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5676 Tangent12814th Jun 2011 12:54:21 PM from Virginia , Relationship Status: Gonna take a lot to drag me away from you
As distracted as we may be by the WAAPT "cameo", I still hope to resume writing on the Pokéball entry tonight. Looking at the partial draft I forgot a few months ago, I may want to rewrite the whole thing... though admittingly incomplete, it's poorly organized.

Also, a note of warning!

Dibs that were first called when we started the system in March will expire tomorrow if you don't bump the date on them.

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5677 Neo_Crimson14th Jun 2011 01:13:49 PM from behind your lines.
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Hey Tangent, I launched the Regigigas article but it's showing up as indexless. I followed the right protocol to index a page and I don't know what went wrong.
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5678 rmctagg0914th Jun 2011 01:19:28 PM from Brooklyn, NY , Relationship Status: I won't say I'm in love
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I fixed it Neo.
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5679 Neo_Crimson14th Jun 2011 01:24:02 PM from behind your lines.
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Thank you.
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5680 TracerBullet14th Jun 2011 02:45:52 PM from A Dark and Rainy Alley
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Oh, this would probably be a good time to mention that I have reclaimed the Ledyba Line.
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Since all of my Dibs have been done, and have pages in this thread which are linked to on the main page, they can drop off. I could probably formally launch them (Mistralton, Misdreavus, Hippopotas, Heatran) unless anyone wishes to dispute anything within those articles, they've been sitting around for a while.
5682 Tangent12814th Jun 2011 07:56:00 PM from Virginia , Relationship Status: Gonna take a lot to drag me away from you
Yeah, do that.
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5683 Kexruct14th Jun 2011 08:38:23 PM from Vvardenfell
Two questions:

One, what do you think of my article on Wobbuffet?

Two, if it is any good, how might it end up being part of the actual PEFE?
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5684 Tangent12814th Jun 2011 08:45:45 PM from Virginia , Relationship Status: Gonna take a lot to drag me away from you
The article is developing in the right direction. The blurb in the Notable Biology section sounds a bit... creepypasta-esqe, perhaps. But really, just make sure to follow it up with educated speculation into what the anecdote implies if true (and not a hoax, as would be suggested by many due to the lack of recording); they are scientists, after all.

Courting & Childrearing needs filling in, and the Shadow Tag could stand some more explanation.

Once the article is good enough for a first release, just put it on the wiki and link it in the index.

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5685 SilentReverence14th Jun 2011 08:49:35 PM from 3 tiles right 1 tile up
adopting kitteh
Yeah, the creepypasta-esque interview to the doctor is... well... creepypasta-y. Unlike the trainer interview, which is a pretty nice touch (also, is that a PokéSpe!Brendan reference?). The lack of studying (or mention of it) with regards to Shadow Tag is my greatest concern. Habitat looks all right as does the overall description. And somehow I hadn't noticed how you slipped in the naming joke. Seems to fit all right with that section of the article.

As Tangent said, when it is due for posting you just create the adequate page in the wiki, which should fall in this link: FanonPokedex.Wobbuffet (if I am not mistaken).

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5686 Kexruct14th Jun 2011 09:03:43 PM from Vvardenfell
Alright thanks for the help.

@Silent Reverence

You probably didn't miss anything. I edited a lot of it after I got your constructive critiscism.

Also, I'm kinda afraid it might come off as..... Arrogant if I just up and added Wobbuffet to the PEFE.
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5687 SilentReverence14th Jun 2011 09:29:00 PM from 3 tiles right 1 tile up
adopting kitteh
No arrogance at all. So long as the article writeup does meet the Project Standards (which are mostly described in the Guidelines... I think I have to look for a link on that), you'll have support for raising it to the wiki. After all, it's kind of the idea... Speaking of which: the physical description seems to need a bit more work, and on the most recent edit I checked there was not much ddescription on how eg.: it performed the few moves it does know, but it seems to be already in a better state, overall, than some other articles.

Let's just wait a little longer for more members to comment, keep bringing in more details and discussion, and it should be ready for raise soon, IMHO.

5688 Blissey114th Jun 2011 09:36:12 PM from a random Pokčcenter , Relationship Status: I know
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you say that they're among the cleverest of mons, but don't really give any examples of how they're clever. Needs some expanding upon.

as mentioned above, Shadow Tag also needs some expanding upon. I've always thought that its a psychic kinda ability that somehow effects the the opposing mon reasoning and makes them refuse to retreat.

and I don't really like the creepypasta, but that's just me.

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Shadow Tag might also cause the subject to develop No Sense of Direction?

I'd like a bit more biology, and a bit more on Shadow Tag, but apart from that it seems alright to me.

I'll get those articles of mine formally done sometime during the week.
The deadline (and some other things) has inspired me to get off my ass and put some work into the Venipede article again. It'll be (roughly) done by tomorrow evening at the latest.

Is Marioguy still interested in doing the Drilbur line?

