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Is that... Is that the The Haunted Mansion? And BALD MOUNTAIN? And The Phantom Blot as Mickey?

Edit: Oh wait... that's not Bald Mountain, that's the REAL Phantom Blot. Even better. I'm not a fan in general of Disney's cartoons (that is, their theatrical shorts, not their generally awesome animated movies), and I still must have this.

Tell me that's a Wii title. Please. I need to hear these words.

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127 Madrugada6th Oct 2009 06:33:28 PM , Relationship Status: In season
It's a Wii title. Happy now?

Seriously go back and follow the links to the artwork that are on the first couple of pages. It's awesome.

Or, just to make it simpler:

first leaked artwork

concept art #1


More concept art

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128 Karalora6th Oct 2009 07:27:49 PM from San Fernando Valley, CA , Relationship Status: In another castle
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You know what else I see on the Game Informer cover? The "it's a small world" ride.

This is going to rock SO HARD. I've been lamenting for a while the lack of a good adventure video game with a Disney Theme Parks connection.

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This is The Phantom Blot.

I think the appropriate reaction there is AAAAUUUUUGGGGHHH
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The correct reaction is "Wait, are they going to do it in-game LIKE THAT? Holy SHIT!"wink
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Rated M?

Oh how I wish.
Oh My
A game...with the Disney Land attractions and steam punky looking awesome! And it's on the Wii! OMG I HAVE ONE OF THOSE!

So yes I am excited.
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FFFF oh man I am so excited. And starting to get nervous. Please, PLEASE let this game be awesome! ):
It would seem that Oswald is becoming a meme.

A very very disturbing meme.


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135 Pacific11th Oct 2009 02:41:43 PM from da beach house
Oh Yeah?
In before Uboa.

...Actually, I just posted this because I want to see Uboa's head on Oswald's body.

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136 Tzetze11th Oct 2009 02:42:45 PM from a converted church in Venice, Italy
137 GameGuruGG11th Oct 2009 04:51:37 PM from Castlevania , Relationship Status: Shipping fictional characters
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Oswald will forever be Mickey's Evil Counterpart now.
138 jtmmachine11th Oct 2009 05:20:50 PM from The Other Side
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Something's been bugging me lately (and I posted this in Epic Mickey Discussion too)... Has that picture of the Phantom Blot as a freaky lich thing been confirmed as actually being him? I thought it came from a different project.

Edit: Also, it's kinda cool to see Oswald get such a boost in popularity after all these years... even if it's as a raging psychopath.

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139 AceOfScarabs11th Oct 2009 05:42:10 PM from Singapore , Relationship Status: Drift compatible
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I wonder if Dip will factor into this game.

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I believe Paint Thinner plays a role.
141 jtmmachine11th Oct 2009 06:34:51 PM from The Other Side
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Yeah, it makes Mickey able to see through walls and stuff...

Plus there was that whole container of the stuff in the Beach Invasion art.
142 minespatch12th Oct 2009 12:20:23 PM from The Nowhere and the here , Relationship Status: Having tea with Cthulhu
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Just looking at the cover, and hearing about my favorite Disney villain that almost killed Micky in the European comics, Phantom Blot, just made this to me High Octane fan Fuel for myself.

X) And there was rejoicing from this troper's father as well...

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143 Mr.Cales12th Oct 2009 12:23:02 PM from Misty Mountains
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Why did I click that link?!?! There goes sleep!
144 minespatch12th Oct 2009 12:58:52 PM from The Nowhere and the here , Relationship Status: Having tea with Cthulhu
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what link?
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surprised surprised surprised *coughs* surprised


Yeah, I'm excited about this. Could you tell?
146 DeMorriss12th Oct 2009 01:40:13 PM from The family Gradunza
This game is going to rock. ROCK HARD
147 jtmmachine12th Oct 2009 05:43:39 PM from The Other Side
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So, the Game Informer website has been updated with a video of one of the artists sketching an enemy from the game. This confirms a lot of stuff!

  • The robotic chimeras we've been seeing are called Beetleworx.
  • Art style still seems to be steampunk, though not as freaky as the previous drawings (but then, the Beetleworx here might be one of the tamer examples).
  • The one in this video has Hades' head connected to a giant spider-legged robot with machine-guns for arms (!) and what looks like ink canisters on its back. EDIT: And I just realized, thanks to an entry in Epic Mickey, that the main body is the front of a freakin' car (possibly Benny from Who Framed Roger Rabbit)!
  • First look at Mickey Mouse! He has the classic look, right down to the thin eyes. His expression looks determined and Bad Ass!
  • Finally, there's a clip of music from the game accompanying the drawing that reminds me of Fantasia. Sounds like the soundtrack might be orchestrated!

This game's gonna RAAAAAAAAAWK!!!!

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148 Karalora12th Oct 2009 06:55:02 PM from San Fernando Valley, CA , Relationship Status: In another castle
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I Squeeed.

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Buh? This game is not, as many had previously suspected, going to rape our childhoods. No, this game is going to be involved to a caring and gentle menage a trois with our childhoods and steampunk.
Fuahaha. Zudak is pleased with his minions' accomplishments.

Seriously though. I... This...


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