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Okay, I've finally built up the resolve to try to resurrect the Ballad of the Rebellion. Unfortunately the loss of the last other Dinosaur invovled means that this is looking like a total reboot, starting during Clovis' reign over Japan. Though I might be willing to move around either to the invasion of Japan, invasion of Europe or following up the original series if interest is expressed, this gives us the most characters to work with.

The game is going to be heavily political just like the series and so non-pilots will find a place as well and may infact be quite rewarding to play. Even if you're playing dumb muscle, be ready to get wrapped up in schemes within schemes with or without your knowledge.

Rules are as follows;

Stats are equal to the average score between the pilot's personal ability and his frame's capability.When both Frames are stationary, the attacker rolls two dice plus his weapon bonus to hit, versus the opponent's one dice plus speed bonus. If the defender's roll beats the first dice+the bonus, the attack is "blocked" by a limb, if the defenders roll beats the attack entirely, the attack is negated.

When a frame is moving at full speed, it becomes more difficult to aim as well as aim at it, it rolls two dice to dodge and one to attack. It can roll two dice if charging an opponent head on with a melee weapon, but loses the defense bonus if the defender also has a melee weapon [this is will lead to some interesting jousting, I suspect]. The speed bonus is the main reason why Melee weapons are practical in this game.

Defence determines the HP the Frame has, while Weapon bonus determines the damage. Limbs have 3+Def HP, while the Chasis, has 7+Def HP.

If you're not bothered to going too obcessive with rules, then you're more than welcome to just point and shoot. These are designed to be animesque and result in more limbs being injured than Frames actually removed from combat which lines up pretty close to how the Anime seems to go.

New Characters should follow this format:


Name: First name, Surname.

Gender: Male/Female

Age: Number

Faction: All New Players will now have to choose a faction, currently available are: Britannian, Purist [Britannian], JLA, Ashford Academy Student. Mercenaries and International Volunteers have access to foreign Frames, but will have have more difficulty earning trust [Social skills come in really handy]. They will begin working for Britannia and the JLA respectively.

Equipment: A listing of the weapons, armor, and other equipment the character carries around.

Physical Traits: Body build, hair eye and skin color,

Personality: Description of the character's personality.

History: Description of the character's history.

Stats: You get a total of 15 to spend.

  • Political stats: Financial Resources, Forces at their command, Prestige, Charisma (For each Political ranking you take reduce your Max. Battle stat Points by 1.)

  • Battle Stats: Strength 0-10, Defense 0-10, Weapons 0-10, Speed 0-10 (These stats are mostly focused on Knightmare Combat but will be used for hand to hand as well. They also apply to other weapons and Vehicles but with a penalty if your character isn't used to them.)

Theme Music: (If any)

Knightmare: Most of you will start with a Knightmare, Those who don't will find one quickly in the game, though if they are lucky they mind wind up in something nicer than the options listed below [ala Suzaku], I reward risktakers, but I keep the element of risk, so there's also a chance of winding up in a lousy 3rd Generation Frame and/or being completely useless for the first mission or two until someone gives you one out of mercy.

Below are a list of all Knightmares up to the beginning of the First Season, with what I feel is probably the closest approximation of their stats:

  • Sutherland: Str: 2, Def: 2, Spd: 4, Wpn: 2 [Britannian]
  • Glasgow; Str: 2, Def: 2, Spd: 2, Wpn: 2
  • Burai; Str: 2, Def: 3, Spd: 2, Wpn: 2 [Japanese]
  • Portman: Str: 2, Def: 2, Spd: 2, Wpn: 2, Spd: 2 [+2 to SPD underwater, -1 SPD to all on land. Britannian.]
  • Gun-Ru: Str: 2, Def: 2, Spd: 2, Wpn: 2, Spd: 2 [Chinese Association. Resistance/Mercenary only. No Ejection.]
  • Panzer-Hummel: Str: 2, Def: 3, Spd: 2, Wpn: 3 [Mercenaries Only, EU Association. No Hands, Heavily Armed.]
  • Bamides: Str: 0, Def: 2, Spd: 2, Wpn: 4 [Mercanaries only, Middle Eastern Association. Hovers, No Close Combat Capabilities]
  • Ganymede Str: 1, Def: 2, Spd: 3, Wpn: 2 [extra +1 to your one of your battle abilities as a pilot each time you level up in it. Limited Operation time. 3rd Gen.]
  • MR-1: Str: 1, Def: 1, Spd: 2, Wpn: 2 [extra +1 to your one of your battle abilities as a pilot each time you level up in it. Can Be Concealed as a Truck outside of Combat. 3rd Gen.]

