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It was a peaceful afternoon in Shinwamachi, seemingly no different from any other summer day. The sun shone brightly as people rushed about underneath the golden disc, attempting to avoid its heat. Nothing seemed to be out of the ordinary. Most of the inhabitants were blissfully unaware of the invasion force that would be entering their city mere hours from now.

The city's shopping district was full of people. They rushed around looking to buy anything from herbal remedies to air conditioners to the latest video games.

The beachfront was similarly crowded as people rushed to the sea to try to cool down.

In the middle of the city stood a rather non-descript office building, something that wouldn't really register to anyone. This building was the headquarters of ATLAS. Despite its bland outer appearance, the inside of the building was far more interesting. In the lobby stood a bronze statue of a man, hunched over, carrying the world on his shoulders. A woman in her early thirties sat behind a desk, typing away.

Deeper within the building were a number of facilities, clean laboratories where scientists worked on new ways to deal with the monsters, training rooms with dummies for melee fighters and shooting ranges for gunslingers and mages alike, a command room where monitors showed footage of various locations throughout the city where the monsters were prone to attacking, an armory and...oddly enough, kitchens, bedrooms and basically anything the people called in from overseas could need during their stay.
Alex Fenn exited a newsagency, pouting slightly. The old man that ran the store had been far too uptight about what magazines he'd let the boy purchase. He was going to be 18 in a month or two anyway, so it was close enough. Unfortunately, the shop owner didn't agree.

Sighing, the crossdresser set off to look for any shops that might interest him without the need to bend the law.
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Allen exited a video game shop, having bought a new game for the PS3. It looked like today might be a peaceful day, but he said nothing of the sort. Tempting Fate was an occupation for idiots and those that sought rest in a grave. After making sure this game made it to his safe hiding spot, he would go hit the training dummies. Looking over to his left, and past a small intersection on the street block, it looked like that weird girl was exiting the magazine store.

He decided he might as well get to know these people he was going to be working with.

Walking over, he decided to get a measure of this person. It wasn't like he particularly cared one way or another if they were pleasant or if they were like little brother. He just wanted to see what types he'd be working with.

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"Of course, Satsuki-sama."
Rosalie Kreuz had decided to stretch her legs a bit. It was undeniable that she stood out somewhat. However, her advantage in this case was that her preferred style of fashion, while not something the average person would typically see on someone who was just taking a walk, was a real one. The fancy, frilled black-and-red dress, the parasol held above her head, not a common sight but not an extremely unusual one either. Gothic lolita was popular, after all. And people couldn't deny that the all-important black parasol added to the look.

It also kept her from passing out and losing all over her abilities, but the people around her didn't know that. The little vampire girl continued along the sidewalk, smiling slightly to herself as she went. It was a nice day, Rosalie decided. She had her parasol in place so the sunlight wasn't an issue, and it was somewhat ironic given the impending invasion that was due tonight. All these people, they were enjoying the day. And that was good, really. It's not as if they knew about the invasion ATLAS would defend them from, so there was no reason for them to worry.

And at the moment, Rosalie was just enjoying her stroll. The shopping district, as always, was a crowded place. Maybe she'd pick up a book or two, she certainly had the money to do so. Rosalie's smile broadened a bit. It was a good day to have fun before monsters tried to take over the world.

Maylene kept a watchful eye on her Mistress for as she spotted the vampire girl passing by. She was on an errand in the shopping district, picking up the ingredients for a cake that Rosalie had asked her to make. Rosalie had explained to her that she wanted to have something of a party of sorts, when it was possible, with the other members of ATLAS. The Mistress was very fond of her parties... As such, she had asked Maylene to bake a cake for the party, as something of a surprise for the other ATLAS members.

An apparently-teenaged girl dressed in a full maid outfit would probably draw some attention.

Shifting her feet into a more sturdy position, Kameyo raised one arm. Quickly, she ran through the spell. Having perfected silent casting(technically, it wasn't entirely silent, but it meant that she didn't have to say the entire spell so that was good), she needed only to declare the spell's name to finish the casting process. The magic circles quickly formed, rotating geometric symbols of golden magical energy coalescing around her arm as her chosen projectile, a coin, was suddenly suspended in air by a combination of magic and magically-manipulated electromagnetic forces. The golden railgun was complete, size adjusted for such a small projectile. Kameyo was pretty happy with this, quick assembly and casting time, and now...


