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When going to see the 3D conversion of Finding Nemo this past weekend, a trailer for a movie I never heard of before played in front called Dino Time 3D, about 3 kids who accidentally activate a time machine invented by a friend and they get zapped to the Jurassic Era. I would be intrigued by this if it weren't for the fact that I usually hear about movies way before I go see the trailer for it in theaters. This one was an odd duck among the rest of the trailers because...

  • The story looks sub-par.
  • The animation looks more TV-quality and the designs look so-so, while not the worst.
  • No opening Vanity Plate. I couldn't even pinpoint what studios made it.
  • No "from the makers of" credit was shown.
  • No online history about it exists in my rounds. It has no trailer on Apple Trailers, and no news exists on AWN, and Animation Magazine.
  • Rob Schneider plays an annoying sidekick.

I went home and did some research. Apparently, 5 Korean animation studios split the production between them. I BELIEVE IT. There is no page for it on Wikipedia, and no page for it here. IMDB doesn't even tell you the distributor! Not only that, but apparently it had the older title of Dino Mom, for some earlier release in another country or something!

What was the story behind the making of this movie!? If someone would enlighten me, I would be very much grateful.

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Looking cool, amirite?
[up] I took a look at the trailer. I'm kinda going to agree with the animation on this. While the animation on the humans is fine and the art style is, at best, passable. The texturing is barely noticeable, the lighting poor and every other character moves too fluidly with almost no sense of weight or scale.
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Animated by 5 people, but still looks better than Foodfight!
Looking cool, amirite?
[up] That's true, Foodfight was a complete eye sore.
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At least this movie has faces that are just appealing enough for me not to pry my eyeballs out.
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A page is FINALLY added to iTunes Trailers! http://trailers.apple.com/trailers/independent/dinotime/
I recall seeing this trailer. It has all the earmarks of something that should have gone straight to DVD. How on Earth did this get big screen distribution?
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[up]Something corrupt, is my guess.
The three leads look very white I mean no token black kid or twofer minority.
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It's animated better, but Foodfight's definitely the more entertaining one
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[up][up] Well, the kid with glasses is kinda Ambiguously Brown.

Here's the trailer by the way:

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I have a feeling this was originally planned out as a tv movie for either Nick or Cartoon Network, but in the end it got rejected by both studios and was made for cinemas.

I saw the trailer for this when I was seeing Wreck It ralph, my god, i was disgusted by it. And so was the audience. Who the hell approved of this crap?
[up]Someone with money.

Money Talks.
I saw an ad on Tv and was like "wut"
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Looking cool, amirite?
You know, I made this picture just a few days ago with the T-Rex from Primal Carnage:

it should say something that even I, an Autistic 18 year old with little CGI skill can do better than five South Korean studios.

I mean, it's far from perfect, but it doesn't look half bad.

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They were rendering a T-Rex for different reasons than you. It's not the kind of style they were going for.
Looking cool, amirite?
[up] True, but the end result's still crap either way you think about it.

I mean where's the detail? The definition? If they were going for cartoonish I don't mind, but still.

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They ARE going for cartoonish.
Looking cool, amirite?
[up] But I expect at least some detail in CG models, no matter what style it is. That T-Rex, from what I've seen has little to no scale definition.

Not to mention for a cartoonish style, it seems incredibly lifeless.
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Many theorized that this was originally made for TV.
It comes out this friday but it has no reviews anywhere yet
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Looking cool, amirite?
[up] T'was expected, honestly.
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Why did they make this?
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