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Unnatural History:

 201 zam, Tue, 23rd Nov '10 10:27:26 AM from Orlando, FL . Relationship Status: Heisenberg unreliable
Praise Him
"the triangular relationship between the boys and maggie gets increasingly more complicated, henry's long thought-to-be-dead g.f. reappears (someone with more skills than he's got and anger issues) — as well as jasper's mother."

Why did this get canceled?sad
All of time and space, anywhere and everywhere, any star that ever was. Where do you want to start?

I can't believe that UH got canceled. I am now in such a crappy mood. It was such a good show and now I'll never get to see any of the things Mike talked about. Screw Cartoon Network.
“Thanks for…being my…butt posse.” “Your what?” Jasper Bartlett and Henry Griffin
i'm in shock. is cartoon network obliterating live action entirely or is it just unnatural history? what's happening with tower prep? mike is there ANY chance some of the UH alum will be involved in your upcoming projects? you guys work so well together!
 204 Nick The Swing, Thu, 25th Nov '10 4:49:22 PM from Ya really wanna know? Relationship Status: Dating Catwoman
BFS Enthusiast
Now, I am never one to support trolls, but this circumstance calls for it. We have to find them, those people that cancelled this show,, throw eggs at them. Or poke holes in their tires, do something!
of course i will consider putting kevin, jordan, italia and/or martin in any new projects. they are all marvelous actors and very nice people too. unusual combo in this town ...

 206 PRIVATE Corp, Tue, 30th Nov '10 11:18:06 AM from the Middle of Nowhere
Steam Punk in the Works
Well, I checked out around that UH got cancelled, but I'm glad that you're working on a new project. Hey, if there's a chance that the execs come to their senses and act like Adult Swim, the off-chance of having UH Un-Cancelled is there. All I am waiting for is the cancellation of the Dudes (seriously, where are those numbers coming from?!) and the resurrection of your show, then I'll be happy.

Oh, and I'll look forward to seeing a comic, if one is ever made.

EDIT: Forget this post existed.

edited 30th Nov '10 1:04:48 PM by Pokénatic

"Like" the Facebook page for the DVD Release of Unnatural History, Season One!!/pages/DVD-Release-of-Unnatural-History-Season-One/183490668333917 It's like a petition measure in "likes" rather than signatures.
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