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I'll admit it: I hadn't really thought about how Blofeld would rise to power in Reality. The best reason I can think of is that he spent the few months after the Convergence rebuilding SPECTRE from the ground up (in canon he was smart and reasonably Genre Savvy, so I think he could pull it off); making deals with various dictators and terrorist organisations to help them regain their power against the Fictites threatening them and slowly absorbing them under the SPECTRE umbrella. And he could also have used the Dark Lodge's resources to extend his influence and crush any rivals he has.
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Sorry for not getting on with this sooner. At first I was busy IRL, and then I wasn't well, and then I forgot.

First things first: a tentative + for Revolver Ocelot, with the assumption that Ironeye knows what he's doing.

Now, Dementors and Waspinator both get a 0 from me. I don't see anything wrong with including them, nor do I see any reason to.

Commander Shepherd and Cerebus the Aardvark are both tentative "no", for the reasons given by Ironeye. Voting - for both of them.

Adrian Veidt (Ozymandias) seems a great fit for Org &&&. +

I'm satisfied with the proposed role for Ernst Stavro Blofeld, so I'm saying +. Waiting for Ironeye's judgement here.

Scarecrow seems like an excellent choice, so +.

I'm inclined to give a + vote to Judge Dredd and The Operative, who I believe could be used as recurring characters as proposed, not that it'll do any good now.

Croag of Phyrexia and Urza Planeswalker get a downvote from me for the setting-issues mentioned by Ironeye. -

I like the proposed role for Joker. Tentative +.

The Terrible Trivium gets a 0 from me.

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I'm satisfied with the Blofeld info. We now have three lists:
  • The Plot-Important Characters List (exactly what it says)
  • The Limbo List (characters that opinion has put on a "use em if they fit, but don't build around them" standing)
  • The Cut List (Duh)

The Plot-Important Characters List

The Limbo List

  • Sherlock Holmes (+ 0, overlapping character)
  • Judge Dredd (- +)
  • The Operative from Firefly (- +)
  • Waspinator (- 0)
  • The Terrible Trivium (- 0)

The Cut List

It's now time for more discussion and possible Kara vetoes.
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HAY IRONEYE, are you ever going to post what we had worked out for the New Orleans episode?

Also, no vetoes.
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