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The Egg-Man
I've actually been looking for a trope that fits the description of World of Weirdness and only when looking at the laconic did I realize that it was the trope I was looking for. However, by the description in the article, and the majority of the examples, the trope is really just treated as Fantasy Kitchen Sink meets Like Reality Unless Noted. I'd like the chance to reqork the description to make it clearer, and cut the examples that don't match.
2 SeptimusHeap27th Dec 2013 11:18:50 AM from Laniakea , Relationship Status: Mu
Fixed the tag.

We had a prolonged discussion on the definition here, for the record.
The Egg-Man
Looking at the discussion, it's right on the money; this is the trope I was looking for. Still, the examples in the article don't quite match up (a lot of them are Zero Context Examples, or only list the various different fantasy elements in the series, describing it as one would a Fantasy Kitchen Sink.

The description is basically on point, except for this part:

"Distinguished from superhero comic book settings in that in comics, the unusual is used as a plot device ("This guy comes from space, and that's why he has powers!"), whereas World Of Weirdness uses it as a plot enabler ("What if they all go into space, where binocular vision is considered a superpower?")."

That seems more like Speculative Fiction. A better example would be "This guy came from space on his vacation, and all he got be was this stupid T-shirt."

So it might just be some tweaking of certain lines in the description, but the examples definitely need some going over.

EDIT: I changed that particular line, and am going to weed through the examples now, but I do think any series that utilizes The Masquerade should be excluded from this trope purely based on that.

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The Egg-Man
Another issue I've been having is that this trope is very similar to Mundane Fantastic? Their Laconic entries describe the same trope but with a slightly different focus (Mundane Fantastic is "lots of fantasy elements are treated as normal", while World of Weirdness is more "look at all these fantasy elements that are treated as normal"). Do we need both? Should one description be modified, or should the two just be merged?
5 Noaqiyeum22nd Jan 2014 09:59:48 AM from the October Country , Relationship Status: Showing feelings of an almost human nature
The it-thingy
This is exactly what I said would happen when the trope was renamed. :P

Mundane Fantastic is... I guess you could call it a much quieter version of World of Weirdness, but even that's misleading. Strange things happen unobtrusively and normality quietly forgets about them.
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