This includes most of the mooks you will be fighting. Most of you will do well if you simply take a Sutherland and customize it to fit your needs, if this lasts past two or three missions, you will have ample opportunity to upgrade, there will probably be at least one or two prototypes floating around by then.

Customization: If you want to paint it shiny colours, add on horns or whatever then list it here, PM me before adding anything that would modify your stats. As you gain prestige and recourses in the campaign, you should be able to get better guns and other stat modifying stuff here.

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So much interest.
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I'm interested.
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Interest! I'm brainstorming a character right now, but I think it might be useful to do a short breakdown of what the relative level of stats might mean. For example, if we put a 10 in Strength, would we end up with Spinzaku-level kung-fu?

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Spinzaku level Kungfu would require like 8 Strength and 10 Speed or something. Not like he used anything in Charisma.

For the most part a maxed stat will give you whatever abilities the anime seems to give the people. Ten Strenght doesn't let you lift cars but it'll let you punch pretty damn hard and do things that would require you to be made of Iron now and then.

While 10 Defence would give you a lot of durability and make you a lot more likely to survive injury.

So yeah, a ten gives you more or less Spinzaku level stunts though you'd probably want to focus in speed with him.

Charisma is similarly used for certain rolls when a character could go eitherway. You'll never get a 20 for mind control but it can be critical in both getting a character to listen to you in the first place and swaying them with your argument rather than simply having them shrug and say "Yeah that makes sense but what can you do?"

Oh and do keep in mind, most of you will start working for Clovis initially. While Rebels may have pre-existing anti-Britannian motives and even ties, you'll start becoming a substantial part of the rebellion once the game is underway. There might be exceptions but PM me first for those, if enough have their own vision, I'm willing to either ignore it or flip it around.

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Mechanoid Soldier
  • Name: Gerard Spencer
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 22
  • Faction: Mercenary
  • Equipment: He doesn't tend to carry around any armor or weapons with him when outside of a Knightmare.
  • Physical Traits: Average height. Lean, but a bit on the scrawny side. Dark brown hair and green eyes.
  • Personality: Outside of battle he tends to be laid-back, preferring to take it easy. In battle, however, he focuses almost single-mindedly on defeating his enemy and accomplishing his mission.
  • History: Mexican * born into Britannian Citizenship, but wary of the Brittanian treatment of numbers, which he's sometimes mistaken for at a glance.
  • Battle Stats:
    • Strength 5, Defense 3, Weapons 3, Speed 4
  • Knightmare:
    • Sutherland: Str: 2, Def: 2, Spd: 4, Wpn: 2

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A couple details to adjust but otherwise good. You're in.
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The Sword of the Morning
  • Name: Akio Miyamoto(Western style, Akio is his first name, Miyamoto his last)
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 21
  • Faction: Mercenary
  • Equipment: Akio owns an assault rifle, but the most he usually carries on him is a pistol with a knife when on military missions. He usually wears light body armor while in the field.
  • Physical traits: Akio is of fairly average height at 5'8'', and his skin is fairly light from his youth in Europe. His eyes are muddy hazel and his chocolate colored hair is usually kept in a messy mop that he occasionally runs a comb through in the morning if he's feeling particularly energetic. While he's no bodybuilder, Akio is noticeably well-built from his time in the military.
  • Personality: Akio is very laid back, charismatic, and somewhat lazy, but a pretty nice guy overall. He has a preference towards living wildly, and his main interests are partying, drinking, and girls. Despite this, he does show an ambitious streak.
    • Akio's job choice is somewhat contradictory to his laid back attitude and amiable personality, and he generally responds to questions about his career choice with a shrug and a smile.
    • During missions, Akio remains somewhat calm and laid back, but brings along a somewhat sharp and sarcastic streak resulting from stress.
  • History:
    • Akio and his family fled Japan during the invasion, but rather than settle in China, they moved to France instead. Akio grew up in Europe and joined the EU military at the age of sixteen, soon becoming a Knightmare pilot. Three years later, he was discharged for multiple counts of excessive drinking and partying while on duty. With no higher education, few skills outside the military, and a growing bill for his excessive lifestyle, he desperately needed a job. Getting in touch with some of his former military contacts, he managed to land a Knightmare and a job at a minor PMC, beginning his mercenary career.
    • He completed many mission and contracts, primarily in North Africa and the Middle East. Eventually he was hired by the Britannian military for several missions. Despite his family's deep hatred for the Britannians, Akio figured that the money was good enough, so he gave the Brits a chance. After several successful missions against the Middle Eastern Federation, he was eventually contacted by an agent for work in Japan.
    • Akio had always wanted to see the his ethnic homeland, and the money was good, so he had few objections and agreed to the offer.
  • Finances: Akio has a considerable amount of money, in theory, but in practice, the majority of it goes towards repairing and maintaining his Panzer-Hummel. As it is, he has few material belongings and his only home in an apartment in Paris.

