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Gelzo is heir to Zudak's throne:

SHIKI is dead.
 3 Pacific, Thu, 29th Apr '10 1:47:41 AM from da beach house
Oh Yeah?
You can't replace Zudak.

We... Fear change.

Well, there IS another option.

But then I'd get murderously jealous.
 5 Scholastica, Thu, 29th Apr '10 9:31:51 PM from The Golden State
Many Faces
Should I expect Gelzo to jump on me from now on?
The flowershop gig wasn't enough to pay for my videogames.
Zudak has a throne? Always figured it was a banana-seat.
"I have run 10 miles a day, every day, for 18 years. That's 65,000 miles. A third of the way to the moon. My goal is to run to the moon."
 7 Scholastica, Thu, 29th Apr '10 9:46:20 PM from The Golden State
Many Faces
Zudak is king and Zephid is his jester.wild mass guess
The flowershop gig wasn't enough to pay for my videogames.
Gerald Zosewater
What the...

I have no idea what this is about.

But hey! People are talking about me!
Ruining everything forever.
 9 Fawriel, Fri, 30th Apr '10 11:20:51 AM from the bottom of my heart Relationship Status: If it's you, it's okay
Zudak can not be replaced except by Zudak.
 10 Scholastica, Fri, 30th Apr '10 2:11:04 PM from The Golden State
Many Faces
Only Our Zudaks Are Zudak.
The flowershop gig wasn't enough to pay for my videogames.
It is complete. Gelzo, the heir apparent, has already been Crowned King of that which once Zudak was king of.
  1. Never be without a Hat!

Hot means heat. I don't care if your usage dates to 1300, it's my word, not yours.

My Pm box is open.
Hold on.

How so?
act a fool | I love you, Central Avenue.
 13 Hungry Joe, Sat, 4th Dec '10 9:28:35 AM from Under the Tree
It will be a fundamentally different rule, but still exciting. THE ZUDAK IS DEAD! LONG LIVE THE ZUDAK!
Charlie Tunoku is a lover and a fighter.
The system doesn't know you right now, so no post button for you.
You need to Get Known to get one of those.
Total posts: 13

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