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Could we just... not have Death anymore?
Overlap with You Are Already Dead. I checked first with Trope Talk, but no significant difference was found. http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/posts.php?discussion=13795578290A80907500&page=1

There was a proposal to solve Missing Supertrope Syndrome by making it cover all dramatic pause type tropes.

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Yeah, Delayed Causality makes sense as a Super Trope because it can encompass other things like the Single-Stroke Battle (fighters charge, slash ... dramatic pause ... one of them keels over, dead).
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No, the other one.
I support a merge. I don't see a significant difference.

As for a Super Trope, as I mentioned in the other thread, something like Delayed Effect would also fit above Delayed Explosion, Delayed Ripple Effect, and maybe a few more. And whatever happens after a Beat Panel.

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Agree with a merge. In which direction?
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I agree as well. Since we generally avoid line-of-dialog trope names, I suggest using Delayed Causality as the combined trope.
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Yeah, You Are Already Dead is a horrible name.
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Name a trope where somebody dies DelayedCausality?

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Yeah, Delayed Casualty is better there. I knew that there was something wrong with the other name.
I think "casuality" is correct. The sequence to the next event is delayed. The trope is not necessarily about death, so there is no Death Tropes bar in the bottom.
Could we just... not have Death anymore?
It looks like the consensus we're building towards is to (1) Rename YAAD, (2) merge DC examples that involve dead characters into YAAD, and to (3) create a supertrope for Tropes using Cause-pause-Effect.

The first action is technically outside of this thread's bailiwick, unless we vote to take care of Delayed Causality and then change the thread topic to You Are Already Dead.

We could take care of all three by merging DC with YAAD, keeping DC, and creating a new trope with a new name. I argue against this because DC does not indicate anything about killing anyone.
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Anyway, I think Delayed Causality should be redirected to the Super Trope.
Could we just... not have Death anymore?
Are we at the crowner stage, or are there more options to toss around?
...If people are confused as to whether Delayed Causality is actually about causality or if someone misspelled "casualty", that's probably a sign that it's not a good name...
This is, like, the supertrope connecting You Are Already Dead and Gravity Is a Harsh Mistress, right?

Or is that just Dramatic Pause?

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Could we just... not have Death anymore?
No, Dramatic Pause is a separate trope entirely. The proposal is to turn this trope (Delayed Causality) into the supertrope of those two tropes (and more), yes.

Dramatic Pause isn't a subtrope because it involves one or more characters deliberately pausing between words. The proposed Missing Supertrope is any instance of a Cause and Effect relationship having a pause inserted into it. Dramatic Pause usually doesn't have Cause and Effect. It can be related, though.
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Clock is set.
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Clock's up; locking up.
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