  • Political Stats:
    • Finances-0
    • Forces-0
    • Prestige-0
    • Charisma-5
  • Battle Stats:
    • Strength-0
    • Weapon-4
    • Speed-3
    • Defense-3

  • Knightmare Frame: Panzer-Hummel: Str: 2, Def: 3, Spd: 2, Wpn: 3

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Intro on Stats;

There will be some stat advancement in this game but it'll be slow and decided by me. Usually it will be the result of a Crowning Moment, whether from Character Development or just kicking ass. I'll try to keep it even but active posters who are doing awesome things will get more than people who avoid the limelight and post only on the 16th of the month.

Now to get down to what they do;

Battle Stats are mostly for Knightmare combat but will sort of be a catch all for fighting or physical activity. The Average Pilot has a 2 in each stat, The Average Person off the street has 0 [maybe 1 if it is an older model or they have experience with it for civilian use]. Piloting a new frame for the first time will net you a -1 in all stats until it seems suitable to upgrade you [for P Cs this will happen pretty quick, especially if it's noted that the pilot is training with it off screen].

You'll notice Frames have their own stats, these represent their average capabilities and limitations. The average of these stats and your Battle stats are the stats that I will use in combat.

Strenght; Basic Melee Stat. 2d+St R will determine the damage and likelyhood of a blade hitting its mark.

Weapon Skill; Basic Ranged Stat. It works identically to Strenght except for Rifles, Handguns and anything else that you are not directly controlling.

In most cases you're going to want to focus on one, but using both can throw opponents off and make you more adaptable.

Speed; Determines Dodging and Movement. Movement is 1+Speed/2 [rounding down], you can Charge giving you a speed of 3+Speed/2 but this decreases accuracy of ranged arms and Melee weaponry to anyone who isn't the target of the charge.

Defence; Makes you harder to explode.

Intro on Social Stats:

With the exception of Charisma, these are most important right out of the gate. Generally they will transfer and remain fairly constant but there's a variable curve for player competance which we'll get to later.

Financial Resources; This is independant wealth.

  • 0 means you are starting off more or less working class and have to work to live.
  • 1 means you've got a decent bit on your hands and could probably afford to, if not buy a New Frame then at least maintain the one, though you might have to anwser some uncomfortable questions when taxes come in.
  • 2 Fairly independantly wealthy, you could probably live off stock options. You could maintain a handful of frames though then you'd likely need a job and be stuck living below your means.
  • 5 Ashford Academy level of wealth. Not quite infinite but generally speaking, at this stage it is more a question of where to get things than a question of how much.
    • The more you spend money, the less you'll have lying around. While someone with '2' could, if they were willing to live in a cheap apartment, never work a day in their lives, if you're maintaining a frame or spending recklessly, money will run out quick. Even level 5 wealth can run dry if you just cash out and buy a bunch of frames with it.

Forces at their command,
  • 0: You're a grunt
  • 1: You have a Squad but only one frame between you.
  • 2: You have an organization of about 30 or 3-4 Frames and crew to maintain them.
  • 5: A medium size rebel cell or a Battalion of Brittannians. This can increase quite quickly with good gameplay.
    • Similar to the above, High command will fill in for acceptable losses but throwing your men into machine gun fire will end with you not getting any more men. If you're a mercenary or an independant cell, people will be a lot less likely to join you if you have really bad morality rates.

