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201 muninn1st Mar 2012 01:50:48 PM from Somewhere, out there...
'M not Crazy, just Raven
There's only three chapters out at the moment (translated into english, that is. I think there's been a tankobon release with six or so chapters in japanese), so The Twist hasn't come up yet. I honestly can't imagine how they'll manage to do it. The best I can come up with is reaching the end of Takeshi's story, starting over with the Kid's, and hope people think it's a Higurashi-type "Several iterations of the same story" thing. *
And in that case, Kaburaki and Takeshi would need to look identical, as would kid Kaburaki and Hokuto. Except that kind of defeats the point since they don't look the same and it's a plot point.
203 Clarste1st Mar 2012 01:56:32 PM , Relationship Status: Non-Canon
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Yeah, it only works because of the limited camera.
204 muninn1st Mar 2012 02:40:25 PM from Somewhere, out there...
'M not Crazy, just Raven
Takeshi and Kaburaki could be made to look similar enough for a non-coloured manga that first-time readers would probably accept them as the same person (Kaburaki could come to the realization that his Takeshi disguise would work a lot better if he dyed his hair*). I'd say that they could try that with Kaburaki and Hokuto as well (making them look similar, that is. Not hair dye) if it weren't for the whole "plot point" thing.
Combine this picture (non-spoiling, from game-given wallpapers) http://picasaweb.google.com/lh/photo/1rTIiNtXtnzHI3RQRHkWeg with this song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v9TETPXH5XE (touhou) The song and title are quite fitting.
206 Clarste2nd Mar 2012 07:36:39 PM , Relationship Status: Non-Canon
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[up][up]It's not a disguise though. It's not meant to fool anyone. If he actually looked like Takeshi sufficient to fool the viewer, Tsugumi would probably have a very different reaction, at least at first. Part of her attitude is due to the fact that the lie is so blatant.
Yes. Plus, Hokuto sees Sara's pendant in her route and wonders who that ridiculously good looking guy is. Apparently Kaburaki just has the mannerisms down. And of course kid Kaburaki isn't as pretty as Hokuto either.
Isn't it sad, Kaburaki? No matter how much you try, you'll never match Takeshi's sexiness. ;__;
Don't worry, at least he has a successful life and oh wait no he spent the last twenty years learning to act like his idol and probably has no useful skills or meaningful relationships.

Kaburaki, bitter and alone after the end of the story.
You must've been really damned convincing, beyond just the whole fighting evil pharmaceutical company and helping out friends thing. Maybe she promised to never feed him chicken sandwiches again.
211 KylerThatch3rd Mar 2012 12:55:24 AM , Relationship Status: Don't hug me; I'm scared
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Wait, who?

Oh, right, "You" is her name. Dang, that's always confusing.
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Sad.... :(
[up]x4 I think his situation isn't that hopeless.

He hooks up with either elder!You or Sora(cant remember which one) in one of the Drama C Ds.

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All material associated with Ever17 apparently sucks and makes no sense, so I am prepared to ignore the existence of the drama CDs.
215 muninn3rd Mar 2012 09:16:53 AM from Somewhere, out there...
'M not Crazy, just Raven
^^If I recall, he ends up with Sora.
You know, that's kind of insulting. "Well, damn, I couldn't get Takeshi, so let's go for the inferior Takeshi copy."
217 neobowman3rd Mar 2012 09:38:01 AM from Unidentified Proxy , Relationship Status: Tsundere'ing
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I honestly don't want to believe that happens. Ties up all the loose ends with in-story characters. Too neat. Why does everyone have to find their love in that incident?
Sad.... :(
[up] Well to be honest it kinda DID completely shape the life of all involved. Especially for Kaburaki who was once in that situation and then spent 17 years preparing to relive the same situation again.
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219 muninn4th Mar 2012 05:49:14 AM from Somewhere, out there...
'M not Crazy, just Raven
^^^Sora knew Kaburaki for seventeen years before he became "the inferior Takeshi copy"
220 Clarste5th Mar 2012 03:28:45 AM , Relationship Status: Non-Canon
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Does Sora have any memories of the period of time between the two events? Actually, I'm pretty sure the original one died and then a new one was born who had no idea what was going on. Well, and then they had a little teaser of the possibility that she might remember her feelings from 17 years ago. Either way, she either interacted with Kaburaki not at all until the 2nd event or for a few days 17 years ago. And of course there's no implication that Kaburaki spent his time in 2034 wooing her.

