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First, this trope appears to be a Sister Trope of Artistic License Ships Done Badly. From here: "Sister trope to Artistic License - Ships, which is about modern naval ships." Yet the page it's referring to has no limits on the historical periods it can use examples from. Second, if that doesn't happen, it still needs work. You have to know your stuff to find examples, and this trope is limited to 2-3 types of sailing ships (or is it Hollywood's fault? If so, a big example of this)

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Sure, merge / cut. It's just a list of random errors anyway. And often, not even that - half the examples are aversions or no-context.
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Calling crowner. Merge with Artistic License Ships.
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How do we do the merge? Also, transfer any good examples from here to Artistic License Ships, if any of them are worth keeping.

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Replace the contents of Hollywood Sailing with "[[redirect:Artistic License Ships]]"
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What would be the best way to fix the page?
At issue:
Hollywood Sailing has only 11 examples, several of which are aversions or zero-context. It distinguishes itself from Artistic License Ships by claiming wrongly that the latter page is only about modern naval vessels.

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