The State of Washington does not exist.:

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51 Wicked2235th Apr 2011 05:38:01 PM from Death Star in the forest
You can't even write racist abuse in excrement on somebody's car without the politically correct brigade jumping down your throat!
It's easy, mmkay?

At first I didn't realize I needed all this stuff...
Oh shi- Wait a second. If Washington is not real, then why are there so many pictures of it online? And how did Hanford create a nuclear bomb? QED

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OP: The same applies to New Jersey.
What are your crimes, signature reader?
@Anonymous use: what makes you think the U.S. has a capital city?
No, you are the conspiracy. QED.

And then Dragonhunter was a government agent!

(Hell, I have "Agent" in my name, but that's a coincidence. Or Is It?)

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I'm alive and less annoying than ever before.
Washington state does exist. It's a little appendage just off of Tsawwassen for Canadians to ship things to without having to deal with all those pesky duties at Customs.
And neither does Washington DC.

Okay... Did George Washington exist?
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[up] No, that was time-traveling George W. Bush.
I'm alive and less annoying than ever before.
Then where's Microsoft?
Don't you see?


Dun Dun Dun.

So that's why they're absolute shit at what they claim to actually do!!

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They're both named George, but have different last names. Does that mean that "Washington" is bad?
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64 ChaoticTrilby31st May 2011 04:34:16 PM , Relationship Status: Complex: I'm real, they are imaginary
OP: You shouldn't have done that. You would be surprised how many of us browse sites like these. We are always watching. I am sorry but you know too much.

Also, this troper was never here. Goodbye.

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65 thespacephantom31st May 2011 05:07:33 PM from the lonesome crowded west
I remember this thread. QED.
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If Washington doesn't exist, then where the heck am I?
67 Tzetze1st Jun 2011 10:20:24 AM from a converted church in Venice, Italy
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What? But everyone knows that city doesn't exist!
69 HungryJoe1st Jun 2011 12:15:47 PM from Under the Tree
No, it's just in Washington.

If something does not exist inside of something that does not exist it exists.

So Bielefeld is real, just impossible to reach.
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Misanthropic Wiccan Nerd
That doesn't make sense. How can something exist if the location it's in does not? That's like saying Washington isn't real, but a DESK in Washington is. It's not possible. It can't exist within a location that isn't real. A CITY in Washington would be just as nonexistent as a smaller object.
71 HungryJoe1st Jun 2011 01:57:02 PM from Under the Tree
Yes, but those all exist in something non-existant. I'm talking about something that doesn't exist in something non-existant.

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Charlie Tunoku is a lover and a fighter.
So I'm really the evil I had pledged myself against... IT'S ALL INSANE! INSANE I TELL YOU! QED.
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73 Angewomon15th Aug 2011 11:44:15 AM from Everywhere and Nowhere
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I've never been to Washington. Maybe it really doesn't exist. All of you who said you've been to Washington are in on the conspiracy. So are the creators of Frasier and Twilight.

Not only that, they are also being used to brainwash people. Frasier encourages going to counseling, which keeps the masses happy. Twilight is using sparkly vampires to send subliminal messages that reinforce male chauvinism. This is also has interesting implications for iCarly, which also takes place in "Washington." I bet they're using it to reduce intelligence levels...
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74 RiosRider17th Aug 2011 05:47:42 PM from Monster Mountain
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I thought Wyoming was the nonexistant state around here. TV told me that. Then again, it told me that raisins are shrunken bowling balls and that dogs have no brains.

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And it told ME that ponies are the source of all that is good in the world.

Of course, it was right that time.

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