Good ideas for a Survival Horror RPG:

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Gunpla is amazing!
It was a legitimately scary concept, not because it was from 4chan or whatever you mean to imply.


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That would be the best game ever.

...I wanna play that.
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In the Horror RPG I was thinking of, every time you level up one of your skill decreases and increases. And its mandatory to level up at certain points (you'll have to upgrade that pocket knife to cut through thicker materials) And the game would have free roam enabled where you could explore and do side quests.

Most of the enemies would be insane people, or mutated creatures that may or may not be figments of the protagonists degrading mind. Jump scares would be rare, and their would only be a suspenseful music to warn you of the enemy. And if you level up certain things, the game could get scarier.

Oh, and that Pressure game sounds cool. Know anywhere I could find? I looked it up and didn't find much.

Edit: ERRRG!!! I just read the last part and discovered its not real. Oh well, that was to be expected from such a site like 4Chan

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There are horror tabletop RPG's, so a videogame version should be possible.

For example, while not particularly frightening, Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodlines adapts the old World of Darkness and uses its rules. As such, you only get XP for completing quests and objectives, not from defeating enemies. A system like that would be perfect for a horror game since it would mean that there's only a finite amount of XP you can obtain, so the developers would easily be able to work around the issue of players becoming too powerful to feel threatened.
Did anyone play Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter?

To start off, there is are no white magic or trauma inns, just however many medkits you can afford to buy and keep in your limited inventory.

Enemies don't respawn, so XP is finite, save by using New Game+.

Then you link with a D-Construct and things get worse. Now you have a counter on-screen representing how fast the link is killing you. It rises slowly as you walk around and fight battles. You can access the boss-destroying dragon form as a free action in battle, but just transforming raises the counter 1%. Any attacks you make in battle raise the counter 1-2% per attack, and it raises by another 1% if you end turn in dragon mode. This counter can never be lowered, and once it hits 100%, the game is over.

The challenge becomes good management of medkits and haling items, and generally only use the dragon form in emergencies, because save points are rare, and require another limited quantity item to save.

I would definitely suggest playing it if you're a fan of the RPG and survival horror genres.
[up] I would be more forgiving of Dragon Quarter if it didn't also restrict *saves*. There is no excuse for a game to restrict saves. Ever.
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There is actually already a survival horror RPG for Famicom, called Sweet Home (I really wonder why nobody else mentioned it already). It's kind of like a proto-Resident Evil (it's even by Capcom) with the difference that it's actually scary.

It has Dragon Quest-like battles but without inns or such things, so it has the same resource management as "ordinary" survival horror games. Doesn't help that inventory space is severely limited (as in, everyone can only carry two non-weapon items). There aren't any decisions to make, but the story has to be cobbled together through fragments.

Overall, I thought it was pretty well done.
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Wasn't Sweet Home one of Resident Evil's original inspirations? I seem to recall Mikami mentioning it in regards to the original, ghost-focused concept.
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Well, it's pretty obvious that it was an influence.
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I actually got to play that game with my friend from Japan, and I must say that it lacks Resident Evil's signature cheesiness and that has a great concept.
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Yeah, Sweet Home is pretty good, though the two-item inventory was a little TOO limited. Still manageable, but just irritated me. Course, they probably did that 'cause they also had the replacement items for anyone you lost.

...Ironically, the limited HEALING didn't bother me as much. Guess that's another way to try and amplify the horror and difficulty for the player, though you'd probably want to tread carefully if you took that route.
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I dunno, anyone here played Rogue Survivor? And do you think it might fit or not?
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I doubt the guy who posted it would care (and even if he did, that's his fault for remaining unknown on 4Chan). So maybe somebody could put some effort into making a game like Slender, and then use the Pressure concept.
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