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5691 Marioguy12815th Jun 2011 10:40:54 AM from various galaxies
Oh, do you want to do it?
You got some dirt on you. Here's some more!

When I'm done with the Venipede line I'd like to add that one to my queue if you don't mind.
5693 Marioguy12815th Jun 2011 10:49:03 AM from various galaxies
... Sure, you can have it. I haven't found the time to work on my stuff. Feel free to take it off my dibs if you like.
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Thank you! grin

When I'm through with the face huggers and bright purple diesel trucks I'll probably update that.
5695 Locoman15th Jun 2011 02:07:17 PM from Mandrill Maze
I'm putting the final touches on Golett/Golurk.
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5696 Swampertrox15th Jun 2011 06:33:55 PM from Sea Mauville , Relationship Status: Hoping Senpai notices me
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And Litwick is updated again!

Morphs [Oak Catalog #]/[Juniper Catalog #]

  • Litwick [607] /[113]
  • Lampent [608] /[114]
  • Chandelure [609] /[115]

Litwick is a short, half-melted candle with yellow eyes. Despite no presence of a wick, its flame burns with a flickering purple light and consumes energy, emotions, and other sensations from living things near it. Although Litwick are capable of forming mouths, they are primarily used for vocalization. Like other ghost Pokemon, Litwick is capable of manipulating its body, and can be found in many different shapes. Lampent bears an image similar to that of an old-fashioned lamp. Lampent’s glassy face shields its inner fire from being extinguished, and a small vent in the cover over its head provides it with air. The ghostly arms extending from Lampent’s body allow it to hold itself on objects, leading some communities to employ tame Lampent to act as streetlights. Chandelure is a medium size chandelier-shaped Pokemon with an appearance similar to Lampent. After evolving, Chandelure retains its globe-shaped glass head, but the covering above it is gone, leaving its flame to rise freely into the air. From the bottom of the globe extend two metallic bands, which curve upwards to about the level of Chandelure’s eyes. From each of these grows two candle holders, from which Chandelure releases flames for offense and protection.

Notable Biology

Litwick’s body appears to be made entirely from wax, existing as a massive non-lipid germinal epithelium, with fatty wax cells being stored to power its metabolism. X-ray equipment has been able to take images of Litwick’s body, which seem to show that it does have some form of internal organs made out of some waxy substance. Despite being seen to come into contact with solid surfaces, Litwick have occasionally been sighted floating through walls, which suggests that like other Ghost-type Pokemon, Litwick has some control over its molecules, so it is at least partially formed of umbrate. The Litwick line is notable in being one of the few known carbon-based life forms to have their cellular structure be primarily ester-sterol rather than the lipid based structure of most beings; this is hypothesized to be the result of the evolution of a Proto-Epilobia like creature (the Common Ancestor of the Indeterminate Pokemon) within a pool of high wax content, akin to the modern development of the Grimer. One of the most notable aspects of the line is that they are psychiphagic; while the Litwick may ingest the occasional raw minerals to build up its silicate shell, the primary chemical reaction that drives its biology must be fueled by a constant complex electric current, such as those found in the brains of most life forms. Litwick breakdown local minerals to form a buildup of ore with their bodies in a long internal “wick” with which they digest the ambient electromagnetism of various creatures. In this young age the metabolism is quite advanced, as a result most of their prey remains in a comatose state, leading to legends of them as a soul-stealer. The waste product of this metabolism, a constant purple-blue flame, is one of the hallmarks of the line and its glow has been adapted by years of evolution as a lure and a weapon. When significant amounts of ore have developed within its central spire, a Litwick will process them into large external shell, made of organic glass, which holds the reaming ester-sterol cells, now have been reduced to a single digestive track. From the central silicate head an organic metal system of capillaries flows outward, allowing better manipulation of the internal flame. At this stage the metabolism is significantly lesser, and, due to their more brittle state, they become scavengers, consuming the electricity from the brains of dead life forms as they fail.


Litwick frequently live in places with large amounts of Psychic Pokemon, to better feed, due to worldwide hunting efforts due to their negative image the only known stable population of Litwick exist within Celestial Tower.


Although it has a mouth, Litwick does not actually eat physical food, the line is exclusively psychiphagous in the early stages of its life, using the neurological energy of other life forms to feed its eternal combustion, a necessary feature for its unique structure. Juveniles, in the highest phase of growth, often leach energy from other species to the point of permanent brain death, after it evolution when it’s structure is more conservative and more efficient, it tends to only feed on the ambient off put of recently dead life forms. Litwick uses its light to lure people and wild Pokemon to death in order to absorb the energy of the dying soul. Like Litwick, Lampent absorbs energy from the living but do to their less massive physique they require less energy; thus they become scavengers; following those who are about to die, being able to absorb energy from them more easily than healthy individuals. Because of this, Lampent often hang onto buildings pretending to be lamps in order to more easily find prey. Because Chandelure are rarely sighted in the wild, there have been few opportunities to examine them. Based on the behavior of captive specimens, Chandelure appear to have a diet similar to Litwick and Lampent. However, most Chandelure are capable of draining far more energy. If any living thing becomes immersed one's central flame, almost all of its life force will be transferred to the Chandelure, leaving a barely animate and intelligence lacking body behind. This has lead to many stories of creatures called 'zombies' attacking.


