thanks Style