Shin Megami Tensei IV *SPOILERS ABOUND*:

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Except SMT has done that before. Majin Tensei II and NINE mainly.
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it would be cool if it was in a future game and there was neutral-light and dark and stuff too smile
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Ancient of Days fight.

Translated off of /smtg/:
  • Ancient of Days introduces himself as "I'm Part of God" (kami no ichibu), "I'm God's Avatar/proxy/agent" (daikousha).
  • Kiyoharu (Crazy Old Guy with scars and sharing Jonathan's VA) seems to speak with Ancient Day like it's God himself.
  • When Ancient Day is defeated, it's starts speaking in a robotic tone before breaking down.
  • After Ancient of Days is defeated, an unknown voice starts speaking from the sky, and gives an Arc to the survivors. Everyone thanks the "messiah" (the player) for saving them and giving them a future.
  • The White Man show up and expected that you'd be hopeless in that scenario, and would choose the path of nothingness and don't understand why it didn't happen.

Looks like YHVH has finally learned how to be a Manipulative Bastard.

Also the Izanami Fight.

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Ancient of Days probably is like Elohim, Sabaoth and El Shaddai in SMT II, Avatars of YHWH. It also shares the same clan as them (Godly/Shinrei).

EDIT: I also noticed that the background music is the remix of the Chaos OST Of SMT II before the battle with Ancient of Days in the desert. Coincidence?

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Not a coincidence. The whole point of Desert and Demon Tokyo was to show how despite making a "Law World" and a "Chaos World" people will yearn for the other alignment.

This is why Chaos music plays in Desert Tokyo at the end and Law music plays at the end in Demon Tokyo during the normal story and in the DL Cs.

Here's sanat-Kumara's battle. I'll post translated info once I learn more.

There's also this battle against Mother Harlot and Asherah. Ishtar is the female Gaian who sends you on the quest.

I've also learned the names of the mangas: Prayers (Jonathan and New Guy) and Demonic Gene (Walter and New Girl). Also there's some new stuff added to which has the voice actors talking.

Apparently twitter has revealed the next batch of DLC concerns quests given by "him".

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I'm noticing that the mangas are almost never brought up in any discussions about SMT 4 that I've seen. Though it could be just because they're not that well known.
Probably cause they haven't found any place to read it at or see the raws.

The Archangel DLC Boss theme is on youtube as well.

Also, the release date of the Final DLC is the eleventh.

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New SMT 4 Famitsu post.

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Yeah so "him" is Stephen and the ultimate boss is Masakado's final form.
...Why does Stephen want Masakado dead?

And yeah, this is another bonus boss that could potientually alter the story. I am pretty sure killing Masakado in his ultimate form (which is pretty kickass btw) will lock you out of the Neutral ending.
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From what I've heard the DLC doesn't affect the story. Although I still find what Mastema's doing having you kill the Archangels to be fishy. Especially since I don't know if it's the past or a alternate world.

Also, apparently its the players choice whether Gabriel is executed or not.
Ah, I see.

Still. Huh.
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Has anyone played this game yet? Is it good? Are both the characters and story flat like some of the reviews of the game have said?

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Sony fan here.
I am pretty sure it is not out in English yet? If it is, sorry for my ignorance.
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There's probably some advance copies floating around by now, but the street date isn't for another six days, so only a very few people have played it.
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why would you ever trust reviews nowadays tho surprised
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Pretty much all of the reviews I've seen so far today have been incredibly positive, and only one of them mentioned "flat" characters. All the others were to the contrary.
[up][up]Because reviews can be very helpful?
Uh the fundamental spirit of cooperation and unity that drives the human race is unconfirmed to be more efficient than random computer input
[up]yes but some can be silly too smile
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They are to be taken with a grain of salt and a careful eye, but reviews can be useful, depending on the source.
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The final DLC boss:

  • 破壊神 公の影 - His name is apparently different from Masakado.
  • Level 83 HP 651 MP 292
  • Absorb Phys and Gun, Null Hama and Mudo.
    • Skills:
    • 怨敵調伏 (80 MP, High Almighty Damage to all enemies)
    • Gun Pierce
    • Fire Absorb
    • Level 84 Ice Absorb
    • Level 85 Elec Absorb
    • Level 86 Force Absorb
    • Level 99 守護者の眼光 (255 MP, gives 3 extra turn icons)

  • Ingredients: Masakado, Oumitsunu, Amaterasu, Hachiman

I heard he might also resist almighty. Though whether that's as a usable demon or just as a boss is unknown.
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The last attack, maybe not, but if we know ingredients for fusing him...

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I sure said that!
I think someone posted a scan?

Someone uploaded "final Masakado" to the wiki.

Here You can see Masakado's head from his severed head appearance.
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Yeah, I figured that out slightly too late.

Geez, Maskado. You look like hell.
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He does seem to have that Fire and Brimstone Hell look to him. Who do you think designed him? I'm thinking Yasushi Nirasawa.

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