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What to say about me?

Obsessed. That is one word that continuously describes me well.

It starts out with liking something, then well on to love, but it always eventually ends up turning into obsession.

This is kinda what I look like...haha more or less. Really it's just my Soul Eater OC Sarah Albarn

Why does it always end like this? A lonely girl, who loves anime, and manga, vampires and ghosts, shinagami, miesters and weapons. She wishes to have adventure, to have a romantic school comedy life, or maybe even an action adventure? But she has sunk into depresion, melancholy if you will, at the futility of reality. Oh why does it have to be this way? One would call me Kyon, one who has given up on having that life, one who has stopped believing in the supernatural, but it's not over yet.

I believe myself to be more of a Haruhi, I still believe.

But I wish to be a Maka, to wield a scythe, to be a Scythe-meister is my true dream.

But what of dreams? I wish to be a writer, an artist, an actress! But few support my endeavors. How sad, but how much more encouraging? Despite all odds, despite the opposition, I will become my true self. My heart's egg will hatch, and I will be that person inside.

Yeah, I'm weird, but who cares? Usually, normal=boring in my eyes. No offense to the interesting normal people intended, though. However, can you be interesting and normal? Seems kind of a contradiction, right? Either you're interesting...or bland as tapioca (no offense to tapioca-lovers). Anyway, I'm kind of confusing myself right now, huh? Or is it contradicting myself? What I mean to say is that: most likely if you're on, you're a pretty interesting person in your own right. Right?

Maybe I'm just digging my own grave here, trying to describe my feelings and junk?

Oh well, back to writing.

So, some of you want to know more about me huh?

1) I go my many names!!!! Such as: Kohaku (grrr not because of Inuyasha!), Amber (my "real" American name), Koniku (my Inyuka-anechan calls me this, Little bunny (cause I naturally eat like a rodent, for some reason, you know like the way I hold the food and nibble), Puppy ('cause my super curly hair looks like a poodle's and its soft like dog fur :( REALLY ), That random crazy chick (when my friends don't want to be associated with an insane person like me). Yeah I think that's it. No....wait....Acutally I've got another: Sarah Albarn. And I've even got a fan page so....natch!

2) My birthday: Nov.13 1994. Yeah, everyone else in my lessons are OLDER!!!! Grrr...

3) If you already haven't noticed: Im a girl. Yeah I know, Kohaku is usually a boy name, isn't it?

4) Oh yeah... I love Yaoi, period. Yuri is OK but not much of a fan unless its Shojo-Ai. A also obsess over Manga, Anime, anything Japanese, or Manhwa, random Korean stuff, Chinese food etc. FANFICTION ROCKS! And Dounjishi, (did I spell it right?) I love it a lot... Especially Upright, and Strawberries and Mint. Both Soul Eater Dounjishi.

My ďArtĒ if you could call it that.

My Fandoms

Good luck to you all, send me messages and stuff!

Tropes that describe ME:

  • Attention Deficit Creator Disorder: Twenty-six unfinished stories and counting.
  • Mary Sue: Considering that I am a winter and usually wear PURPLE, and can play three instruments (piano, guitar, and violin), Sing pretty well, am considered sorta cute by many people, among other things...yeah, this applies.
  • Badass Normal: But only because my sisters say so.
  • Anti-Hero: too cruel to be a protagonist, but I always write myself as one.
  • Annoying Laugh: Yes, I snort when I laugh. It's not a pretty sound.
  • Is subject to many a Freudian Slip
  • Sweet Tooth: Can't catch me NOT eating something sweet.
  • Fangirl: Of the fandoms you see above.
  • Strange Girl: In the opinion of the bullies from middle school and onward.
  • Room Full of Crazy: No explanation here.
  • And if there are others I've forgotten, please add them.

Featured Fanfictions of Mine

Link to a collection of the worst fanfiction youíll ever read. Donít click it.

  • Puella Magi Yuuko Magica - In this universe, things have changed. When Madoka made her wish, it really did change the universe, and not in a way any would expect it to. Houmura wakes up in the hospital, without her soul gem, and discovers that in this world, miracles and magic do exist without selling your soul to a Starfish Alien. Prequel to "Eternal Flowers". R&R!

  • Eternal Flowers - Hideki and Chi are visited by two strangers from America. One is the Heiress of a high-end computer company, and the other... Well, that's where it gets complicated. Did I mention that xxxHolic, Negima!, and a many others play a part? Oh, the multiverse is such a small place, isn't it? Hopefully our heroes will win this mysterious "Game" and save the Earth from...what exactly? R&R
    • Chobits Crossover- Rated: T - English - Adventure/Romance - Published: 3-12-12 - Chi/Elda
    • Has its own trope page: Meh.

  • Aka no Exorcist - A blue demon, huh? Whatever happened to the trope Blue Oni, Red Oni? You've gotta have an opposite, a rival, even! Yes, and it just had to be a girl. WIP, really weird story... Please download the cover from my deviantART page !
    • Blue Exorcist- Rated: T - English - Supernatural/Friendship - Mephisto P. & Astaroth

  • Scars and Stitches - What has happened? Why is Maka so depressed? Why did Black*Star give Soul a... never mind. It's too just messed up and wrong to be Soul Eater! Warning: If you don't want to see Dr. Stein in a terrible light, this fic is not for you. Also, be warned that there will be strong language, partial nudity, and acts of violence. For all of you looking at the rating alone, this is no lemon.
    • Soul Eater - Rated: M - English - Drama/Hurt/Comfort - Chapters: 14 - Words: 16,117 - Updated: 5-16-11 - Published: 9-20-10 - Maka & Soul - Complete

Here's a spot to...oh forget it...

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