  • 0: You're a grunt.
  • 1: You have a bit of a name. You might be known locally or else you are just in a position that commands respect. Think maybe a respected teacher or editor for the local paper. More military terms, a well known Petty Officer.
  • 2: You're at the stage where you can pull strings a little in your area and you might know some of the more famous people in the setting personally, if on a business level. Professor, A promising Captain or Lieutenant.
  • 5: You hold a lot of sway, people know you and people bend rules for you, either from respect of fear. You might be a Britannian Noble or hold a well established position in the Rebellion or even just Regional Politics.
    • Less so than the above ones, but recklessly throwing around your reputation will quickly make people a little wary of you.


This one is the hardest to pin down. The essence of it isn't to magically convince people but it can help sway someone off the fence. Just as often it is to get someone to even listen to you instead of throwing you out the door. It's also very important for giving speechings or public appearances; High Charisma and stage presence is the difference between Zero and some dork in a costume to someone who doesn't know better. It's unwieldy but could definitely prove worth your while.

Now, for the most part with Social stats you'll hover around where you are but if you screw up and do something that would radically change things, you're not going to be immediately compensated. If start as a Britannian Noble and then suddenly and openly join the Rebellion or just disappear, Prestige, Funds and likely Forces are going to take a drop. Depending how it was done, Rebels might think you're awesome or else just some idiot but that's not determined by stats.

If you do exceedingly well, you'll get an extra point in it but if you go from 0 command to suddenly incharge of the Revolution, you'll get a boost but you might also suddenly find yourself hard pressed to keep things together since you don't have experience, people might start splitting off and details about who ordered what and where it is needed will go to your desk, forcing you to make confusing decisions or deligate and reduce yourself to a figurehead.

Edit; For division, I always round down because I am a spiteful person who hates you.

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I'm very interested and already brainstorming up a character.

Edit: I'm not entirely clear on what the averages mean. Do they mean our Battle Stats start at 2 and go up, or are they just something for us to compare ourselves to?

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Name: Mobius 'Moby Dick' Hartmann
Gender: Male
Age: 25
Faction: Britannian
Equipment: A small pistol, two spare clips, and a combat knife.
Physical Traits: 6' with an athletic build. Has dark blue hair that he keeps short and neat. His eyes are green.
Theme Music: Warfare[1]

Personality: Britannian and proud of it, Mobius, while not particularly racist himself, isn't bothered by or surprised at the mistreatment of numbers. He's the spitting image of a Britannian soldier, controlled, respectful to his superiors, and quick to follow orders. Privately, however, he despises the nobility and how they don't care about the risks he and his men take on a near-daily basis. In battle, he works out this contained resentment by personally spearing as many enemy knightmares as he can.

History: Mobius was just another pilot in the Britannian Navy until an outstanding performance during a mission attracted the attention of someone high up on the chain of command. Before he knew it, he was transferred to Project: Beachhead, an experiment in creating a completely amphibious squad using only the waterbound Portmans. To date, the project has been moderately successful with Mobius being promoted to Lieutenant and, consequently, becoming the head of the squad shortly after joining.

*Political Stats:
  • Finances-1
  • Forces-2
  • Prestige-2
  • Charisma-0

  • Battle Stats:
    • Strength-4
    • Weapon-0
    • Speed-6
    • Defense-0

Knightmare: Portman STR-2 DEF-2 SPD-2 WPN-2 (+2 SPD in water, -1 on land)
Customization: Instead of the standard sea-green, Mobius's Portman has been painted with winter camouflage. In addition, a Lance normally used by Glouchesters has been strapped to his Portman's right arm.

Edit: Now with Theme Music!

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[up][up] The Averages are the lay out of red shirt pilots. All stats start at zero.

Right, looks good. I'll probably design the squad myself, though I'm open to suggestions for characters if you feel you want a specific kind of underling. I'm thinking you'll have about 5 named characters, three Pilots and a Pit crew of two. They don't get specific sheets, but they're going to be average pilots [2/2/2/2], though if they develop well into characters, I might let them level a bit as well. You'll be meeting them for the first time at the start of the RP.