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221 muninn5th Mar 2012 05:24:36 AM from Somewhere, out there...
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There are actually two Soras in 2034: The one in LeMu that Kid interacts with during the majority of his route was a different one with no memories of the original incident, while the one encountered outside of LeMu at the end of You and Coco's paths has the memories from 2017, preserved via terabyte disc. That is the one Kaburaki ends up with.
222 Clarste5th Mar 2012 06:59:03 AM , Relationship Status: Non-Canon
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But the Terabyte disc was on the bottom of the ocean, wasn't it? It's not like they recovered it after the original disaster, was it? So then her memories would simply be of knowing young Kaburaki for a few days. Given that he's now 17 years older and a completely different person doesn't that make it even worse?

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The terabyte disc was in the same place as popsiscle Coco, as I recall. Either that or it was with Tsugumi.
I believe in the canon timeline, Pipi swam to the ocean floor and grabbed the disk. When the inactive Pipi was discovered, the disk was retrieved.
Sorry to bring up an old thread but I just had to ask about a few things.

The entire kick the can set of scenes had things I couldn't answer after finishing the game fully.

1. in 2017, during the kick the can game, Takeshi sees real "kid" running towards him to tag him out, but Takeshi still hears Kid's voice counting to about 69 or something. Kid doesn't notice it. Who's the person still counting with Kid's voice? there's no way its a 30 sec delay from the echo.

2. in 2034, during the kick the can game, Hokuto is running away from fake Takeshi (aka real kid, forgot name), goes into the main plaza where the pond and statues are and sees Takeshi, so he turns around to run back out of the plaza only to end up being caught by Takeshi. Sara then asks something like "why did we turn back around this way? we could have gotten away" as if to say she didn't see this phantom Takeshi in the main plaza. She has just as good of night vision so sight shouldn't be the reason she said that.

3. who kicked the cans in both 2017 and 2034? I know this question has been asked on this thread and was answered with "a wizard did it" but is it really just that? I'm pretty sure at some point that Hokuto in 2034 saw water ripples and traced them to Co Co, as if she can physicaly interact with her surroundings so long as BW is present, but that obviously doesn't resolve the 2017 case where phantom Coco isn't there to play that trick. It very well could just be something thrown in to the story to make you think that coco and sara are some how connected as ghosts. That's the conclusion I first made when I saw the scenes for the first time at least. That deduction was obviously dis-proven soon after.

4. Sora/Tsugumi Epilogue confuses the HELL out of me. I know the translation something like it continues in 2034, but what does that mean? why does it show the 2034 scene of Co Co going through Himmel door? I thought that the reason she ran and showed Hokuto that was an attempt to hint that there was something special at IBF past Himmel, but I don't see the connection with the sora/tsugumi paths, and why it would show it after you completed the game. and the baby crying as well, I have nooo idea what that represents.

I initially thought that the "Infinity Loop" was everyone repeating the 7 days trapped over and over again, and as the player, your mission was to get them out of this Infinite Loop. I believe that I was partly right in that you repeat the 7 days in 2017 and 2034 in separate time lines over and over again while BW and Coco are conscious throughout them all. I think the "800 year old nun" story represents Coco who waits several years for her boyfriend (BW) to come back. In other words, you (BW) repeat the 7 days in 2017 and 2034 a nearly an infinite amount of times until all the stars aline and you save Coco, so she basically was conscious of those nearly infinite amount of attempts to save her, hince why the "I waited" line was used so much in the story. Oh I just thought of this while typing.. the Epilogue of Sora/Tsugumi represents that another BW comes in to existence to continue the infinite loop of those set timelines in 2017 and 2034. This makes sense because of the fact that the epilogue is only watchable AFTER you see the True ending, the baby crying representing the birth of another BW, and Coco going through Himmel to emphasise that another Coco in another timeline is still trapped in IBF and needs saving. Also, the infinite loop wouldn't really be infinite if it stopped at any point.

Now I'm frustrated that the whole kick the can deal cant be solved at all. It would be different if only BW heard it but if everyone heard it then it defiantly actually happened.

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