Tropers / Re Dead

Re Dead is a very intriguing skimpy swimsuit person and deserves to be Brainiac treated as such. -The Great Pies Alt.


  • Iron Woobie: His birth mother tried to kill him, but apparently he feels fine.
  • Crowning Moment of Awesome: Surviving said attempts to kill him.
    • I got Pies to make me a Trope page, and from what I've heard, I'm only the 2nd person not to have to make his own page, so that's pretty cool.
      • Zudak was the first to have his done by others. Zudak was a Poster of Note. On ED, but still.
  • Running Gag: ...Sexually?

Knife, gun, KNIFEGUN. Now put it on a mech. -Hydrall

Sexual vandalism? -rabbitRider
  • ...What would Sexual Vandalism entail?

Make a Roll To Dodge so I can complain about you not updating it. -greenstarfanatic