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While it may true not a lot of can be ridiculously awesome like the characters we create, is unreasonable to say normal =/= bad? Even the seemingly Loser Guy in anime becomes awesome in the end but he is almost always the most important character in the show. Normal is a relative term anyway, why does this You Suck trope seems so pedantic (I don't know of its the word I am looking for)? How can someone use this in a reasonable way without making a character the Black Hole Sue.
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^ that trope is close to playing with this but I want the whole Genre Savvy part ot be used against the guy, not for him. Hoe could take it near Shinji Ikari or even beyond Shinji levels?
Normal People is not the same as Loser Archetype, as that page even points it out.

I don't understand your question though, maybe if you would rephrase it.
Usually the normal who may or may not be powerful but is very aware of the genre cliches and avoids them utterly. How do I use Genre Savvy against the person? Wait, is possible to apply a Didnt See That One Coming to that situation?
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I seem to have misunderstood the poster's question. I thought they were asking why everymen in fiction seems to be losers... Which is wy I linked them to the Arthur Dent page.

As to having Genre Savvy being used against him... You could always have him being Wrong Genre Savvy. Or make the villain Dangerously Genre Savvy. Or, hell, just have the villain aware that he's Genre Savvy, and manipulate him by deliberately playing up certain Genre Tropes and having the hero avoid them, missing Mac Guffins and such as he goes.
There are too many toasters in my chimney!
I don't think it's too difficult to write a person who is a bit too much into some fiction and acts like he's in an adventure story, or just a person who has Chronic Hero Syndrome and is always acting like an action hero even though his body's not up for it. Wrong Genre Savvy is easy to both do and justify.

Or you can make an Only Sane Man who is both vexed that his world behaves in a carzy way, and that he is the only one who sees this.
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