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1 Gojirob28th Sep 2012 03:55:26 AM from New Jersey Shore
If this is already discussed, close it, but I did look first.

Apparently, the isolated tin ear of M. Night is at it again. He seems to have tweeted on 9/19/2012 that TLA 2 is among three scripts he is considering.

Is it a contract, or does Paramount lack the spine to simply tell this hack no? Yes, TLA 1 made money, but certainly not as much as it could have, and 2 I believe has a sizable portion of the fanbase who will stay away in droves.
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Just because he's considering the script, doesn't mean that the film is going to go ahead.
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3 Kerrah28th Sep 2012 07:46:15 AM from Helsinki, Finland
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The fact that he even considers a sequel a possibility speaks of his hubris.
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4 terlwyth28th Sep 2012 07:51:13 AM , Relationship Status: Who needs love when you have waffles?
Look,if he had decided on this right away,I'd hate it but I would understand.

But the leads are too damn old now,and there's no way to replace them believably

This had better just a be notion not to be entertained.

5 Kerrah28th Sep 2012 07:58:05 AM from Helsinki, Finland
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Solution: Everyone gets frozen for five years, and for some reason ages during that time.
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6 Gojirob28th Sep 2012 08:12:17 AM from New Jersey Shore
There's nothing automatic about the script consideration; It's the fact that its actually a prospect that amazes me. For him to consider it, there must be some possibility of Paramount greenlighting it. Which brings up another question - how many disappointments must a creative type in Hollywood yield, be it actor or director, before someone starts telling them 'you can't have the money needed to do this'? TLA didn't attract new fans, and turned off at least a good portion of the existing ones. All the accumulated problems and missteps killed suspension of disbelief and the partial pass adaptations are given, even by the harshest fans. That's bad for a movie, poison for a sequel.
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7 SKJAM28th Sep 2012 09:54:07 AM , Relationship Status: Baby don't hurt me!
It depends. Some creative types will find themselves persona non grata in Hollywood after one flop (or even an underperformer), others can fail miserably time after time and still find steady work.

Among the factors, a big one is how easy the person is to work with. If they're difficult and demanding and a jerk to the wrong people, one disappointing film and no one important returns their calls. Someone who's a breeze to work with and can stay on friendly terms with their colleagues will be forgiven a few slips.

However, being well-connected can trump that. If you've managed to be buddies with the money people, even if everyone else hates you, you'll probably still get work.
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