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Misused: Country Matters
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Misused: Country Matters get usage counts

 26 Willbyr, Sat, 10th May '14 1:20:41 PM from North Little Rock, AR Relationship Status: Pining for the fjords
[up] Ah, no, not unless it's going to be a very specific subtrope, and even then I think that's stretching things a bit far.
[up]Why? If the idea behind the trope is that "cunt" is much nastier word in the United States than it is elsewhere in the Anglosphere, then we already have both the Useful Notes page I linked above and the trope page Separated by a Common Language. What about "cunt" merits its own page?

 28 Willbyr, Tue, 10th Jun '14 5:59:43 AM from North Little Rock, AR Relationship Status: Pining for the fjords
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Clock is set.
I feel like Seven Dirty Words covers this pretty well.

Although with a name like Country Matters I would have figured it was about particularly round-about ways to refer to an extra naughty word, with 'tee-hee bad word' being the sole punchline. Like Getting Crap Past The Censors, but, like, the censors know about the joke it is just allowed because you are not saying the word outright.

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