You're probably starting off somewhat split off from the other P Cs, though you'll be working on the same missions.

Also, Rider, just so it's in the thread/official, you're approved as well.

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Masked Mystery
  • Name: Naoise O'Connor.
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 23
  • Faction: Britannia
  • Equipment: Typical armor and weaponry of a Britannian infantryman. Basically, what Suzaku was wearing in Episode 1.
  • Physical Traits: 5'9". A lithe yet well-toned build thanks to years upon years of military training and intense grunt work. Orange eyes. His dark green hair is a little longer than shoulder-length and rather messy, although he normally has it tied back into a single braid in an attempt to control it.
  • Personality: Good-hearted and amicable as well as confident and principled, Naoise might have been the type to make plenty of friends, if not for his... way with words. Perceptive to a fault and utterly unafraid to speak his mind, he is what some would call rude, although he just calls it "being honest". Abiding by a strict code of personal honor, Naoise will - among other things - never attack a civilian, never kick a man while he's down or defenseless, and never attack an opponent from behind (unless said opponent has proven himself to be scum). Although he has been employed by the military his entire adult life, he privately feels very little actual loyalty toward Britannia or the nation's doctrine of Social Darwinism.
  • History: Naoise never knew his parents, having been laid as a babe on the doorstep of an Area 1 orphanage in the dead of night. In fact, despite proving to be an unusually intelligent child, it became evident over the years that he would probably never know any parents thanks to his habit of inadvertently insulting any couples who considered him. The caretakers did at least succeed in instilling the virtues of hard work and honor, however, even as they kept him in the dark about his true parentage. It was evident by deduction that he was likely the bastard child of some noble or another, but with his questions on the matter being constantly shot down, he learned to stop asking.

    Upon reaching 16 without any official family to speak of, and wanting to pay for a future education, he opted to enter into the military, where he demonstrated exceptional aptitude for melee combat and an intuitive grasp of tactics. He also displayed considerable talent for piloting during classes and tests, although his flagrant disrespect for most forms of authority ensured that he would never see one of his own. Said attitude also precluded the possibility of ever rising from the rank of a lowly grunt, despite his abilities.

    Eventually, his superiors began to send the thorn in their sides out to die in what they were certain would be suicide missions, only for him to return time and time again not only with the mission complete, but also relatively unscathed. As he seemed to thrive rather than perish in such life-or-death situations, however, the higher-ups refrained from booting him out of the military and started to see sending him on exceptionally dangerous missions as win-win for themselves: either he completes the objective as expected, or he dies, and an annoyance is removed. This has generally had the effect of splitting his superiors into two camps: "A problem? Let's throw O'Connor at it and see he bites it this time!" and "Oh dear Saint Darwin, get him out of my battalion!". The latter tends to win out, which has led to him being shuffled around from one region of the world to another, most recently to his post in Area 11.
  • Political Stats: Financial Resources 0, Forces at their command 0, Prestige 1, Charisma 0
  • Battle Stats: Strength 6, Defense 0, Weapons 0, Speed 8
  • Theme Music: Le Repos Du Guerrier
  • Knightmare: N/A

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I'm interested in this. I'm thinking of making a character with obscene amounts of money (a 5 in finances) - would it be okay to say they were a lottery winner?

Also, while I'm thinking about not having a mech knightmare frame to start with, I'm curious as to how they're going to be armed. Do they only have the default weapons I can look up on the wiki, or do they have the optional weapons as well? Hell, if I choose a Portman, can I equip it with an assault rifle or missile launchers?
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You'd start with basic weapons or close enough to. If you PM me, you can customize within reason, usually with someone standard. Generally, I'd say starting out unless you have high prestige, the best you'd get is a custom colour and you could choose your own weapon lay from the standard ones, but in the case of wierder frames with a good backstory, I'm willing to bend things a little to make it work.

The Mobius' Portman for example uses a Lance from Sutherlands that was attached to the arm. Or at least he got approval to do so [I don't see it on his sheet]

Welding a missle launcher to the shoulder would be a bit of a bigger deal than just changing the weapon it's carrying. I would have trouble allowing it to start for someone but given a few missions, if you climb your way up the social ladder, things could be done certainly.

