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^ I'm pretty sure the person who mentioned "Name In The Manual" was thinking of the existing trope All There in the Script, not suggesting a new trope.
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Well, Forgettable Character has been launched and Forgettable Name is still in YKTTW. I'll try my best to index and cross wick the former but it's very tedious to edit with an iPad and I don't have access to any computers.sad

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Can I get some opinions on Forgettable Character and ForgettableName please? There has been concerns raised that they overlap each other so much that they aren't significantly distinct from each other(although they don't always overlap with each other). Honestly, I don't know if they should be merged or not...
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This page still needs to be turned into a disambig.
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Sort yourself out, bucko.
The disambiguation page has been made. I'll submit the Laconic subpage to the cutlist.
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The page type has been set to disambig per request.
Sort yourself out, bucko.
The wicks have all been corrected; this looks finished.

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All I ever wanted was to pick apart the day. Put the pieces back together my way.
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There is one YKTTW left, but given the duplication concerns (as well as the fact that TRS does not help a YKTTW), I'll close.
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What would be the best way to fix the page?
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