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1 Chariot16th Oct 2012 02:40:27 PM , Relationship Status: Hoping Senpai notices me
Just as the spell says.
Recently managed to catch the first episode of this. While the CGI * is a bit offputting the rest of the art is good. I admit the characters are a bit generic thus far but I still found it cute and fun enough.

What's it like?
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Just as the spell says.

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Looks very cute! I guess those cards change their appearances?
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5 Chariot17th Oct 2012 11:48:48 PM , Relationship Status: Hoping Senpai notices me
Just as the spell says.
Yes. The show is similar to Pretty Rhythm if you have seen that.
I haven't. if there isn't a trope page for this show/game maybe you could make one =3
The Protomen enhanced my life.
figured since i ended up liking AKB0048 far more than i thought i would, i'd give this show a shot. so far it remains interesting. the CGI concerts are a bit wierd. how in the hell has Ichigo remained so oblivious to the Idol world until her brother mentioned Mizuki?
So, after 16 episodes I still don't understand what is going on during these auditions and concerts. Are they actually performing or do they stay inside those things they walk into and it scans them and creates a CGI avatar with the outfit they chose and the avatar does the dancing and singing while they control its movements from inside the magic box?
[up]They are actually performing. The box is for changing their appearance and the CG concerts are just simply shown that way.
Episode 18: Seriously, Raichi, having a crush on Aoi is understandable, but dressing as a girl and sneaking into starlight academy just to see if she will give chocolate to you? *speechless*
After 20 episodes, I started wondering if the main cast holds each of key attributes to become a top idol:

Ichigo: Spirit

Aoi: Knowledge

Ran: Style

Otome: Activity

Yurika: Character

Mizuki is supposed to embody all of them, but the only thing I see in her is spirit and style. Perhaps it will get clearer after the remaining two characters are properly revealed.

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12 getchman3rd Mar 2013 09:23:19 AM from Cheshire, Ct
how many attributes are there?
14 getchman4th Mar 2013 07:01:25 AM from Cheshire, Ct
in which episode were the attributes discussed?
[up]The attribute thing is my personal analysis of the anime and not something that actually exists in the anime itself.

Episode 21: Yurika, being in-character is fine, but you went too far to the point of being the load of the group when the audition takes place. By the way, the similarities between Ichigo and Otome which were noted back when Otome was introduced now really makes sense.

I wondered if Raichi will gets some screentime with Aoi the next episode. That chocolate scene at the end of episode 18 is quite heartwarming, if a little bit awkward.

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16 Chariot7th Mar 2013 09:16:17 PM , Relationship Status: Hoping Senpai notices me
Just as the spell says.
So everyone got the Mastery of Acting last episode. What Masteries have been gotten so far?

[up]It's mastery of singing, appearance and acting. There are three more masteries to go. And I believe that wild mass guess the show will not end right at the moment all of the masteries are obtained and will only end a few more episodes after that.wild mass guess
still got 29 episodes to go, and now that it's being moved to a better time slot in the spring, it might go beyond that.
Episode 22: Best CG concert since the 9th episode. Raichi, you really shouldn't said that the question is yours (I wished I get to see Aoi's reaction to the thing), though as a kid you certainly has gut to give a white day gift and declare your feelings over the radio to her. I wonder if they make a good moe couplet.

This show is surprisingly deep compared to the likes of Chousoku Henkei Gyrozetter and Cross Fight B-Daman eS (Haven't watched Battle Spirits Sword Eyes yet), though these shows are certainly not shallow, especially when the Gyrozetters and B-damans are treated as partners with the dynamics played up. Too bad they are just dismissed as 30 minute commercials by most reviewers.

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Episode 23: "Someone who merely follows is eternally bound to become a disciple. A real master walks a way alone while leading others to do the same,". Ran, you should remember this at all times. I like how Yurika integrate her friendship towards the cast into her vampire persona. By the way, the next episode seems to be interesting.

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Episode 24: Certainly a breather episode, but their antics are quite enjoyable.

Looking forward for the next episode, considering that Ichigo's dad returned. On a side note, these crossover commercials with Jewelpet are freakin' adorable.

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Episode 25: Ichigo's dad is certainly an awesome dude. I can't believe that he do return just in time for her audition, though. The special appeal for the concert is great, but overall the ones during episode 9 & 22 are still better.

By the way, for the next episode, a new character shall join their ranks. Can't wait to see how that actually happens. But six months for an academic year? This doesn't makes sense unless the show's in-universe dates correlates to actual airing dates.

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Episode 26: Sakura is awesome. So do her dance and the concert song. Wished that there is a special appeal from her, but that would be not making sense at all.

I really wished that the seventh character appears before the cast challenge Mizuki the next episode. By the way, the new OP and ED are great. If the ED is to believed, wild mass guess the cast and Mizuki would eventually performing together under a banner with the same name as the real life group who performed the songs.wild mass guess
Episode 27: The original trio is still the best among the cast, in line with promotional materials, but I hope that eventually they all will be at the same performing level, as what the ED shows. At the same time, Raichi, you can be quite smart at times, isn't it? Giving an insightful speech to Ichigo....

Hopefully the next episode won't be a (relatively) low key episode as the preview suggests.
Episode 28: Ichigo, you might lost to Mizuki, but at least you have the potential. Don't waste it. you could form the next-gen Masquerade with her, like what your mom and the headmistress did.

Speaking of the next episode, hopefully they'll know there is a difference between a tutor and an educator. Meganekko Aoi is so damn pretty!. On a side note, the two-fold team dynamics of the cast are surprisingly prominent and well written. Attribute-wise, the cast revealed so far has the following properties:

Mizuki: Wisdom

Ichigo: Willpower

Aoi: Knowledge

Ran: Style

Otome: Determination

Yurika: Character

Sakura: Humility

Performance-wise, they have the following properties:

Mizuki: Regal

Ichigo: Sweet

Aoi: Cool

Ran: Stylish

Otome: Cute

Yurika: Dark

Sakura: Elegant

I wonder how the new character would add into the team dynamic when she is introduced later.

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