How to jump into an Ascended Fanfic:

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Guys, I have a confession to make.

For quite I while I have a Chaotic fanfic, in my head. Seemingly stuck in a state of pre-alpha for a long long time.

But for a good reason. You see I was hoping for the card game to be in a permanent state of hiatus by now. It would allow me to write a Continuation Fic about the war in Perim without the pesky humans inserted by the need to be Merchandise-Driven as well as including the use of guns and blood.

But Chaotic isn't as dead I hoped for it to be. Even though the show is dead, the card game, and with it the story, is still progressing, albeit much slower than in the past.

I have pondering in past months whether to just disassociate my fic with the canon entirely and make a jump to an Ascended Fanfic and turn it into a piece of original amateur fiction. I decided to cut ties.

But now I am left without names for damn near 80% of everything.

Starting with the warring factions.

I know I could name them Taco, Crepes, Steak, Matzah and Sushi for all I care, but let's be serious is there any guides out there to help writers pick a name?
Ok never mind the names.

Just give me some general tips on making the transition.

Should I make an attempt at Serial Numbers Filed Off or try to differentiate a little?
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