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The name invokes a completely different definition to the actual trope. Trope is "Somebody takes over all TV channels for a special message", and the name invokes "effect that appears to be a problem with TV, but isn't". I want to make a YKTTW of the 2nd definition, and transplant the name to that. This trope should have a less deceptive name. Would've done the YKTTW sonner, but I don't know how and want some help.

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2 Xtifr11th Aug 2012 11:46:36 PM , Relationship Status: Having tea with Cthulhu
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Do Not Adjust Your Set is an instruction, and as such, makes a whole lot more sense for its current meaning. What you're talking about sounds more like Dont Fix It If It Isnt Broken, or something like that.

Anyway, "I want to hijack the name for something else" is not a valid argument for repair. You need to show there's something wrong with the trope: either misuse or underuse or something like that.

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I should also note that the phrase is commonly associated with the current definition outside the wiki and would cause problems if applied to another trope.

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No, the other one.
I'm more familiar with this phrase outside TV Tropes than inside. It still means the same thing, though. That's reason enough to leave the name alone, unless there's significant misuse.
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On Google, most results pertain to this show though.
6 burnpsy12th Aug 2012 07:55:26 PM , Relationship Status: Abstaining
[up]From the very page you linked:

The show took its name from the message (frequently seen on the TV screen in those days) which was displayed when there was a problem with transmission.
7 DonaldthePotholer8th Oct 2012 07:54:50 PM from Somewhere in (not)Miami
Here is the problem: The Name evokes a Missing Supertrope to the use described:

  • Name: Disruption of signal at the broadcaster's end due to electromagnetic interference or antenna misalignment
  • Trope: (Villainous) Override of broadcast signal whether by station takeover or jamming

Actually, the use described would have cued the We Are Experiencing Technical Difficulties card if the legitimate studio operators regained the control room. Assuming the override comes from within the building as opposed to external jamming.

EDIT: We Interrupt This Program to inform you that we have a second Trope for the very Sub-Trope described in this Trope!

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