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1 PsychoFreaX5th Oct 2010 08:37:39 AM from Transcended Humanity
I need some way to call the different levels of supernatural powers in my story. I thought it sounds a little too plain to just say level 1 ability level 2 ability etc. So does anyone have any ideas?

I kind of like the sound of stuff like A-rank Techniques or B-ranks classifications in Naruto. I also thought of Greek letter rankings like alpha level, beta level, omega level, but then again it's already taken by X-Men. So I wouldn't know if I could use them.

The supernatural abilities are classified more by the difficulty and rarity for it to be present in an individual rather than it's actual power. But the greater abilities are often a lot more rare and difficult for one to achieve it. Maybe because more of their psychic channels have to be open to perform more advanced abilities.

Like say, the power to summon wolves to help you fight in battle would be classified level 2 while summoning a lightning dragon would be at about a level 4. Also it would be more rare for one to be born with the power to throw fireballs a rather than just only being able to burn whatever objects they touch.

Basically the more open psychic channels it takes for an ability the higher level it is. I just need some creative way to classify them.

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I don't think X-Men or others can claim copyright on the classifications of power levels, since it's not central to their plots and the names are kind of obvious ones.

But anyway, if you want different names, one idea I had is to think of descriptive terms for power levels, such as 'city destroyer' (someone who could destroy an entire city in an instant). If those aren't fancy enough, translate them into Latin or Greek.
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You can use letters or Greek letters if you like; other works have used them because it's a logical way of classifying things.

But the real question is: Who's classifying it? If it's a modern government or military, letters or numbers are very likely.

If it's, say, medieval scholars, you're more likely to get something fancier, like "minimus, minor, major, maximus" or the celestial spheres (Luna, Mercury, Venus, Sol, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Fixed Stars, Primum Mobile).
4 doorhandle19th Oct 2010 12:41:40 AM from Space Australia!
Maybe somthing else more unique?

like, at leats one guy is using precious metals, so that's not an option, but.....

Maybe you could have ratings based on steak? like "well done" and "meidum rare."...

proably not but you get the idea.
5 Deboss19th Oct 2010 12:43:06 AM from Awesomeville Texas
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in my work, I classify all magicks by color. Red magicks are so weak that they are unnoticeable, except by a Reader. An example would be super-weak Probability Power. Yellow magicks are weak, but they are noticeable. An example would be a weak Playing with Fire ability that allows a character to burn things(but not ignite them). Blue magicks are moderate strength powers, like Mind Control that can be fought. White magicks are strong, like a Dishing Out Dirt power that allows a character to create fissures in the ground. Black magicks are very strong, allowing a character with Making a Splash powers to freeze an entire ocean.

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Name them after different orders of angels.

Seraphim, Cherubim, Thrones, etc.

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