Every three minutes, everybody on Earth dies:

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1 Carciofus31st May 2012 04:46:27 AM from Alpha Tucanae I
Is that cake frosting?
And a bunch of different people spawn spontaneously, with the memories of the recently deceased ones.

Time's ticking...
But they seem to
know where they are going, the ones who walk away from Omelas.

2 ProfessorMetallica12th Jun 2012 01:28:39 PM from Texas , Relationship Status: Robosexual
absolute Paranoia Fuel.

Above all, always remember to stay positive.
Dang, my clock is two minutes fast. Better die a minute early.
Why every three minutes? You've probably died twice while reading this sentence...
5 wrpen9913th Jul 2012 11:22:08 PM from Tayucsis , Relationship Status: In my bunk
[up]But...it took me at the most 20 seconds to read that entire post.
The Zappy One
Bye me, Hi me.

It's not really that scary. It's your memories and personality that make a person, right?
7 LastHussar10th Nov 2012 01:36:20 PM from the place is here.
The time is now,
Ask Bones Mc Coy, and his opinions on the Transporter
Do the job in front of you.
8 nerdbird3rd Aug 2013 10:34:17 PM from wherever life takes VISA , Relationship Status: Naked on a bearskin rug, playing the saxophone
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Is this a form of Last Thursdayism?
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This explains why sometimes you suddenly lose your train of thought. You are trying to pick up for the old person with your memories, and it takes you some time occasionally.
11 NerdBird15th Aug 2013 03:41:07 PM from wherever life takes VISA , Relationship Status: Naked on a bearskin rug, playing the saxophone
Maybe deja vu is the person starting back from the last "checkpoint", or last memory, I suppose. surprised
12 66Scorpio17th Sep 2013 09:48:01 PM from Toronto, Canada
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Sort of the next step that follows young earth creationism where the world was created only 6000 years ago but with the fossil record in place just to mess with our minds. If six thousand years ago, why not six minutes, or even three? If fake fossil record, why not fake memories?
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13 PeiraIssaNoid20th Sep 2013 06:17:11 AM from Surf Ninja Moon X
I prefer the explanation that time travel is the cause of deja vu but whateves man
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14 ObasaReisan15th Feb 2014 08:47:47 AM from free fallin' , Relationship Status: Robosexual
What happens to the bodies then? Or do the bodies stay as they are, but just get a brand new soul?
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17 InklingDragon10th Mar 2014 07:15:30 AM , Relationship Status: I wanna know about these strangers like me
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This thread is a Mind Screw.
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