With a tremendous crack, the coin was fired. In an instant it hit its target, a metal bullseye, and shear through it and the metal behind it before finally grinding to a halt somewhere deep within the wall. Smoke issued forth from the hole, and the magic circles dissipated entirely. Kameyo grinned and lowered her hand.

Target practice was pretty awesome sometimes.
"Oh, dear. The toad, the monkey, and the dog have all screwed up."
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"Would you like some ice cream, miss?" Speaking with a slight accent, a young boy with white hair wearing a transparent blue visor grinned at the crossdresser as he passed several store fronts. Standing in front of a small ice box on wheels, the slight figure extolled the daily special imprinted upon the laminated sign taped onto the slightly oversized cooler.

"I have mango, strawberry, and lychee popsicles on sale for today! All for 150 yen each! Customers also get stickers!" Holding up a small area of paper, it showed a smiling cat with a scar about its right eye. "Tatsu Neko stickers for buyers too!" Summer time was the window of opportunity, and Yun was all pumped up for his sales pitch. He had even practiced all morning too! A true man must always try his best of course!
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Looked like some kid was hawking some ice cream. Ah, what the hell, he was a little peckish, and it might taste good.

He started to walk over to the ice cream stand and the girl. Maybe he could talk to these people over a little treat or something. He got a weird feel from this kid. Maybe he was a little paranoid of the kid since he was wearing a visor and generally had a strange feel to him.

Well, a lot of weird people gathered here, maybe because of the activity.

He'd let the girl get ice cream first if she was interested. Or...should he offer to buy the ice cream? Might make him sound nice, or it could just as easily make him look like a weirdo or a creep.

He was no good at social stuff.

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Rudy watched Kameyo aim and fire. The supersonic speed of the coin created a loud cracking noise, followed by the burst from the target and surrounding area behind it were blown to smithereens. The girl grinned in triumph and Rudy couldn't help but smile at the girls accomplishment as well.

He gave a short clap of appreciation for the show.

"Nice shot!" he started to say in English, before switching to his best Japanese. "You totally ripped on that thing!"
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Of course the town was interesting.

Of course there's a lot to be done, if only for entertainment.

But... where to start?

Sitting on a couch in the lobby of ATLAS headquarters, only metres away from the woman and her typewriter behind her mighty desk, which, to him, looked no different from a fortress, was a man, a pale, deathly thin one, at that, dressed in a candy-blue, almost-oversized shirt the sleeves of which almost covered his hands entirely, a pair of skin fit black jeans than only served to emphasize his skeletal physique, and a pair of white sneakers. He was noticeable, to say the least, but only because aside from the typewriter lady, he was the only human sitting there, at the lobby. The silence was almost overwhelming, and the sound of the woman's fingers smashing the typewriter was nothing short of terrifying when it was the only sound playing in the air. But the man wouldn't notice. He had a pair of black headphones over both of his ears, and apparently whatever he was listening to was far more appealing than the dreaded sound of an office clerk's wrath against her equipment.

With such unshakable focus, the man used his fingers to navigate the interface shown on his precious smartphone, which was wired to the headphones. Then, he selected a song.

'Someone Is Always Moving on the Surface'

Indeed there's always someone. Something.

Of that he couldn't be more certain.

With everything set, he turned to other applications on his phone, and selected a certain chat application. What was at last on the screen was an almost blank screen with nothing but a picture of a cartoon, with a small field of text on the upmost part of the screen, appearing as 'TW,' and another small field of message appearing below.

'Call me when you're there Theo. Everyone here is worried.' Said the text. The man, Theo, slowly but steadily opened the virtual keyboard, and typed back.

'I've arrived safely.' He typed.

'Won't be online you for a week. Apology.'

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On the foundation of glass a dream is built.
And, like glass, it shatters.
Panting heavily, the hard-working youkai faced the wall-mounted turret with a look of determination and concentration. The magical construct was preparing the final wave. She had to be ready for anything... who knew what method of attack was going to be thrown her way?

The turret had prepared the final trial, and Shujiko braced herself, ready to evade. The turret hummed, growing louder and louder, until...

