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Anyway, got it yesterday, love it, even if the rules seem a bit odd in places. Well, a place. Raw Combat when in White Room mode, which the developers actually have gone on to say is doing it wrong. Or at least, that's what one or two grognards scream constantly, taking up ninety percent of the thread they're on.

EDIT: Well, okay, there's the need for a convenient flowchart for the ephemera rules, but hey, it's there.

Love the setting even more. All hail Mecha-Yog-Sothoth, finally a Lovecraftian deity I like!

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Yet to check it out. How does it work exactly? Presumably just runs on the core rules?
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[up] No. Actually it comes packaged with what is essentially the nWoD Revised. Character creation is the same, as is the 10-Again rule and all its permutations, but that's about it. Even die modifiers are different-most come packaged with something called Conditions now, mechanical representations of the current state a character is in. Mainly it's single-use buffs and various debuffs that you cure through RP, assuming you don't milk them for the new Experience system, Beats.

EDIT: The system itself is free, though, the book is the thing that costs money.

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