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This was one of the titles that I mentioned in the Personally-followed manga, under-the-radar for everyone else thread, and since the scans/translations have finally gotten to a major turning point in the story, I thought it was just as well that I talk about it.

For those who missed out on the premise from the previous thread, it's this: Masamune Kazama, a twenty-something salaryman in a small design company is finding himself wondering why's he's even staying at the town he's in right now, as the reason he's even there in first place a promise to his first love and highschool sweetheart seems pointless given how she left to study abroad and never wrote back since.

Things swiftly change however when two bits of news reach him: one, the aforementioned girlfriend had died, and her remains was being returned home for burial, and two, he's apparently the father of a daughter she's secretly been keeping. When he encounter said five-year-old daughter, well, you might imagine priorities are about to swiftly change.

While the manga is considered as "complete", as mentioned we're only getting the translations now.

As for the most recent scanned chapter, Kazama seems to be taking the first halting steps in moving on, and decides to at least try going out with another woman — in this case an office worker who's just confessed to him. However the context where he tells her that he's open to dating is kind of ominous, ESPECIALLY since it's raining very hard might be foreshadowing that things might not turn out well for both of them...

Given that this is well past the 25-chapter mark, tempted to do a page of it.

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[up] You mean work more on the page we already have for it?

Anyways, I'm a sucker for Children Raise You stories, so I've been following this one and enjoying it.
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Thank Haruhi, another person who reads this little gem!

While I'm happy at the development in the most recent scanned chapter, I'm not comfortable that it seems that Kazama feels like he's being forced into it.
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It's definitely going to be an awkward thing for Masamune. I'm particularly interested in how Koharu deals with all of it, though; these last several chapters shows that she has some very complicated feelings about the whole situation.
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Koharu at this point (in the scans) seems to just want to see Masamune happy for himself for change. The problem is Masamune doesn't seem to have any idea how to do that himself, as he's still hung up with her mom after all those years. I'm just a little anxious that this little "test" will just end in tears for him and his co-worker.

On an unrelated note, gosh is the page sparse for a manga that's not only finished, but whose scanned chapters have gone beyond 25 already. Mmph, and I'm still not finished with Love Allergen to help with another series yet...

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And there it is, we actually have the table of contents included with the translated chapter (s). As the translation is up to Chapter 35, but the story ends at chapter 40. So five more chapters to go, and it looks like we're definitely getting more drama before it all finishes.
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I'm surprised it's ending that soon. I would have thought it was going to last longer.
...eventually, we will reach a maximum entropy state where nobody has their own socks or underwear, or knows who to ask to get them back.
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Well, as I noted in the first post, the manga has been listed as "Completed" for a while now. It's just we're getting the translations for it now.

Still, 40 chapters is a nice spot for a story like this.
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Another translated chapter. Five to go!

Seeing Katagiri stumble and worry about Masamune was adorable, but I think I'm justified in worrying that she'll be another case of Did Not Get The Guy. :(
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Chapter 37 up. Just a few more to go.

Well, it looks like Katagiri is making some headway with Koharu, but at the same time getting second thoughts. I think the issue here is whether or not being able to serve as a replacement is a good thing for everyone or not.
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