Glowing, tiny spheres of energy burst forth, flying around Shujiko's location. Normally, the youkai would've just ignored this, but considering she put this on the Lunatic setting...
She rolled to the side, barely avoiding several ricocheting bullets, which then proceeded to bounce all around the heavily-fortified training room, along with the rest of the fired magic.

For the next several minutes, the youkai was left dodging frantically, trying to decipher some sort of safe pattern to weave through, but even though the golden hair proved just how determined she was... well, it was still damn hard to do.

So when the training exercise ended, what remained was a rather beaten youkai, lying on the ground.


Oblivious to his surroundings, Minato focused all attention on whatever he was doing with his phone, reading texts maybe. Not that he was the type to receive any, but random people on the street weren't the type to know that. Kind of strange how he seemed to know exactly when to avoid walking into someone, or a lamppost. Even stranger how he occasionally muttered 'thanks' or 'I saw that' to himself.

Then again, most people couldn't see a white-haired ghost carrying a giant cat's head.

"Sure ya did..." Alice the ghost muttered. "I know you love web browsing and all, but isn't saving the world just a little more important?"

"Probably." Minato replied.

"...Then do something to save the world! Did you send that place any new info?"

"Just did."

Alice looked surprised. "Really? But we haven't used a computer..."

Minato pocketed his phone. "Don't need it for the internet."

The ghost looked momentarily surprised. She wasn't the most savvy with technology, she had always assumed that very specific constructions needed the thingy Minato used to send her intel. But if he had a portable device... then why did he insist on using a computer all the time?!

"Are you taking your own world's fate seriously?!" Alice began to enter lecture mode. Since normal people couldn't see or hear her, there was no problem with being a little loud in public. "ATLANTIS depends on you to send them world-saving data! What will happen if you're too lazy to help?!"

Minato didn't reply for a moment, only staring straight ahead. Eventually, he replied, "...I think I've been sending stuff to the wrong group."

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"That was fun, wasn't it, Momoko-neechan?" Yuki asked, one arm wrapped around Mr. Teddy* and the other carefully holding onto Momoko's hand. For once, she was dressed in a light dress rather than her normal pyjamas: Momoko had agreed to take her to the cinema. It was somewhat uncomfortable to hear what so many people were thinking, so she was focusing as hard as she could on her 'big sister's' thoughts. This made it easier to avoid walking into people but actual conversation... the young girl had to keep reminding herself not to talk again until Momoko had answered. People tended to get upset when you didn't give them chance to speak, even if you knew what they were going to say...
Kumiko stretched as she emerged from the shower, drying herself and reforming the illusions. Trying to build a robot was such messy work... but there was no-one she viewed as a decent martial artist (well, apart from Ryuuzaki, but she wanted hand to hand every now and then) around in this place. She was getting help from some girl's mother when she got stuck but it was still taking forever... and she hadn't even started on recording her movements so it would be able to fight on her level.

Deciding that she may as well amuse herself by finding someone in the training room and challenging them to hit her, the kitsune sauntered off... and broke into a malicious grin when she saw Shujiko lying on the ground. For all that she was straightforward, Kumiko was a member of a group known for being tricksters... and Shujiko was such an easy target.

Before she had chance to get up, the youkai would find that a young-looking kitsune was sitting on her stomach, tails proudly fanning out from beneath her uniform... and then she was tickled. "You're not meant to be so beaten up before I get here, Shuji-chan~"
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Down deep within the bowels of ATLAS's headquarters, a Demon of Ballistic Gel and Bone Substitute was being eviscerated by a young man. The false demon soon collapsed, the blow shaving sheared most of it's limbs off, and half melting into goo from his fireballs.

Tyrone, satisfied with his work, left the training room and acquired a bottle of water, drinking deeply from it.

Putting it down, he sighed.

I wish for once we could get a night off. Think I still got blood in my ear from last night.

Tyrone then went to catch some sleep before tonight.

A man slouched in a chair, watching on of the local gameshows. Wasn't good, but there really wasn't anything entertaining on.

Oh look, more bugs being dumped on people. Whoop-de-doo.

