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Left Eye
For America maybe.

Knew about this game months ago though.

Pretty cool.
Can't... look at... game sites... while at work... someone... tell me... about... new SMT game... also... get me... a beer!
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Why does he look like a power ranger? Or Sentai if you want to be pedantic about it.

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I've got Sunshine!
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Warden of Knowledge
This game is classic SMT, which cant be bad at all!
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Rune Knight
The game's already out in US! Any Tropers that also have the game? Don't forget to add to its page, Strange Journey.

Holy crap, it's awesome.
Left Eye
Yeah, and I already got a Jack Frost.

Can't wait to find the rest of the Jack family.
Rune Knight
Bwahaahahahaha! I fused myself a Black Frost!
As a longtime Atlus and SMT (Have played Nocturne, Persona 1,3 and 4, both Devil Summoners and Etrian Odyssey) fan, of course I got it, and I am LOVING it so far.

The characters and personalities are pretty good, the plot and writing seems solid so far, and the graphics are top notch, especially in battle.
Rune Knight
Really love the demons' designs in the game, especialy for the new ones. First time I saw Persephone's sprite, I went 'AWESOME!'
Started a section for this game in the character sheet. Help appreciated. =D
Rune Knight
Shouldn't Strange Journey grouped with the main SMT games, since it use the SMT label?

Meanwhile, my MC, Grey Whitson, ends up Lawful due to not knowing enough about the early alignment choices. My impressions of him was a fairly lawful guy who occasionally have neutral tendencies outside of work.
Left Eye
The mall, I want to explore everything.surprised
Left Eye
Added Zelenin to the character page, now I'm off to find character pictures.
So yesterday I cleared Antilia and decided to take on the optional boss Lamia.

Bad, bad idea. D=
Left Eye
Lamia? I missed that, maybe I should go back to Antilia.

On another note: Why is it so hard to find decent character art of Gore?

Might just be that my google-fu needs improvement.

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Rune Knight
I don't remember encountering Lamia, though there is an Ex-Mission where you can take on a Vivian at the ship crash site.

Forced me to forget it and come back later when I have better demons and stats and ARMOUR.

Meanwhile, I got two awesome Jacks. Black Frost and the dark hee-ro of truth and justice, the FROST ACE!
Well, after you unlock Bootes, if you go back to floor 1F of Antlia, you'll find a Riot Police who wants you to help his team resecure the Blue Jet, and Lamia is the boss of that EX-mission.

She is difficult to beat at that level.
Rune Knight
Wait, the Blue Jet crash site? Isn't the boss fight against a Vivian? Let me check the SMTSJ wiki...

Oh, it's not a Vivian, but a Lorelei. Give us a Fairy Harp as a reward.

EDIT: Once my younger sis is done with Spores DS, I might recheck in the game.

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Left Eye
If you don't mind quest spoilers, Lorelei is weak to fire.
Rune Knight
@ Some New Guy: Of course she's a bit hard. Her levels is around 30 and you're tackling her at, what, 18+ levels, even with targetting her weaknesses, the stat difference means her magic strength is hurting your badly.

Oh and by the way, my MC is using Luck Support. Due to percentage based RNG, ends up with luck being my best stats (yay, item drops and crits!) and Vit being my lowest.

EDIT: Teleportation tiles while doing a forma search mission needs to DIE IN UNHOLY HELL. GAAAH.

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So far at the 4th sector. I have Kin-Ki, Fuu-ki, and Clotho, MC is level 37 or so. All I need is to fuse Fuu-ki with Prime Gnome to get Sui-ki and I will be able to complete the set needed for Ongyo-ki. (I played Nocturne, I know that the three onis are needed for Ongyo-ki)

Level grinding is somewhat easier when you have a machine gun and high defense, you can just use the MC only, 4x the exp. Only problem is the instant death spells and I do not want to compromise defense for death protection as the demons would maul me alive.

I already know what Louisa Ferrea's true identity is as if it was not obvious already

Still this game is much more tolerable than the previous installments aside from Nocturne, the surroundings are not as dull as the SNES version. Plus most of the dungeons and parts have Ominous Latin Chanting
Rune Knight
Up to level 42 and due to frustrated wondering around at Sector E, I don't really need to grind for my demon's Sources unless I fused new ones, and trying to figure out what to do.

I got the demons required for a King Frost fusion. That is, if I can bear the expenses of resummoning Black Frost and Frost Ace after fusing them away.

Did I mention that teleportation tiles need to die? 'Cuz it bears repeating. D8< *goes to SMTSJ wiki for directions*
I got Divine Dominion, he has Megido, and Axel Claw in addition to Mana Drain. So pretty much he can keep refilling MP while spamming Megido/Axel Claw. He is definitely staying with me until I get something better. I am stuck on Sector E though like others with the teleporter puzzle. I did get two of the three required forma though, so that's a plus. I also have 100K in Macca, which is useful for summoning Gnome/Undine to upgrade demon ranks.

Be thankful that they did not pull a Shin Megami Tensei If... styled dungeon on you. That would want to make you throw your DS across the room

Now I have all 3 Onis, the downside, I need to be level 60+ to get Ongyo-ki, I also have a Dominion Source (Void Expel) which Ongyo-ki needs.

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