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As noted on the discusion of Canonical List of Subtle Trope Distinctions, Two-Person Love Triangle and Loves My Alter Ego are duplicates.

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3 Gorkamorka26th Sep 2012 05:12:56 AM from 'kross the kosmos
there was a discussion with crowner and everything, but nothing came out of it.

As far as I can tell every example on here falls under Perfectly Arranged Marriage or Loves My Alter Ego. This might as well be cut.
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[up]umh, isn't it the other way around?

Loves My Alter Ego is a *character*. It might be simpler to refer the trope with its old name: The Lois Lane (I guess the generization of the title did the trope itself a disservice judging by the amount of confusion I've seen so far about it).

a Two-Person Love Triangle is a *situation*, and includes more weird stuff than just "a loves b who loves super-a"

The two pages are in serious need of cleanup and overhaul however (see the discussion I've linked two posts above)
[up][up]Perfectly Arranged Marriage is not a subtrope even though there is overlap. I think we should merge Loves My Alter Ego into this trope instead.

[up]No, we should not have a separate trope for a person to whom a trope happens.
I think there might be at least two subtropes here:
  • Loves My Alter Ego, the classic "Lois Lane" setup, where Bob is also Superbob and Alice doesn't know it.
  • The case where the characters think there's a love triangle going on when there were only two people involved all along. The Perfectly Arranged Marriage examples would be a subset of this, if there were enough examples of this subtrope that weren't Perfectly Arranged Marriage.
  • Possibly more. I bet there are cases of The Cyrano that would fit the trope but wouldn't quite fit either of these.
As said in the discussion page, there are possibilities other than alter egos.

For example, in Farscape, Crighton and Aeryn are in love. One day, some weird shit goes down and Crighton gets copied into two separate guys by a clone-zapping phlebotium. They're both in love with Aeryn. She loves both of them. Stuff happens.
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9 Gorkamorka15th Oct 2012 07:04:43 AM from 'kross the kosmos
[up]Yeah, goes double if one or more of the character has some kind of split personality or mystical passenger.

EG: in The World God Only Knows (which is an homungous Love Dodecahedron anyway) we have three different love triangles with two (physical) people total.

Loves My Alter Ego does not really cut it in those cases, but fits as a subtrope for Two-Person Love Triangle

[up][up]Perfectly Arranged Marriage as a sub/sister trope works for me. For more specific subsets, the only example I can think of is in Onidere, and it's so tangled up and confusing I do not even know how to begin explaining it :)

On a side note: any comment on the proposed edits to the trope main text in the previous crowner's discussion? (I linked it in the 3rd post)

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[up]A Perfectly Arranged Marriage does not necessarily result in a Two-Person Love Triangle. The page has many examples that don't.
11 shimaspawn16th Oct 2012 09:14:54 AM from Here and Now , Relationship Status: In your bunk
Then perhaps it should be just listed as "May overlap with Perfectly Arranged Marriage" which is even more reason for it to be it's own trope. There are a lot of tropes that often show up in each other's company. This does not make them the same trope.

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Whichever is kept, it should use the image at "Loves My Alter Ego". In the other, it is not immediately clear that Lois does not know Superman's secret identity; in fact if she's opening his clothing and revealing the "S", it may easily be understood that she does.
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This is nitpicky. I will lock it until someone comes up with an actual argument.

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