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They do have medals for almost, and they're called silver!
"Of course, Satsuki-sama."
Kameyo swiftly turned on her heel to face the guy who'd been overseeing her. It was Rudy, of course, she recognized the voice. She didn't know him really well, but she knew his name and a bit about him. And hey, he was acknowledging her awesomeness. This was met with nothing but approval from Kameyo. Her grin widening, Kameyo raised her right arm again and made a quick V for Victory sign.

"Like I always do!" she replied enthusiastically, "And that's exactly what's going to happen to every monster that shows up tonight and every other night. Maybe with something bigger, too! After all, if I could only shoot coins, they wouldn't call me Hoshino 'GORUDO GUN'NA' Kameyo!"

... What a weird person. Rosalie tilted her head at the young man walking towards her. He appeared to be deep in talking to himself. Without a phone. So he certainly wasn't talking on a cell phone or anything... was he crazy? Well, Rosalie certainly had the time and had absolutely nothing to do, so she cheerfully approached him. Might as well find out if he was crazy or just an interesting person who she'd like to invite for tea sometime, after all.

"Hello!" she greeted him.
"Oh, dear. The toad, the monkey, and the dog have all screwed up."
Shujiko groaned when the kitsune suddenly sat on her, preventing the tired youkai from moving. Normally, she'd at least attempt to remove Kumiko, but after pushing herself against the turret's insane bullets for so long...

"C-could you please g-ge..." Shujiko began to pant, eyes widening at the tickling sensations on her body. Weakly, she began to giggle.

"N-no, please..! Ku-Kumiko, I can't- ahaha, n-no...!"

Well, this was new. Minato didn't normally have strangers talking to him. Just strange people. Like Alice. Maybe she knew who this was?

"Who's this?" Alice asked dubiously, immediately shooting down that suggestion.

"Dunno. Could you find out?" Minato replied, and Alice made immediate shushing motions, trying to get Minato to quit talking to thin air.

Minato merely watched this for a while, until Alice then made 'talk to her, you frickin' dumb ass!' motions, and the human faced the stranger once more.

"Hi." Minato said. Alice merely groaned, then began to circle the two, fairly content that this person wasn't something dangerous. Just a friendly human, right? Still, better to stay transparent, just in case...
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"Yes you can~" Kumiko said, smirking and moving her hands a bit more. This wasn't the first time she'd done something like this to Shujiko, after all, and she knew exactly where the will youkai was most ticklish, "What's happened to your fabled willpower now, hmm? Or maybe you just like having a pretty girl sat on your stomach~?"
"Of course, Satsuki-sama."
Rosalie raised an eyebrow at the man in front of her. Once again, he appeared to be talking to thin air and ignoring her. How incredibly impolite. Well, just because he was being very rude did not mean that she should abandon matters entirely. Lifting the hem of her skirt with her free hand, she curtsied.

"My name is Rosalie Kreuz," she introduced herself, "I greeted you to ask a simple question: Who were you talking to? There's no one there, after all..."

It was mostly curiosity, really, that had bade her to make such an inquiry.

Maylene continued down the street. There seemed to be a few people up ahead, one of whom she recognized from ATLAS. That odd girl with the strange mixture of powers... well, she was on an errand for her Mistress. Were she not stopped, she would simply proceed past them. The Mistress' cake was very important.
"Oh, dear. The toad, the monkey, and the dog have all screwed up."
"N-n-noooo!" Shujiko denied the embarrassing claim, weakly kicking out her legs in desperate attempt at dislodging the kitsune. Shujiko's hair had reverted to the default brown, and the tickling made it just a bit hard to focus on any task that wasn't 'flail like hell'.

"M-m-mercy! Please, m-mercy...!" Shujiko begged breathlessly.

"...Minato. Kururugi." Minato replied to the girl, rather pointedly staring at Alice, as if trying to ask her without vocalising his question. Alice stared back, having no idea what he was supposed to say, either. It was annoying enough he gave the impression of being insane with his tactless replying, but to actually admit to talking to either a ghost or himself? Agh, what a dilemma...

...Ah, the obvious solution.

