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Like many people, I loathe Jack Chick, and his tracts as well. However, recently, I began to think that Jack Chick is in fact, the unintentional creator of a Crapsack World. Let me elaborate: somewhere in the Whole Sort of General Mish Mash, there exists a universe which is exactly like how Mr. Chick describes. And I am convinced (as I stated above) that Jack Chick's universe is utterly irredeemable. As the main theme in Jack Chick's tracts is religion, I shall explain how the Religious people are like:

  • Atheists (flavour 1): Fanatics. Imagine Richard Dawkins, and then crank him Up to Eleven (or 11^11, if you wish). Atheists in this universe seem to go berserk at the very mention of Christianity (see 'Big Daddy?'', 'Apes, Lies and Ms. Henn', and 'Moving on Up'). Christianity is their Berserk Button if you wish. In addition, they seem to worship the very concept of Science and Evolution as if it is their God. In addition, it seems that the actual Theory of Evolution seems to have been lost*, as the To E that these caricatures of Atheists seem to preach is a distorted parody of it. It is possible that in this Universe, major evolutionary biologists who helped in the understanding of Evolution (like Richard Dawkins) never existed, or the Theory of Evolution was discovered by somebody else, and it and the evidence for Evolution was only circulated by word of mouth and only published later.

  • Atheists (flavour 2): Atheists of version 2 seem to be wholly ignorant of the very concept of religion, or at least of Christianity†. They are completely happy to become Christians even if the phrase "Jesus died for your sins" is uttered by anyone in their vicinity. However, that is an oversimplification: in many of the tracts that I read, Flavour 2 Atheists hear the basic tenets of Christianity and convert on the spot (Easy Evangelism), or they become Flavour 1 Atheists and refuse to have anything with Christianity and are then sent to Hell when they die. Although the majority of the 'action' takes place in America, it seems that this is not the United States as we know it: it appears that aggressive campaigning by the Flavour 1 Atheists seemed to have widely eradicated Religion in what appears to be the United States, to the point that declaring yourself a Christian is socially unacceptable. As this is a forum for speculation, I speculate that this is because the American Founding Fathers, who were already somewhat hostile to Christianity, decided to found a state dedicated to the Revolutionary concepts of Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité, perhaps suggesting that either the American Revolution failed, as well as the French Revolution, and the majority of the militant secularists fled to America after the revolution, and restarted a second American Revolution, which was successful. This is entirely possible, as it seems that the past of Jack Chick's universe is, to my understanding, widely unelaborated upon.

  • Buddhists: To my knowledge, Buddhism is widely ignored in Chick's works, only getting 1 full tract: the Tycoon. However, this tract gives an insight to Buddhism in this twisted parallel universe:
    • Buddhists here seem to worship the Buddha
    • This form of Buddhism appears to be mainly focused on Reincarnation, with no mention of the Eightfold Path. Take for example the titular Tycoon in 'The Tycoon'. One of his colleagues notes that he is not good that he will probably be reincarnated as a ruler of a nation; no mention of Nirvana. This is bizzare, as to my understanding of Buddhism, following the Eightfold Path to Enlightenment is crucial, as it breaks the eternal cycle of Reincarnation, and enters Nirvana, eternal Peace and Happiness.
    • Buddhists here seem to be happy to make fun of Christians just like any other non-Christian Group.
    • Buddhists here seem to pray to Buddha as a god (see point 1). This is peculiar, as Buddha himself seemed to have not to have believed in supernatural entities (i.e. he appeared to have been an Atheist).
Interestingly enough, there seems to be something like a real-life analogue to Jack's Buddhism, called Pure Land Buddhism: In Pure Land Buddhism, the basic doctorine is that the world has become so Crapack that the only way to attain Nirvana is to pray to Amitabha Buddha. However, Pure Land Buddhism is largely confined to Japan (though it was popular in China for a while), with some sects appearing in Korea, China and Vietnam. However, as Jack Chick's universe is parallel to ours, it is possible that some "Evangelist" in World War II period began preaching the word to the occupied peoples of China and Korea. But wait: the angel that comes to collect the tycoon says "Siddhārtha Gautama...was born in 563 B.C." Pure Land Buddhism is concerned with the veneration of Amitabha Buddha, not Gautama Buddha. There appears to be a contradiction here. However, it is possible that in the universe of Jack Chick, the Pure Land Buddhists gained more influence in Japan (and thus the "Evangelist" must have been from this influential group). In addition, for some reason or other, the Atomic Bomb must have been delayed, or Japan was defeated much later, perhaps even into the 50s, long enough for there to be a mixing between the Pure Land Mahayana Buddhists of Vietnam, and the other, vanilla Mahayana Buddhists of Japan that arne't Pure Land Buddhists (e.g. Zen Buddhists). Perhaps the Vietnam War began as a rebellion against Japan instead of France?
  • Catholics: This is a very heavy subject, so I shall break this up into sub-sections:
    • The Papacy: Clearly, the Papacy appears to have far more power in this universe then in our universe, even going back as far back to the Byzantine Empire days: during the 7th Century, agents of the Pope managed to manipulate a typical Arab camel merchant. His name: Muhammed. Why did they do this? It's simple: the Popes of this universe seemed to have wanted to rule from Jerusalem instead of Rome; using the Arab Muslims as mercenaries to take Jerusalem. However, things went astray, and apparently, Muhammed declared the One True God to be the tribal idol of his tribe. Obviously, the papal Batman Gambit failed, and the Caliphate was established. However, it seems that that was their only failure: the Papacy, and the Society of Jesus (AKA the Jesuits) managed to start:
      • Communism, apparently to start a rebellion in Russia to bring them [the Russians] back to Catholicism. Never mind that Germany was the place where Communism started.
      • The American Civil War. As the 'ancestors' of the Flavour 1 Atheists are presumably the French/American Revolutionaries, it is possible that the USA was largely secularized by this point, with the presumable exception of the American South. Now, it is possible that the Papal agents in the Southern United States managed to start a rebellion upon the election of President Lincoln, and that started the American Civil War. Presumably, had the South won, they would have taken over the USA, turned the South into Catholics, and de-secularised America by way of Catholicism. Now, as this Xanatos Gambit (Roulette?) failed, they simply took out Lincoln.
      • The entire Twentieth Century from 1914 onwards appears to be the result of an extremely elaborate Xanatos Roulette.

  • Moving on Up!, Bid Daddy?
†The Little Bride?

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Better yet: He's from that world.
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So are you taking his other, non-tract (but still evangelical) comics into account? If you aren't, then you should know that in Chick's world, the Catholic Church's plan is even MORE elaborate, convoluted, and ancient than that, going all the way back to the time of Babylon, circa 2000 BC, and having everything go its way until the Reformation. But anyway, this analysis makes a frightening amount of sense.

  • See, the Alberto series by Jack Chick.
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One of the more recent tracts featured a girl who claimed to have gone to Sunday School but had never heard of Jesus. Buh-wah?
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