Litwick is known for its habit of leading lost people into dangerous and often deadly situations by imitating human lighting in areas that are not safe for humans. It is commonly theorized that this behavior is due to Litwick not being mature enough to drain enough energy for survival from a living host, and thus attempts to cause deaths for it to feed upon. This may also have led to legends of Litwick leading dead souls to the afterlife, although it is more likely that Litwick actually absorbs the dead souls instead. Upon evolving into Lampent, it appears to gain the ability to sense when death is about to occur. It will often follow a person whose death it senses is near, siphoning off small volumes of energy from the target until their death. If a Lampent is following you for no apparent reason, don’t panic, but remain alert and seek medical assistance. This trickery has led to widespread mistrust of this Pokemon and many superstitions linking it and misfortune. However, in some cultures Trainers who own a Lampent are considered lucky, as they can save trainers that they like from accidents; but it is a bad idea for trainers to mistreat Lampent as they may intentionally lead those they hate into harm.


As the line is inherently Psychiphagous, be sure to ward your Litwick off from feeding on members of you party. Overfeeding is the number one causes of death around Litwick and, it is suggested that Trainers use radio-based Artificial Soul Substitute instead; foraging for natural silicates is encouraged however. Once developed into the median stage, your Pokémon may feed on ambient life energy from you and your party members, as by this stage substance is natural. Be wary of the flames, as, like other Ever burn Pokémon they are quite hot, and are tied directly to your Pokémon’s internal biology, and thus cannot be snuffed.

Courting and Childrearing

All members are capable of reproduction, although this is more common with the Juvenile stage, due to their larger amounts of fat and energy. Baby Litwick are produced when morphs of the line release a spermatozoon glob of molten wax, which is ingested by the female. The wax from the male Litwick then melts and mixes with some of the female's wax, merging with her ambient ova cells, and an egg is then devolved within the female out of her natural occurring silicate. This method of reproduction generally occurs only where Litwick are swarming, as swarms tend to appear in areas with high amounts of residual life energy, such as graveyards, where infants have a higher chance of survival. Interbreeding with other species is rare, although possible, but does not occur in the wild.

Lampent do not usually reproduce, as they channel their energy towards growing and finding a Dusk Stone to evolve. On the rare occasions when Lampent do reproduce, they do so in a manner similar to Litwick.

Social Structure

Litwick tend to live in large groups in their preferred habitats of graveyards or dangerous locales. These swarms seem to act at least partially as collective mindss, as the Litwick are apparently capable of exchanging information telepathically, and large groups frequently all act identically for brief periods. These groups ocasionally include a few Lampent, which seem to function as seperate individuals while remaining connected to the group’s hive mind. These Lampent are currently thought to lead their swarms, and may be also capable of in some way influencing the hive mind. As Chandelure are very rare in the wild, it is unknown whether they ever join these groups or how they function in them.

When not part of these groups, the members of the Litwick line are solitary. On occasion two or three Litwick may band together to lure or weaken their prey more effectively, but their evolutions have never been sighted working together, likely because they are strong enough to feed on their own. As the Pokemon of the Litwick line will absorb energy from whatever comes near it, there are few predators capable of safely eating them, so there is little risk for individuals living alone. Because of this, mating rarely occurs outside of large swarms.

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5697 Locoman15th Jun 2011 06:35:02 PM from Mandrill Maze
This is just an idea that I've been pondering, but what if the Unova region is considered the Australia of the Pokemon world; namely that most of its fauna are quite strange and found nowhere else in the world?
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5698 SilentReverence15th Jun 2011 06:47:37 PM from 3 tiles right 1 tile up
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Then we'd likely have to retcon the entirely of the country once either the 3makes or Gen6 comes out, where most likely there will be a fair number of G5 Pokémon in the overworld, no matter if its (somehow) "postgame". Not likely a good idea.

There's also no good reason that the Unovan ecosystem is gonna be so isolated from the rest of the world long enough considering its more than thriving (ie.: New York-level) human settlements and presence. It's not like Unova is the Arctic or the Mars of the Pokémon world... It could work on the inverse, with species that "refuse to go out", more easily though, given the precedent that the Druddigon set and environment present...
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Hippopotas, Mistralton, Misdreavus and Heatran have all been formally launched.

In the meantime, I'll pick up the Swablu line, that doesn't look like Dibs has been called on it yet. But I won't be starting it for a couple weeks. Feel free to contribute thoughts about those Pokemon.
5700 Swampertrox16th Jun 2011 04:22:52 AM from Sea Mauville , Relationship Status: Hoping Senpai notices me
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Calling Dibs on Tympole.
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