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Most obscure cartoon that you like:

 1 Twentington, Wed, 29th Aug '12 1:14:10 PM from Somewhere Relationship Status: Desperate
Mustelidae = awesome
Since I tend to collect shows from the 80s onward (VHS tapes, torrents, etc.) I tend to pick up a lot of rarities as well. And some of them are actually quite good. Some of the rare shows I like are:

  • Birdz
  • The Brothers Flub
  • The Bluffers
  • Ned's Newt
  • Spliced

What are some of your most obscure favorites?
Windmill, windmill for the land / Is everybody in?

 2 Landstander, Wed, 29th Aug '12 2:55:37 PM from Somewhere else
God Of Cake
Rock and Rule, Mission Hill, The Devil And Daniel Mouse, and Bill Plympton works.
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 3 truteal, Wed, 29th Aug '12 3:06:22 PM from the great southern land
animation elitist
I'm not really sure, I've seen a lot of obscure stuff (stuff that's not even available on Youtube) I can't really decide which is the most obscure of the stuff I've seen.
 4 Twentington, Wed, 29th Aug '12 3:20:10 PM from Somewhere Relationship Status: Desperate
Mustelidae = awesome
Oh, another one: Ovide and the Gang.
Windmill, windmill for the land / Is everybody in?

 5 Napoleon De Cheese, Wed, 29th Aug '12 3:35:36 PM from Valencia, Venezuela
Smug Bastard
Ox Tales

So obscure it doesn't even have a Tropes page!

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[up][up] I remember that one from my childhood, vaguely.

For me, probably either Cybersix or anything that was on Tickle U, Cartoon Network's failed kiddie block. It did have a few little gems in it, though, like Harry and His Bucket Full of Dinosaurs and Yoko Jakamoto Toto.

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 7 Shirow Shirow, Wed, 29th Aug '12 4:23:52 PM from Land of maple syrup Relationship Status: In Lesbians with you
Saintia SHOU!
Starchaser: The Legend of Orin. Loved that movie when I was a kid. Of course a lot of it would make me laugh, scowl or just shake my head at the ridiculous plot twists today.

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I liked Harry and His Bucket of Dinosaurs. For some reason, it reminded me of Stanley.
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Apparently, Disney Junior shows it now... somewhere. Stanley was a good kid's show. Good sense of humor on that'un.

"Proto-Indo-European makes the damnedest words related. It's great. It's the Kevin Bacon of etymology." ~Madrugada
I haven't been able to see all 13 episodes of The Ripping Friends, but from what I've seen it's a show that would be great if it had more time spent on it. The material is actually pretty good, but it's not executed well. There are good jokes, but the timing and delivery is waaay off.
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Double for Ned's Newt and Ox Tales (though I think the latter is an anime).

Also The Dreamstone, though in the same vein as The Ripping Friends opinion above. It has some serious execution problems, but a lot of the gags are brilliant and the animation is great for a normal cartoon series, especially from 80s/90s UK.

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[up] Ox Tails is a Dutch/Japanese coproduction. Animated in Japan, but written and directed mostly by Dutch people.
"Proto-Indo-European makes the damnedest words related. It's great. It's the Kevin Bacon of etymology." ~Madrugada
 13 whataboutme, Wed, 29th Aug '12 11:15:21 PM from strange land, far away.
Belphegor is my favorite obscure one. It's so rare that I've only been able to find it on youtube and only in its original French, which I don't speak. And one episode is even missing, I think.

Another one is Eek! The Cat and the others attached to it, like the Thunderlizards. Haven't seen it in many years, I hear they stopped airing it pretty much everywhere.

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Grizzly Tales for Gruesome Kids.
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[up]I remember that. Surprising amount of dark comedy for a modern kids show (pretty much every episode ended with a kid being horribly killed). Bad animation, but the narration was hilarious. Remember the ones where a sulker is randomly attacked by trolls and a Motor Mouth is turned into solid gold as being specifically funny.

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Sort of reminds me of Courage the Cowardly Dog.
"Proto-Indo-European makes the damnedest words related. It's great. It's the Kevin Bacon of etymology." ~Madrugada
Not sure if they qualify but Exosquad and Spiral Zone are longtime favorites of mine.

 18 Geoduck, Fri, 31st Aug '12 12:40:49 AM from Pacific Northwest
Duckman will always be one of my favorites.
[up][up][up][up] Welll the UK version of Nickoledeon bought the rights and made a new season which was all CGI and made Uncle Grizzly the jailer of a kids prison and made the story's dull and stupid.

Original is still awesome tho.
The smartest idiot you will ever meet.
 20 Sijo, Fri, 31st Aug '12 3:52:03 PM from Puerto Rico
Project G.e.e.K.e.R., anyone? Or is that a cult classic?

(I can think of even more obscure cartoons, but some of the ones I saw as a kid I never learned the proper English title of, if any.)

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 21 Tam H 70, Sat, 1st Sep '12 1:07:07 AM from 合計虐殺 Relationship Status: [TOP SECRET]
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Valley of the Dinosaurs. I am old school.
 22 Pipping Fool, Sat, 1st Sep '12 5:47:06 AM from Sydney, The Vivid City Relationship Status: Getting away with murder
PK Charizard
@ Freezair: I loved Yoko!Jakamoto!Toto!

The Maxx and King Arthur's Disasters. ToddWorld is also a huge guilty pleasure for me.

I'm not sure if Clone High counts due to the amount of e-cred it has.

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Legend Of The Dragon needs more love, if you ask me.

There's a King Kong cartoon that has Kong (a clone, not the original) taking on various monsters, and human characters using earpieces of some sort to enter the monster's minds and control them. I thought it was pretty entertaining myself.

There was this one CGI show I saw on the satellite. I don't remember what it was titled, but it stars a young woman trying to get the sword Excalibur to save her father and a kingdom. It features Arthur as a mere boy, an evil sorceror, and a witch named Walka or something like that. I've had little luck finding out stuff about that show on the Internet! sad

Bureau of Alien Detectors is a show that I remember seeing parts of as a kid. True, it was short-lived, but it had some interesting ideas that make it comparable to Men In Black.

Mighty Max is another cartoon that needs more love. I mean, it managed to go against the Animation Age Ghetto, and I bet it used Refuge in Audacity to achieve it! It was just too bad it only lasted one season, because they could have gone into a second one. sad
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[up][up]: I loved the fact that it was so stylized, and also heavily reliant on music. It was sort of like a more abstract, artsy Wonder Pets.
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 25 Pipping Fool, Sat, 1st Sep '12 8:03:25 PM from Sydney, The Vivid City Relationship Status: Getting away with murder
PK Charizard

I loved the style too.

Not to mention it had one of the catchiest theme songs ever.

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Friends 'till the end
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