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76 LadyMomus29th Oct 2011 05:30:20 PM from My Own Little World
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Spanish can be a beautiful and wonderful language. Except when I speak it.

Mi pronunciación es horrible. sad

Yea the punk is awesome. Latin America is on the richest place in the earth when it comes to the variaty of music. That is at least one of the things we can be proud about.

This might be interesting to all tvtropes who are not acquainted with spanish punk:

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Yup, Spanish punk is awesome. The left wing Oi! scene is particularly remarkable.

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79 USAF71329th Oct 2011 06:30:09 PM from the United States
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I think the Spanish guitar may be the greatest conventional instrument... ever.

I don't usually get into foreign music, though. It just sounds sort of silly if you're not fluent, even with translated lyrics in front of you.
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I retained nothing from Spanish. My teacher was friggin' awesome though for trying to cram an entire year's worth of lessons into one semester* and for generally being a little old lady from Honduras who really liked her smokes and just bullshitting with the students.
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Spanish is a beautiful and wonderful language.
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82 MarkVonLewis31st Oct 2011 06:55:05 PM from Somewhere in Time , Relationship Status: Too sexy for my shirt
It's alright. I wouldn't spend time to learn it, but it's alright.

If I was to learn another language I'd build on what I know of German from German class back in high school. Or Russian.
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In general learning a second or third language is always a very very good choice.

I encourage any one on this forum to learn whichever language they happen to like for whatever reason.
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84 USAF71331st Oct 2011 08:15:06 PM from the United States
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I'm generally really bad at foreign languages. I don't know why.

English is surprisingly easy for me to grasp, and I have a well-rounded understanding of it past the usual person's ability given only a basic education and cultural conditioning. At the same time, pretty much any other language and I'm shit at it.


Hey, I made it to halfway through Spanish 3 in high school. Maybe one day I'll take a trip to Spain or something and stay until they brain me enough with the language that it stays in my head. [lol]
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I picked up Spanish from my family, who are both immigrants, and polished it a lot in High School.

I always like to tell people I read Spanish better than I understand spoken Spanish, better than I speak Spanish, better than I write Spanish. I'm far from stellar in most fields though, something I'd like to change soon. In a city like this, being English/Spanish bilingual is a major, major plus, and I'd like to push my speaking skills beyond conversational.
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Love it. Sounds awesome, spelt easily, and the places where it's spoken are cool. (Metaphorically cool)
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Raven Wilder
One thing I don't get about Spanish is the letter "h". According to one of my Spanish teachers, "h" is never pronounced; it's always a silent letter. If that's true, I'm just baffled that Spanish speakers never got rid of such a useless letter at some point.
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89 Sivartis5th Nov 2011 05:16:15 PM from Washington State
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Well, the H in "Habañero" is pronounced.
90 InverurieJones6th Nov 2011 03:18:34 AM from North of the Wall. , Relationship Status: And they all lived happily ever after <3
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I've only been to Spain once. I must say, as languages go, I prefer Italian.
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91 TheWesterner6th Dec 2011 05:28:11 PM from The Land of Fools
[up] I'm not a big fan of Castilian. ( I still like it and their accent when they speak English is awesome.)

I generally prefer the Latin American version of Spanish.

The way they say they pronounce the letter s bothers me.

I'd say it goes like this for me. Latin American Spanish > Italian > Castilian >>>>> French

@Raven The letter h used to be pronounced and at one point it was used to separate syllables in a word.

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92 ohsointocats6th Dec 2011 05:45:17 PM from The Sand Wastes , Relationship Status: Showing feelings of an almost human nature
Spanish is one of the few languages that rap sounds good in — other languages in that group being English, Japanese, Hebrew, and Maasai.
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I think it sounds a little better than English, about even with French, far better than Japanese or Chinese, but not as good as German.
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I took seven years of it (then forgot some of it). I guess I have to like it.

I think I have that gene that makes a person unable to trill their R's, though.
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95 NoirGrimoir7th Dec 2011 04:30:16 PM from San Diego, CA , Relationship Status: Anime is my true love
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[up]Oh my god, me too, I can't roll my R's no matter how I try. I like Spanish alright, and once you get the hang of it it's not that hard, it's just getting into it. For instance I had so much trouble with it in first and second year, but in third year I was pwning it. I also appreciate that spelling in Spanish is significantly easier than it is in English.

And I agree rap is awesome in Spanish. I hate English rap, I like Spanish rap.
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96 annebeeche7th Dec 2011 05:26:16 PM from by the long tidal river
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Well, the H in "Habañero" is pronounced.

Habanero. No tilde.

As for why the letter h exists, it's probably because it used to be pronounced, kind of like the 'gh' in Light and brought.
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The Spanish rap I've heard is so-so. I'm not that impressed by Daddy Yankee.
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