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Soul Eater:

Jesus as in Revelations
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Thy Fearful Symmetry. I LOOVE that kid!

edited 15th Jan '10 5:23:09 PM by RawPower

 2 Sabbo, Fri, 15th Jan '10 5:32:07 PM from Australia Relationship Status: Baby don't hurt me!
(srahc 84) eltit
I've seen six episodes of the anime. I should really get around to finishing it and/or reading the manga.
I guess it is.
I should read the rest of the manga, for the anime, I'm waiting for the dub.

edited 15th Jan '10 7:00:04 PM by PikaHikariKT

 6 The Seven Nights, Sun, 17th Jan '10 1:31:18 PM from My phallic tower of... your MOM!~
Sorcerous Overlord Trainee
anime? do you believe in courage punch? i don't...
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Jesus as in Revelations
Funimation has already started dubbing. What is courage punch?
 8 Clarste, Sun, 17th Jan '10 2:26:27 PM Relationship Status: Non-Canon
Three Steps
A particularly unpopular example of a Gecko Ending.

Jesus as in Revelations
Death City being a Humongous Mecha was kinda cool though...
 10 K*SPAM, Sun, 17th Jan '10 7:45:12 PM from Control Room
... I want to burn the people who did this to the anime adaptation.

 11 Wicked 223, Sun, 17th Jan '10 7:51:30 PM from Death Star in the forest
Dude, if you burn Studio BONES I will fucking end you.
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 12 vandro, Sun, 17th Jan '10 7:53:21 PM from The little shop that wasn't there before
Shop Owner
Studio BONES is great, but that ending was so out of place.

 13 Neo Crimson, Sun, 17th Jan '10 7:54:17 PM from behind your lines.
Your army sucks.
Is it me or is the manga getting more and more nonsensical? Then again that could be the point with the Kishin's insanity growing.
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 14 Clarste, Sun, 17th Jan '10 7:58:54 PM Relationship Status: Non-Canon
Three Steps
It's lacked direction since the end of the previous arc, but I wouldn't say its nonsensical. There was some Mind Screw stuff this latest chapter but it felt pretty appropriate for the context.

Not really, it makes about as much sense as it ever did. However, there is a distinct lack of plot momentum.
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 16 K*SPAM, Mon, 18th Jan '10 8:18:22 AM from Control Room
I don't hate BONES as a whole, I'm just really irritated at whoever came up with the courage punch.

edited 18th Jan '10 8:18:32 AM by K*SPAM

Courage punch wouldn't have been *too* bad - it was set up early on that courage is important in the series when it comes to fights - except that it placed Maka as the single heroine (everyone else...around to get her there...), and dispensed of the teamwork aspect that was also used earlier on. The manga has, if anything, only emphasised the teamwork side (Soul and Maka flying, Black Star and Tsubaki using the Nakatsukasa Purpose).

Oh, Kid, you silly thing. Nothing wrong with getting beaten up, but an imperfect expression?! I'm actually rather relieved all the fanon stuff about his imprisonment turning into some dark storyline has come to nothing. Not so happy with Noah being this much of a joke, though. Was expecting something more...interesting.

 18 Neo Crimson, Mon, 1st Feb '10 3:15:05 PM from behind your lines.
Your army sucks.
I'm not talking about the plot, I'm talking about the art. The last chapter I found very hard to follow, due to all the crazy visuals.
Sorry, I can't hear you from my FLYING METAL BOX!
 19 Webidolchiu 94, Sat, 30th Oct '10 7:33:38 PM from Rolitania Relationship Status: Faithful to 2D
Yeah well I wasn't all too thrilled with the geko ending but I wasn't all "I will kill you for tuning it" I liked medusas death in the anime tho. But anyways If anyone wants to read my fanfiction (please read it) just ask. I know I know, my oc is a bit Mary Sue but what main character oc doesn't? If you look at the definition of Mary-Sue it just makes my head hurt at how complex it gets. One person even dared to call Maka a Mary-Sue I mean!
 20 minusmagniaxe, Sun, 31st Oct '10 7:03:22 PM from South America
Just finished reading the last chapter of the manga. Is it just me who think it is kinda lame seeing the veterans being owned like that? Are those worm thingies that strong? And why the hell weren't the weapons on that team already transformed and ready to fight the moment they saw the bear guy was taken dawn?

edited 31st Oct '10 7:03:45 PM by minusmagniaxe

 21 Naruto Avenger 77, Wed, 29th Dec '10 11:03:07 AM from Newnan, that's where....
Hell, Noah's strong.... If that isn't a God Mode Mary-Sue then I don't know what is! Centepides creep me out!!!!

@webidolchiu: Maybe we should recruit these guys for the project we have based on your fanfiction, hmmm?
I'm just a hyperactive nutcase: a lanky British boy who likes Anime and Lolita...I'm Tired of seeing eSaulm and not: Samuel.
 22 del diablo, Wed, 29th Dec '10 1:03:04 PM from Somewher in mid Norway
Den harde nordmann
Noah is not that strong, I sort of like that the power levels in soul eater is relative :P
When will chapter 90 get out T.T?
And I wonder when we will encounter Exalibur the next time?

edited 29th Dec '10 1:04:27 PM by del_diablo

A guy called dvorak is tired. Tired of humanity not wanting to change to improve itself. Quite the sad tale.
 23 dmysta 3000, Sun, 2nd Jan '11 3:26:06 PM from New York and New Jersey Relationship Status: Don't hug me; I'm scared
Chapter 81 is out! finally! smile
 24 toalordsothe, Sun, 2nd Jan '11 4:52:39 PM from Hell, Michigan
Not a Dong
HSQ you off the charts for me.

It looks like the Clown was only one of many Eldritch Abominations that serve Asura.]
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Total posts: 1,732
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