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Every three minutes, everybody on Earth dies:

 1 Carciofus, Thu, 31st May '12 4:46:27 AM from Alpha Tucanae I
Is that cake frosting?
And a bunch of different people spawn spontaneously, with the memories of the recently deceased ones.

Time's ticking...
But they seem to know where they are going, the ones who walk away from Omelas.

 2 Professor Metallica, Tue, 12th Jun '12 1:28:39 PM from The nth dimension! Relationship Status: Married to my murderer
I design worlds. Or, I hope to.
absolute Paranoia Fuel.

Don't fear the Reaper. Make him fear you.
 3 wikkit, Mon, 2nd Jul '12 10:30:15 PM from Lumine Hall
Dang, my clock is two minutes fast. Better die a minute early.

Why every three minutes? You've probably died twice while reading this sentence...

[up] took me at the most 20 seconds to read that entire post.
The Zappy One
Bye me, Hi me.

It's not really that scary. It's your memories and personality that make a person, right?
 7 Last Hussar, Sat, 10th Nov '12 1:36:20 PM from the place is here.
The time is now,
Ask Bones Mc Coy, and his opinions on the Transporter
Do the job in front of you.
 8 nerdbird, Sat, 3rd Aug '13 10:34:17 PM from wherever life takes VISA Relationship Status: Naked on a bearskin rug, playing the saxophone
Second banana
Is this a form of Last Thursdayism?
"Doorknobs: not actually that long a period of historical significance."
 10 Colonel Cathcart, Thu, 15th Aug '13 11:23:59 AM Relationship Status: Like those other sticky valentines
This explains why sometimes you suddenly lose your train of thought. You are trying to pick up for the old person with your memories, and it takes you some time occasionally.

 11 Nerd Bird, Thu, 15th Aug '13 3:41:07 PM from wherever life takes VISA Relationship Status: Naked on a bearskin rug, playing the saxophone
Maybe deja vu is the person starting back from the last "checkpoint", or last memory, I suppose. surprised
 12 66 Scorpio, Tue, 17th Sep '13 9:48:01 PM from Toronto, Canada
Banned, selectively
Sort of the next step that follows young earth creationism where the world was created only 6000 years ago but with the fossil record in place just to mess with our minds. If six thousand years ago, why not six minutes, or even three? If fake fossil record, why not fake memories?
Whether you think you can, or you think you can't, you are probably right.
 13 Peira Issa Noid, Fri, 20th Sep '13 6:17:11 AM from Surf Ninja Moon X
I prefer the explanation that time travel is the cause of deja vu but whateves man
"we have to get vaccines against hunger"
 14 Obasa Reisan, Sat, 15th Feb '14 8:47:47 AM from wandering Relationship Status: Buried in snow, waiting for spring
Sugar & Ice
What happens to the bodies then? Or do the bodies stay as they are, but just get a brand new soul?
"It's alright. I'm quite used to being forgotten."
Dragon/Dark type Ability: Intimidate/Volt Absorb
Blarg, I be dead.

No wait, now I'm not.tongue
Revenge is a dish best not served, for it is mostly empty calories.
Dragon/Dark type Ability: Intimidate/Volt Absorb
I'm dead now.


Wait, nope, nevermind.
Revenge is a dish best not served, for it is mostly empty calories.
 17 Inkling Dragon, Mon, 10th Mar '14 7:15:30 AM Relationship Status: I wanna know about these strangers like me
Lawful Neutral
This thread is a Mind Screw.
I am the commander of words.
The system doesn't know you right now, so no post button for you.
You need to Get Known to get one of those.
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