With a Portman specifically, Missle launchers would be difficult due to the fact they couldn't fire underwater while Machine guns would basically be impossible due to the lack of hands [Unless I'm misremembering the model]. Essentially, you'd risk damaging them if you ever went underwater with a cheaper set while a more expensive one would just be impossible to use underwater, thus cancelling it out.

As to the wealth idea, I'd say 5 wealth puts you over a lottery winner since Lottery money would run out pretty quickly unless invested well, it's more a level 4 or maybe 3 wealth if it's a small jackpot. I'd say 5 would be a trustfund baby, possibly a Brittanian Noble or just entrepreneur whose parents have either died or just don't check their bank accounts. It's designed to be on par with Ashford Academy essentially; Active wealth is being generated and you can use Frames to flip Pizzas without needing to worry about being poor.

Not using a frame at all is an option. I'd use Zero himself as an example; he pilots a few frames, but those are more mobile commander centers. In theory, he could have been the voice behind the mic. If you want to go that route, I don't mind spending someone spending couple more points in social skills. [Again a lot can be negociated within reason; the 10 points thing is a guide line so that some players aren't completely dwarfed, I think I may take it out for future applicants.]

If he's personally purchaised the frame though, you might consider an older model since it'd still be hard to get your hands on anything recent. A Glasgow might work though, if your character knew which wheels to grease [Prestige] or was willing to go through questionable channels [Might bite you in the ass later].

Edit: Dark is approved.

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Mé féin ag daṁsa faoin ngealaċ
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DS FC: 4141-3472-4041, feel free to add me.

In defense of my precious Portmans (Portmen?), they do come equipped with four torpedo launchers, and they're even located on the shoulders to boot. Of course, they only fire straight up since they're built into the body of the frame.

Also, thanks for pointing out that bit of missing information. I was so busy trying to find the perfect theme song that I must have forgotten to edit it in.

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[up][up]Yeah, yeah, I was thinking of doing that - he'd only have the money, so he'd only be able to buy an older frame when he has the chance. Hmmm... so winning the lottery won't make him rich enough.... I guess it's time to play the son-of-a-mistress-to-a-rich-guy card.

So does that mean I can throw like, seven points into social stats(I guess I'd throw those into forces so that he could have some groundskeepers, a chauffeur, a chef, and probably a few bodyguards)? I was having a hard time trying to think of which battle stat to make him anything other than average in.
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I'd recommend prestige, forces at your command implies more along the line of soldiers while prestige is more useful for string pulling.

If you put 7 into Social Skills, you'll come out about on par with a trained pilot but I think that can be written off as natural talent in a main character.

Right now, balance of power;


Brittania: A large superpower, however the Japanese war despite ending favourably was a pyhrric victory that has left the state crippled with debt. Needlessly extravegant projects on the parts of nobility have similarly crippled the nation's spending power and few remain to borrow from, especially considering their history of attacking creditors [Japan being a prim example amongst them], they are now negociating and considering selling many of their gains in the last war in exchange for better relations and trade with the Chinese Federation. While open competition encouraged amongst the higher ranks removes many oligarchs, it also gives birth to ambitious demogues bordering on warlords who control their respective areas; those most secure in their power would turn on Charles in an instant if the tide seriously turned on Pax Britannia. In fighting means that unless a strong leader succeeds Charles, the Empire, without strong Ethnic or Geograhpic links will crumble.

The Chinese Federation: Nationalist Rebels seized control quickly in this verse and the chaos in Europe gave them a window of opportunity born of Napoleon and rapid democratization. Fast modernization and vicious nationalism led to a succession of victories, first liberating China of European Colonists then most of Asia from the remnants of European nobility who were at that point little more than Warlords, those who were not defeated were the relatively benevolant ones who submitted to China quickly. This process took over a hundred years and a world war but it ultimately saw China rise to a top tier world power. Internally, while large, the Chinese federation allows some autonomy for smaller republics within, encouraging their cultures but seeing them as a subset of a "Greater Asian Culture" the largest and most dominant of which is China. The Emperor while highly valued has been long reduced to a figure head position, inspite of the desires of some parties within the Federation. Presently however, China is by far the most populous [surveys count only "citizens"] nation in the world but suffer from a lack of industrialization on the scale of other nations, corruption and general bureaucratic difficulties. While still bitter towards Brittania over recent wars and in particular their conquest of Japan, the memories of European colonization still run deep in the Chinese psych. They are for the most part not keen to interfere outside of their sphere if they can avoid it though often come into conflict with Russia, Australia and Britannia over territorial disputes.

