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26 Lomerell8th Dec 2012 01:33:59 PM from North Carolina , Relationship Status: I only want you gone
Jason R. Peters
I see too much potential for overlap with Smart People Play Chess with Intellectual Board Game. If I only knew about the latter, I'd include it on works like X-Men and Star Trek, though Smart People Play Chess is in full force. I guess Intellectual Board Game would be the game itself: 3D chess, Go, Stones, Thus, etc, but it would automatically include works with Smart People Play Chess.

27 CleverPun12th Dec 2012 04:20:07 AM from Monterey, California
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Okay, we've established there's too many tropes and ideas being covered in this article.

Summary Time! (Sorta post order, let me know if I missed anything)

Tropes/Ideas present in current article;

From post content alone it's clear that only the first bullet point is actually a trope. A lot of the sup-types are covered by tropes we already have. I'm going to agree with Lomerell and say the "rules variants" are People Sit on Chairs.

As I see it we need a new name (possibly excluding "chess" to avoid more confusion) and a more focused description, and we need to decide if the trope should be broadened to all sports and games or remain just board games. Otherwise I don't see the point of all these other suggestions, they have other places they can be put or aren't tropeworthy.

If we can agree on that I'll start clipping examples. I'll need someone else to redo the description, since I wrote the current one and this is where the entire problem is. tongue

If we can't agree on that let me know what I missed.

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