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Some artists are kind enough to make their music available for free on the internet. This is a thread for giving them some love.

To kick things off, Ketai Kiriyama is a Japanese guy whose techno songs have been kicking my butt for the last few weeks. I guess some of them are Megaman remixes, too. I found him via a link from Studio Pixel's webpage, because apparently he uses one of Pixel's music editors to help create these songs.
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Finnish Death Metal, hard to properly describe.

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3 SpainSun24th Oct 2010 08:29:50 PM from Somewhere Beyond Here
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Illegal Art's website let's you pay $0.00 for their musical products.
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4 Tzetze24th Oct 2010 08:32:18 PM from a converted church in Venice, Italy
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The Butcher's Ballroom by the Diablo Swing Orchestra is available for free download off Jamendo, which is pretty awesome.

Actually, Jamendo itself is worth checking out if you aren't aware of it. As are ccMixter and OverClocked ReMix. The latter is technically illegal, but no more so than fanfiction.

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Well, I didn't want to mention Xera for fear of sounding like a broken record. I really ought to make a page for them on the wiki, but I can only think of about three relevant tropes.

And speaking of FMA, Jamendo also has a mind-boggling assortment of free stuff. Sturgeon's Law applies, of course.


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Probably well known at this point but Machinae Supremacy has a lot of free tracks.
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Serj Tankian offered up a free track from his new album recently. It's in Armenian though.
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9 Saeglopur25th Oct 2010 05:08:23 AM from Various places in the UK
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The Cast Of Cheers - Chariot. Awesome Math-Rock/Post-Hardcore band. Ignore the 'Buy Now - $5'. Even though bandcamp have changed their rules about free downloads, The Cast Of Cheers want to keep it free, so they've put a rapidshare link right there on the page.

...And The Earth Swarmed With Them - The Fading Voice Of The Old Era Speaks To Us, But Where Are The Ears Left To Hear It?. 4-track Post-Rock/Ambient/Drone-ish EP. Also happens to have some truly beautiful artwork.
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If you're interested in live recordings, lots of bands have given permission to have their stuff up on's live music archive. That's a long list, but you'll probably find some act you're interested in there.

Some other free stuff:

Twizzle - Soda Fountain. Jazzy trip-hop with female vocals.

Edith Frost - Demos. Alt-country/singer songwriter. Despite being, well, a bunch of demos, it's still a good entry point for the rest of her music.

TAS 1000 - A Message For Marta. Basically an album of addictive little stupid statement dance mixes of messages from a found answering machine tape. Better than it sounds, really. Here's a sample.

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11 yukijin25th Oct 2010 10:39:14 AM from behind the scenes
Free music ruined my life. Well not really, but I can barely remember life without music blogs regularly hooking me up with allsorts.

Inlets- Vestibule EP - I could go on about the intricacies of Sebastien Kreuger's arrangements in his solo work and so on, but when he gives away his music like that, I probably don't need to.

Then if you like that, you might like John Vanderslice- Green Grow The Rushes (direct link, that one)

Sleepy Vikings- Ghost EP. There's supposed to be another track called Corson Park on that which the band have also given away, you can find it through hypem. Course, I want them to get successful enough to tour europe, so the free music is a double edged sword in this instance.

I'll stop there... for now out to lunch.
OC Remix is technically illegal? o_o
13 Tzetze25th Oct 2010 01:59:12 PM from a converted church in Venice, Italy
They're explicitly reusing music, yes. Generally speaking nobody cares, though, any more than they do about fanfiction.
Cloudkicker is a great instrumental progressive/math metal solo project.

Fresh Body Shop is very well known on Jamendo, but I'm going to recommend him anyway. It's indie rock with bits and pieces of industrial and pop. I love Tasteless.

There's a blog that focuses on Creative Commons-licensed free music called Catching the Waves. I didn't actually listen to the stuff he recommends for a very long time, but I really liked it when I did. The reviews themselves are also pretty fun to read.

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15 Zeether25th Oct 2010 03:40:28 PM from Mahora (I wish)
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Machinae Supremacy has legal downloads of their music on their site.
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Esem - Scateren.

Mellow electronica. It's basically amazing. The site it's available from, Kahvi Collective, is a netlabel that offers a whole ton of free electronic music, and although Sturgeon's Law is applicable, they still have a decent selection of good stuff.
Entertainment For The Braindead is Julia Kotowski, a lo-fi folk musician from Germany. All her albums are under a Creative Commons license. My favorites are Roadkill (where she gets an entire band's worth of sound out of one banjo) and Hydrophobia.

ö 3 3 by La Tarrancha is ska-folk, and probably my second-favorite ska album ever.
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maudlin of the Well's album ''Part The Second". Not only free, but a progressive/avant-garde metal classic.
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Thanks for the Jamendo recommendation. I got the latest album by Italian progressive rock band Alma sideris: Castelli in aria. I’d recommend it if you like that stuff, it’s a lot better than I was expecting!
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Catching The Waves
@Litis - Thank you very much for recommending Catching The Waves. I'm glad you persevered and eventually found joy in my free music recommendations and my ghastly prose. smile Sturgeon's Law is definitely relevant to the search for good free albums.

This thread is full of interesting tips - I'll definitely investigate some of these albums. I'd echo the recommendations for Jamendo simply because it hosts so much music in one place. Incidentally, if any of you are curious to explore the free Creative Commons/netlabel music world, there are a few links on CTW's sidebar which will cause you to experience a 2001: A Space Odyssey moment: "My God, it's full of netlabels..." tongue

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Nanocyborg Uberholocaust and Bull of Heaven. Both bands are consisted of 99% Epic Rocking and 1% actual song.
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Thanks for the maudlin of the Well link, Necky  *, I enjoyed the album. You were the one to post them in the rate the band above you thread, yes?
First off, NPR, of course.

Daytrotter Sessions are similar to NPR's desk concerts. Warning, you need to sign up.

Wolfgang's Vault has some free concerts. Again, you have to sign up.

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Pogo. Plenty of people know about the Alice in Wonderland video, how many have checked out his other stuff?
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How could I have forgotten Обійми Дощу (Obiimi Doshchu, in English: Rain’s Embrace) and their album Elegia? One of my favourites of 2009 and the whole album is available for free download from their own website. Sort of a mix of King Crimson and chamber music/string quartet stuff with a melancholic Slavic air (they’re from Ukraine).
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