E.U.: Born with the death of Napoleon after he had firmly established his grip over Europe. Where some imagined a Cromwellian return of the monarchy, instead they found an odd retreat to the French revolution without the terror. Many proclaimed the victory of the revolution but the question of dividing Europe was a harsh one, and rather than expanding outwards and toppling barbaric warlords and the remnants of Aristocrats over seas, the Republics soon fought between themselves for borders, quickly turning to a race for Africa, with a professed goal of 'Modernization'. France found themselves dominant in this race. African nations while in theory "Free Republics" are dependant upon the EU and in particular their Patron state economically and often defensively. As it stands presently, the E.U. would best be described as a somewhere between a confederation and a tight alliance; countries remain independent with radically different government [though most are left to some degree]. The E.U.'s military forces are divided based on nation and political ideology This is, unfortunately, canon. The E.U. in this setting is too dumb to live, this has lead to severe Interservice Rivalry and in spite of likely being the most powerful force in terms of pure economic, technological and military might, disunity has had crippling effects on them, with some nations outright sympathizing with Brittania.

Australia: One of the more Shrewd political entities, making it the only remaining nation independent of a larger power sphere alliance, though some would argue that either by claiming Australia is a union of states or Britannian is not. With the fall of Britain, the penal Colony was quick to revolt, establishing their own republic. They have played their cards shrewdly, gaining a great deal of support from the EU as a potential ally in the East but claiming neutrality in any larger affairs in Oceania between Brittannia and China. New Zealand's integration into Britannia has been a major wake up call and the nation has since become heavily militarized inspite of Britannia's willingness to quickly incorporate British colonists as full citizens as they had in New Zealand. Both China and Britannia are hesistant to invade for fear of the fierce resistance they would face.

Japan: Japan's Empire collapsed in a military coup after the Emperor was decided to be a collaborator to the Chinese Federation [which he had become largely in the face of recent contant with and fear of Britannia and their black ships]. Republic Japan, while continuing to modernize, followed in Australia's policy of largely quiet and violently neutral nation until the Sakuradite mines were discovered. Acting prudently, Japan turned to all three nations for equivalent trade, hoping that they would be too valuable to any of the other two nations to be simply written off if invaded or siezed from within. However, this theory proved false as ten years past, Charles of Britannia launched a wide scale invasion. Provoking a response only from China on the matter which led to open war and ended quite favourably for Britannia.
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A lot of interest. I'm considering making a character from Australia since it didn't really get much love in the series itself...
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Oh! Another question*: Where should our characters be? You mention Japan, Japan again, and Europe, as possible locations, so since I won't have a character who can simply take orders from a military commander like the others, is there a good region to choose, or should I just make a character who's willing to travel? I mean, I'd assume that The Call Knows Where You Live, but it probably wouldn't be easy on you if I made a reclusive character who lives 900 miles into the Outback.[lol]

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No one spoke for anything else, so assume Japan around the start of the series.

If someone really made a character that hard to integrate into the plot, I'd probably give them a shoot the shaggy dog side story plot that ends with introducing a later villian just to spite them back. But then historically, a lot of my games tend to die right as a former PC turned NPC was about to be set up from a dramatic death scene.

Still, I'm a spiteful bastard and I enjoy multitasking and giving people different perspectives on the same thing, so there's that.

I think though that most players should be in the Shinjuku area to see Zero's premier.

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[up][up] Since I'm probably going to make an Australian character, my character could help yours get into the plot, or something.

Assuming you were serious about the character who spent the last 900 years in the Outback.

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[up]Well, no, I was thinking of making a character from Canada or Washington or thereaboots*. But I guess I could do Australia if you want to team up.

OOOH, I could do New Zealand!

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Canada is Area 2 though the majority of the population are Britannian.

Washington is probably named for one of the later Britannian Monarchs. Georgia is taken and I can't think of anything catchy using Edward or Elizabeth.

New Zealand is also an Area but I forget the number on it. Something around 12ish but don't quote me on that.

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