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1 dorkatlarge31st May 2012 03:30:30 AM , Relationship Status: GAR for Archer
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Hey, you remember the Princess Maker series, right? Maybe you played the Abandonware English version of Princess Maker 2. There's a chance that you played its spiritual successors Cute Knight, Cute Knight Kingdom, Spirited Heart, or the humorous Flash game Project Princess.

Well, a Chinese company called Alfagame created a Gender Flip version a few years ago called Prince Maker - Braveness. And after browsing the VNDB this morning, it looks like its English translation is done.

I'm trying to find other "girl raises boy(s)" games. There was a worksafe console game called Dear My Sun!! a few years ago...

Since this is another Raising Sim that has plenty of stats and gameplay, this topic could be easily placed in the general video games forum.
You think maybe it should get it's own trope page? I love playing this game~ It's like Princess Maker except it actually has some sort of a plot that the player can engage with.
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Pandora Tears, if you (or anyone else) have extensively played Prince Maker Braveness, then you're more qualified to write a tropes page about it than I am. I haven't gotten around to playing it yet...

It looks like this game is a good example of Keep Circulating the Tapes. It's called a "doujin game" on the VNDB, and it was apparently not a freeware game. The only official release was written in Chinese, and happened in 2006. The creators at Alfagame (which is called an amateur group on the VNDB) apparently have plans to create a prequel and a sequel... but neither has a release date. Worse yet, Alfagame's domain appears to be parked, and the last archived version existed in December 2010.

One more thing... the other girl-raises-boy Raising Sim that I know is a PS2 game from 2007 called Angel Profile. There's not much information about this game online. I only learned about it from the Snesorama boards, which are now gone and difficult to access even in
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First of all, Prince Maker - Braveness has an English translation available for download here:

Second of all, its translator saw this and wrote a post replying to it.

Can someone go and fix the Prince Maker Braveness page at VNDB and post a reply to TV Tropes if you have an account there?

I donít know what is wrong with the site and it is really frustrating. I tried to register VNDB and did not get a registration email. I tried to register again and it said cannot register within the same IP in 24 hours. TV Tropes you need to wait 24 hours to post after register ;_; Itís very discouraging when both sites do this to me. So to do anything I have to wait for more than 1 day.

TV Tropes page:

VNDB page:

There is some serious misinformed information and from that post I realized it is quite serious misconception. 1. Alfagame is NOT a company. They donít sell any games. They have their own work or some new members still study.

Iím not even sure they are amateur game group or not, not sure how the term is used because I saw that games sold commercially but small like ďOops! My PrinceĒ is considered an amateur game. Btw, if you know Korean and like BL, you can play ďOops! My PrinceĒ. I donít know how you can buy the game legally as their official site is down and I search around and there is no new site or anything. Thereís an English walkthrough if you still want to play it even though you donít know Korean. It is a raising sim game where you raise a boy to marry the guys(a totally BL game). I did not play the game and probably wonít play it as I donít play commercial visual novels at all(Iím a cheapskate and I mostly play free games only but I always look at pictures and videos of various games though) but the art looks nice and I heard it is a very funny game:

Uhh, we get back to topicÖ 2. All of their games are free. 3. All the prequels, sequels and minigames etc. are all out and available for download at the download category above. They can seriously release games without fail every year and gives previews of games every few months. They are a respectable bunch unlike me who gets tired of stuff easily and a lot of abandoned projects. 4. The itself is blank page. But the domain is working fine. People just go straight to the forum and not itself:

Also, there's an LP of it here if you're interested.

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