"I was talking to my imaginary friend, Allison." Minato replied with a serious expression, and Alice groaned. "She tells me things, I reply. Does that satisfy your question?"
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"Mercy, Shuji-chan? Why should I be merciful~? This is fun!" Kumiko teased, keeping up her relentless assault of Shujiko's sensitive flesh. She knew that Shujiko knew that she owed the kitsune a meal and she was hungry. She'd even skipped school to work on the robot; there'd been no time for lunch! Getting the framework complete and starting on attaching the 'muscles' had taken a while but... it was getting there. Still, now was the time to eat!
The crossdresser paused, turning to the Chinese boy. Well, it was pretty hot out...and the guy selling the ice cream seemed pretty cute. His enthusiasm, that smile...Part of Alex wanted to- His cheeks coloured slightly. Save those thoughts for later. he chastised himself.

"Oh, sounds nice." the Brit replied, pulling a few coins from a pocket in his jacket. As he handed the money over, a mischievous grin crossed his face. "So, are you doing anything later~?"

As if some mystical pervert senses were tingling, Alex looked up to see Maylene approaching. Ahhhhhh, maids. Truly, God's greatest creation... he thought. Wait, she looked kind of of the other recruits? The angelic pervert waved to her.
"Yeah, it was." Momoko replied, smiling. "Were you okay with so many people around?"

Truthfully, Momoko herself found the crowd a little disorienting, she was used to the interior of ATLAS, where there'd usually only be a few personnel around, not the middle of the city with a large crowd. Still, she had definitely enjoyed herself.

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Allan looked over at the maid girl as well, and had to admit, he was liking where this was going. He was surrounded by pretty girls. While he had no time in his life for silly dalliances, he knew any other guy would be envious.

He waved at her as well, looking over from where he stood in line behind the crossdresser, and ordered a strawberry flavor ice cream.

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"Of course, Satsuki-sama."
"Your... imaginary friend..." Rosalie's head slowly came to tilt to one side as she regarded the man before her. That... was either a very bad lie or the man was genuinely very crazy. At the moment, she wasn't sure what to lean for. Either way... this person was somewhat of interest. If he was crazy, it was the 'avoid him and keep an eye on him since he might hurt people' kind of interesting. If it was lying, he was the 'curious' kind of interesting.

"So, what is your imaginary friend telling you?" she asked, raising one eyebrow slightly.

Maylene blinked as the strange girl waved at her. She returned the wave, without a word, and made to simply pass by them. She didn't have any reason in particular to talk to the other recruits, so...

When she got to them, she made a single request.

"Please, excuse me."
"Oh, dear. The toad, the monkey, and the dog have all screwed up."
Wild Horse
"Yes, dear customers! Mango and strawberry flavors coming right up." Chirping happily, the Chinese boy popped the latches to his icy safe before bending down to shift through the ice. "Here you are, dear customers!" Enthusiastically brandishing the treats from their deposit, Fang handed them out and awaited the yen in compensation. Service with a smile indeed.

Turning around to regard the maid passerby, the young hybrid extolled the virtues of frozen fruit juice in a loud voice. "Quench your parched throat with refreshing fruitsicles!" In a a quieter tone, Fang answered the angel. "Um... Nope! I'm free and my shift is almost over!" Why do you ask? Wait... your face is getting a little red. Young miss should find shade soon or else your pretty skin might get sunburned." Face crinkling in worry, the boy maneuvered the umbrella on his cart so it hung over Alex by standing on his tiptoes to angle it.
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"Why are you here?"

"Are you hiding? From me? From us?"

"Tell me, my dear..."

"Of what use would that be?"

The song was playing at the loudest it could be played. The stereo system of his headphones was but ear-shattering. But that didn't stop it. That didn't stop the fiend from breaching his blanket of solace and invade his very mind. The headphones were enchanted against unpleasant voice of demonic origin, true, but such voice, shouldn't it demonic in nature? If so, why would he continue to hear it?

An inconvenience of being alive, thought Theo.

A few minutes after, the man stood up. The typewriter devil didn't notice him, though, which he considered was a good thing. With headphones over his ears, the man walked into the deeper part of the building. Tonight's the night, he repeated himself, and it would all be known whether he would open a new possibility of living a life on this Earth, or whether he would have to flee, yet again.

Needless to say, he was nervous.

Theo headed for the training room, specifically the shooting range. At the moment, he needed focus more than anything else. His control over his weapon was fairly good by now, but the man was never confident. As he strolled the hallway, the aura of light blue his shirt radiated seemed to brighten the dark interior a tad. In mere minutes, he arrived at his destination, and found that the place was already occupied by his 'colleagues.'

