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Since we don't appear to have a page for this one and the second season is here. Five post spoiler policy and if it comes up try to spoiler stuff from books that have not been animated yet. And definitely the ones that haven't been translated either.

Railgun stuff as well.
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The first season… it had some good things, but it also had some bad things. In particular, I didn't like the way they kept tossing the Conflict Ball around, or the way the title character went Out of Focus after the first two arcs or so. That said, the good things about it outweigh the bad, in my opinion.

Railgun had good things and bad things as well, but I kind of felt the bad outweighed the good there.
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Index kinda annoys me with her clinginess. I'm supposed to laugh at the bad things she does to Touma but I just feel pity. I should like Railgun more because of this, but as soon as the Telestina part of the show started I... it just... This looks like a job for Saten-san!

Also, that guy was voiced by Kotomine wasn't he?

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I didn't like how Toma pretty much coasted through the plot and had no motivations beyond your cookie-cutter self-righteous shonen crap. I mean, he did have a few cool moments when he actually took charge of things, but for the most part he just felt sort of there. But from what I hear, the early material wasn't that great to begin with and later volumes improve, so I'm hoping the second season is better than the first. It's going to be a little weird hearing Atsushi Abe in both Bakuman and Index this season.

Railgun was all right, largely because I find the science stuff easier to identify with being a fan of sci-fi. Filler bogged down the second half. blah blah blah, but I guess that was unavoidable given the manga.
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To be fair, they do lampshade that he tends to get involved in stuff without having an actual agenda, or even clue.
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I found Touma to be at his best in the second arc, where he spends to entire time trying to cover for himself so nobody will find out he lost his memories, and in the Angel Fall arc, where he actually has a personal stake in the problem. He was definitely at his worst in the first arc, where all of the aforementioned complaints against him are entirely accurate.
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I liked Angel Fall. Anyway, as the thing with the Aztec guy and Sherry Cromwell show a lot of the time it's people interfering with him because of his important positioning and ties.
Angel Fall was pretty entertaining, even if the whole confrontation with the angel was Greek to me. Toma's resigned/befuddled attitude was pretty fun there.

Heh, Accelerator looks hilarious in the new opening. That Slasher Smile is pure Nightmare Retardant.
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Well, I just watched the first episode of the second season, and, Y'know that Conflict Ball thing I mentioned earlier? Yeah, they did it again.

If the bad guy had simply walked up a politely explained what he wanted instead of going into combat mode right away, the plot would've been resolved in five minutes. I mean, breaking a curse is just about the most benign thing you could possibly want Index for, so why did he feel the need to act hostile towards them?

I've also always liked the way Tsuchimikado  * is a recursive mole and everybody knows it. Normally, that kind of character is annoying because of how they keep flip-flopping, but he's acceptable because of how they don't try to make a plot twist every time he changes side.
"Canada Day is over, and now begins the endless dark of the Canada Night."
I have no idea who that guy is, personally. I'm assuming he was just invented for the first season of the anime. You know, in case we forgot what Touma's power is or something.
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^ I haven't seen the episode in question yet, but the plot sounds similar to an Index manga chapter I read at one point a while back.
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It... might be from one of the short story volumes, but it doesn't really have anything to do with the stuff that was going on after the credits.
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This episode was just a reintroduction of the premise. I don't think there's anything worth noting about it.
^^ From what I've heard this episode covered material that was originally included in the first few novels but was omitted from the first season.
^^ But if that guy was voiced by Joji Nakata, I must ask you WHYYYYY?! Why was his voice not given to someone more important?!
16 Clarste8th Oct 2010 06:28:53 PM , Relationship Status: Non-Canon
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I'd rather have Nakata voice a minor character that never appears again than have him voice someone inappropriate and be forced to listen to him forever. While he's got an interesting voice that really fits certain characters, I'm not sure Index is a series that can properly make use of him. From the way its been written so far anyway.
He could be that one doctor from the... 13th? novel. Or one of several other people.
Here's hoping they do away with all the mid fight exposition in this season, it got incredibly ridiculous in the first.
Urgh. Index is somehow more annoying than I remembered her being.
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Haven't quite yet finished season one (off by maybe six episodes). Gonna watch this as soon as I'm done and pray to god that Index hasn't actually gotten more annoying.
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What's with all the fanservice this episode? The previous series were pretty restrained when it came to ecchi.
The novels were like that too. Anieze does a whole lot of weird stuff in a short period of time.
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Wait, where are you guys watching the new episode? The stupid site I'm using still only have one episode.
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Where i watch, since it's fairly quick getting subs and reliable.

Honestly, the only reason i'm really watching this still is because there's the possibility of more Kuroko goodness. I really think it should have used a Crystal Dragon Jesus in place of actual religions though, because it's kind of cringe-worthy when you see how much of it is... badly butchered. I have nothing against negative protrayals, but at least be accurate.

I mean, it's less church, more magical mafia.

On the other hand, Touma seems to have fixed his overactive mouth between the seasons, hopefully it lasts.
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Well if it's too accurate then it'll be boring. In fact, Crystal Dragon Jesus as a trope often kinda gets on my nerves. Why not use actual religion? It looks like a coward's way out unless theres a really good excuse for it. Worse, it's almost never an actual Crsytal Dragon, else that woulda been kinda cool...

Besides, Index is a nun, what other religion could she possibly be in? I'm just glad Touma and Index is getting more screen time now. The reason why I didn't like Railgun as much as Index was because of the lack of those characters.

I wanna watch an anime that eventually uses the Salem Witch trials as a plot device though.
And the site I use to watch anime is airing it now...mines is just...slow.

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