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Zodiac clan character. Help?:

 1 Psycho Frea X, Thu, 14th Oct '10 9:54:03 PM from Transcended Humanity
So I got this character. He's supposed to be part of a clan based on the Greek Zodiac. Where any member will have an exaggerated personality of a certain star sign plus each zodiac member are able to transform into the creature of their respected starsign(Yes there was an inspiration and everyone knows what it is, but I made it more original though, which you will understand if you kept reading). Also each of the starsign not only allows a transformation into some animal or whatever, but also have individual powers for each twelve of them.

Now this is where it gets interesting. This certain character I have, not only have one but all the Zodiac clan's personality, powers and transformation. Each seperated in multiple personalities that comes and goes quite randomly. But he(or they?) DOES(do?) have a certain level of control over them. The problem is, I can't decide how this character should have obtained this condition. Whether it's some weird birth or whatever. So I might need help with that along with some other stuff. So here are my questions:

-How do you think I should make it that this character has got the multiple personality condition for each starsign?

-Which personality should I exaggerate for each starsign?

-What different special powers should I give that would be fitting for each starsign?

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 2 Foton, Fri, 15th Oct '10 5:56:22 AM from The Desert
Criminally Ferrety
What alarms me is the potential for this certain person to be uber-hax if he has access to all zodiacs at once. Much like the MC of Persona 3/4 is considered hax due to being able to switch Personas, so will this, if there aren't any anchors.

Now, you say you need prerequisites and powers? I can probably imagine Sagittario as an archer-type character, Gemini as...doppelganger/dual-blades type? But going further, the person must be really having a lot of Split Personality if he wants to change powers or something. Unless he's probably a homunculi designed simply to channel powers and that his personality is empty and the story is about him finding himself.

But then again, my imaginations are cliche'd, so...QQ
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Maybe the one with all combined is their version of Akito - the master of the Zodiac?
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 4 Psycho Frea X, Fri, 15th Oct '10 9:35:10 PM from Transcended Humanity
Hmm Foton, maybe you're right about him being too haxy if he has much control over his Zodiac control at all. So should I just make it completely random then? So he can only use the Zodiac power that is available with the personality at the time and only chance could change anything.

It might make his personality changes more interesting too. Being overly hotblooded one second and a complete pacifist the next at complete random.

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 5 Foton, Sat, 16th Oct '10 8:54:08 AM from The Desert
Criminally Ferrety
You can probably go the direction of Sacrificed Basic Skill for Awesome Training thing. Make him insanely good and can call to all kinds of powers of the zodiac, but make him really inept at anything else to balance him out. A story isn't composed of battles after battles, right?

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"Who needs a Wave Motion Gun if you can teleport your enemy onto one?"
God rules!
-How do you think I should make it that this character has got the multiple personality condition for each starsign? - The ancient beings that the constellations were named after possess them?

-Which personality should I exaggerate for each starsign? - Scorpio should be a passionate Casanova... Don't know about the others.

-What different special powers should I give that would be fitting for each starsign? - Scorpio would have hypnosis and venom in its animal form. Taurus will never find true happiness, and wouldn't cry about... but the stars predict tommorow they'll wake up, do a bunch of stuff and then go back to sleep!
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 7 Psycho Frea X, Fri, 22nd Feb '13 6:16:28 AM from Transcended Humanity
Wow, it's been a long time since I posted this huh and it brings back memories. But well, in my current story(which will inevitably be rewritten in the not so near future), I'm almost up to the chapter where this character comes in and the only thing I haven't figured out yet is Capricorn's personality.
 8 Scorpio Rat, Fri, 22nd Feb '13 2:01:51 PM from Houston, Texas Relationship Status: Reincarnated romance
When horoscopes go wrong
I thought that Capricorns were generally classified as determined and serious people. Very focused.
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After doing a bit of reading, I've found that most of the symbolism around Capricorn tends to be associated with bounty, fertility, and the wilderness (Pan was a god of shepherds, Amalthea weaned Zeus, Saturn was the Roman god of agriculture, Enki was a Babylonian god associated with spring water and other sources of fertility). Make him creative, grounded, generous, and a little rustic / old-fashioned, with a capricious streak that sometimes shines through on rare occasions.

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 10 Psycho Frea X, Fri, 22nd Feb '13 9:07:10 PM from Transcended Humanity
Well I guess I can "settle" for that and have Capricorn end up being the Only Sane Man of Fidi's Zodiac personalities. I was planning to have Virgo take that role, but maybe I could take his analytical side Up to Eleven or something.

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