He was even more nervous.

Looking at the shooting range, he saw Kameyo and Rudy. Which was a bit of a relief, as, of all the people ha had recently met, he thought Rudy was the friendliest one. Naturally, he headed for the both of them, because, quite simply, there was no better alternative.

"Hello mister Ortega. Miss Hoshino" Theo said, in English, his voice uncertain and unclear, as if whispering. "Having a fine day, I trust?"

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On the foundation of glass a dream is built.
And, like glass, it shatters.
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Allen handed over the yen and smiled a little, "Thanks, little guy."

Taking the strawberry popsicle, he began licking at it.

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"they wouldn't call me Hoshino 'GORUDO GUN'NA' Kameyo!"

Try as he might, Rudy couldn't figure out what those words between Hoshino and Kameyo were. He maid a mental note to look them up later.

"Right. Totally!" he said as if he had understood anyway. "So what about a moving target?" he asked curiously. "Can you hit something that aint standing still?"

"Hello mister Ortega."

Sweet. Someone who spoke English. "Yo, Theo." Rudy looked over to the other man who had just arrived. "Gonna shoot stuff too?"

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And it's a long way forward, so trust in me. I'll give them shelter, like you've done for me
By now, words were just about impossible for Shujiko to voice. All she could do was laugh, weakly flail and desperately grasp at Kumiko's hands in an attempt to stop her merciless assault. It was a good thing no one was around to witness this. A kitsune Kumiko may be, but she looked so small! How could anyone take Shujiko seriously if they a child so easily defeat her? And not even in battle!

"Confidential things." Minato replied without batting an eye. "Things that may determine the fate of the universe. I don't know which one of us that makes a hero, but I suppose it's a team effort."

Alice, tired of Minato making an ass of himself, tried tugging on his arm to get him to move. Being a ghost, this pretty much resulted in her hand moving through his body, causing an involuntary twitch. She was pretty cold...

"Let's move now!" Alice whispered urgently. "We have things to do, remember?!"

"...And now she wants me to go." Minato helpfully pointed out. "I think she's shy. Maybe we should part ways here."

It sounded more like a suggestion than a finality, coming from this guy.
"Of course, Satsuki-sama."
Kameyo blinked. English? Didn't they have those candy things that made it so people could speak Japanese? Why was he speaking in English? Well... she supposed it was time to answer the same way. She knew some English, and could kind of guess what he said based off of this(she didn't know the meaning of a couple of words here and there but she could kind of guess from tone), so this shouldn't be a problem at all.

Not at all.

"Hai, Misutā U~orukotto. Ai aam... um... fain dei!"

She didn't know her English well, but she was pretty sure that was right. Still, she didn't like speaking another language when everyone(at least, she thought everyone because of those candies) knew her native one. She turned to face Rudy again.

"Of course I can hit moving targets, Orutega-san! I wouldn't be anywhere near as awesome as I am if I couldn't!" she said, her grin returning in full force. She enjoyed bragging.

Rosalie noted the twitch, then eyed the man before her. That twitch was a shiver, wasn't it? Granted, she couldn't be entirely sure(if this guy wasn't right in the head, he could just be twitching), but it seemed somewhat likely... it wasn't cold outside. That was odd. Leaning forward slightly, and adjusting her parasol in order to keep the sunlight from hitting her, she spoke again.

"Is that so?" she asked, "Saving the universe with your imaginary friend? It sounds somewhat impressive..."

There was one last thing, one last idea she had for figuring out if there was something odd going on or if this guy was just... not well. Glancing behind the man, she saw a child eating ice cream with his mother, a man talking on the phone, and two teenagers(a boy and a girl) holding hands.

"Can your imaginary friend tell me what's going on behind you without you turning around to look?" Rosalie asked. "If so, have her tell you, then you tell me."

... Ice cream? Rosalie didn't gain any sustenance from it... But her Mistress liked the sweet taste of ice cream. Maylene turned to face the boy selling ice cream. It'd only delay her a moment...

"What flavors do you have?" she asked.

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"Oh, dear. The toad, the monkey, and the dog have all screwed up."

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