Highschool Of The Dead takes place in the Left 4 Dead Universe:

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Space hobo
So according to the series, a terrible disease causes most of the population to become mindless zombies, similar to those back in the U.S and is only left to a few survivors who, I supose are inmune, to survive the outbreak and get the army to rescue them. Sort of familiar isn't it?

So my guesses are that someone from the States carrying the disease moved to Japan, unkowingly spreading the infection further. The reason we dont see Special Infected is that the virus has just been freshly introduced and, being isolated from America, hasn't mutated yet. The infected from both series share some traits too.

And Inb4 TITS joke from Nick.

2 snowbull13th Oct 2010 02:44:35 PM from outer layers of The City
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The only problem is that HOTD is shit and L 4 D isn't. They couldn't conceivably exist in the same universe.
3 Tnophelia13th Oct 2010 04:37:18 PM from from from from from from
The Japanese make horrible zombies then. They can't even see. or Jump.
4 RocketDude17th Oct 2010 05:05:52 PM from AZ, United States
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Plus, don't the HOTD zombies shamble? The L 4 D ones run.
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I think HOTD zombies are reanimated corpses. That isn't quite compatible with L 4 D, where the zombies have lost any sense of humanity but are still alive.

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Also, the survivors in HOTD aren't immune, they just haven't been bitten. And the infected in L 4 D can see...that is, their senses are all intact, whereas "They" only react to sound.
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