Dark Knight Returns Trailer:

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Looks amazing! Any news/rumours on who is playing the Joker?

2 eternalNoob3rd Aug 2012 05:49:07 AM from yer mum , Relationship Status: Longing for my OTP
How much Batman can we get in one lifetime?
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[up]Yeah, this. I'm close to Bat-Fatigue now.

Can we have someone else be a star of their own animated movie or cartoon? And not just 5 minute shorts either. Something risky, obscure, not a guaranteed success but could very well be if it does succeed.

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Something risky, obscure, not a guaranteed success

(Cue Warner executives laughing on your face).
5 Sabertooth10000000003rd Aug 2012 10:00:02 AM from Land of the Livid Dead
Yeah, this. I'm close to Bat-Fatigue now.
Wow, and you have a Batman avatar! That's saying a lot.
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6 eternalNoob3rd Aug 2012 10:05:53 AM from yer mum , Relationship Status: Longing for my OTP
How about another series/movie/award winning game that isn't about Batman. Maybe an AQUAMAN spinoff.
If you wanna PM me, send it to my mrsunshinesprinkles account; this one is blorked.
The problem is non Batman-Superman related stuff tends to sink hard. Even Teen Titans had Robin. It's a vicious circle; until they get a major non Supes-Bats hit, they won't take risks with more stuff on that vein.

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Some of the voices sound little disappointing. I always imagined much throatier voice for old Bruce Wayne.
@Saber: Well I am a huge Batman-fan but sometimes too much is too much.

[up][up]What non-Sup/Bat centered full fledged cartoons have been there? (not counting the shorts here) The current Green Lantern animated series is doing pretty well and it's centered around a GL who wasn't even a major part of JLU. I don't see how a Flash, Wonder Woman, Aquaman or Green Arrow couldn't work out especially since most of them are fan favorites and have been in several toons/movies already.

Right now they are just going for something that's completely and 100% assured success whilst ignoring characters that has the potential for great franchises.

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Looks pretty good. Not actually read the Dark Knight Returns arc as of yet but I've heard good things and if it's handled anywhere near as well as Under the Red Hood (which I have also yet to read) then I'll be happy. Also the fact that this is a part 1 suggests it may be a pretty ambitious project.

I'll agree though I'm more on a Bat-high than a Bat-fatigue at the moment it would be really nice to see some more of the other DCU characters in the spotlight.

[up]They have released both a Green Lantern and Wonder Woman animated movie and they did fairly well I think.

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[up]Yeah, one Wonder Woman movie and 2 GL ones as opposed to the 5-6 Batman movies (not counting the JL ones). They only one close to equalizing that is Superman atm. Wonder Woman did just aswell as New Frontier, impressive since the WW wasn't based on any specific comics whereas NF was based on one but any WW sequel (and female lead movies period) were canceled because 'it didn't sell fast enough'.

So as to not go off topic, I shall comment on the trailer for now:

1- I like the animation so far but I can't help but think that the Art Deco style would have been perfect for this movie.

2- Splitting the movies into two sounds like a good idea.

3- I'm a bit iffy on old Bruce's voice but I like what I've heard of Carrie's and Gordon's.

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[up]That's a shame as it'd be good to get more exposure to a few of the female superheroes as it is all so completely male dominated :/ Might also be nice if there was a Green Lantern movie not focused on Hal Jordan, though I'm not really a Green Lantern fan so I wouldn't no what the fandom would want but I quite like John Stewart from the Justice League Animated Series. Maybe if the Green Arrow TV series takes of that will be capitalised on.

Tbh I'm not too keen on the sound of Batman's voice but after a lifetime of Kevin Conroy kinda hard to imagine Batman as anything but gruff sounding tongue But I guess it's best to wait and see how good the performance is overall first.

The animation does look pretty good too, quite smooth.
Well I for one am a bit sick of constantly hearing Kevin Conroy. My favourite animated Batvoice was William Baldwin in Crisis on 2 Earths - it was hushed, menacing and DIFFERENT. I think from the sounds of it Peter Weller is going to do a great job.
Not seen that film yet so will need to check it out smile I think Bruce Greenwood has been doing a great job on Young Justice and was awesome in Under the Red Hood but he is very similar to Conroy so I'm guessing you're not as enthusiastic about him as I am tongue

But I'll save judgement on Peter Weller's performance. Wasn't too enamoured with what I heard from the trailer but can only really give a proper verdict after seeing the full performance and how well he pulls off all the dramatic bits. I think the reason I'm not too keen yet is because it's very different to how I imagine Batman sounding.
15 truteal3rd Aug 2012 02:55:04 PM from the great southern land
animation elitist
Something risky, obscure, not a guaranteed success

Beware the Batman

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[up]I'm talking about something not Batman related.

@Picollo: FWIW, they did manage to sneak in a Supergirl movie through Superman/Batman: Apocalypse aswell as the Catwoman short. The second GL movie was a series of shorts focused on other GL's- the other alien GL's that is, like Sinestro, Abin-Sur, Kilowog and a female one. The main human GL was Hal Jordan.

@Jonny: I thought I was the only one who wants to hear someone besides Conroy. William Baldwin was good but his Batman sounded a bit too weak, sometimes, like he was sick or something. I think Thomas Gibson would do a great job voicing Batman. I would love to see him voice the character one day.

[up][up] Fair point I guess but still the variation would be nice.

I suppose the good things about these movies is they've been very experimental with voice actors. They've used the likes of Conroy and Daly a couple of times but haven't been afraid to look at others and see what they bring to the table and seeing how rabid the fandom can be over things like voice actors it is kinda brave tongue

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I wish they would be more daring with their animation/animation styles in these films. It'd be cool to see animation done in Miller's style, with Varley's color palette. I'm glad someone else wrote the script though; Miller's prose just doesn't work when spoken aloud (proof: Sin City, and the Legends of the Dark Knight episode of Batman:TAS).
Well the film's about online and I loved it. First day buyer when it makes it to the UK. Loved Weller's performance. Little to none of the inner monologues made it into the film. That is a shame as some of my favourite lines were spoken only in the heads of the characters. But realistically, I don't think it would have worked in film format.

On the other side of things, this film is brutal. Fight scenes are extended and bloody, and Bats comes across a little colder than even in the novel, in my opinion (compare the scene where he confronts the general who has been supplying weapons). And the music. Jesus H. Christ, the music. Utterly amazing. All in all I thought it was fantastic, can't wait to own it on DVD and definitely can't wait to see part 2!

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20 Willbyr17th Sep 2012 11:44:52 AM from North Little Rock, AR , Relationship Status: Pining for the fjords
[up] Do they preserve the Mutant leader's Hulk Speak? I noticed in the trailer that some of his lines were beefed up from the comic.
21 Deboss17th Sep 2012 04:19:18 PM from Awesomeville Texas
I see the Awesomeness.
It wasn't quite Hulk Speak. He's mostly coherent, he just speaks like a wrestler almost.

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22 Sijo18th Sep 2012 08:31:16 AM from Puerto Rico
I wonder if they'll include the fight with Superman in part 2? Or the thinly-disguised Ronald Reagan as the President? (Probably not on that last one tongue)

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Any amount of money betting on the Joker played by John DiMaggio.
Nah, it's someone from Lost.


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